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Ali Husayni

SEO Is Worthless (Without a WordPress Blog)

ORANGE COUNTY, CA – It’s our normal SEO practice to build a custom WordPress blog for our new clients and continually post on these blogs. However, recently we’ve come across new clients who are reluctant to have a blog hosted on their site. We tell these clients not to waste their time and money on SEO, and there are many reasons why blogs are vital to optimal SEO.

Let’s start with the basics of why search engines were built: because text existed on the Internet in an unorganized fashion. Search engine spiders indexed, organized and provided the text in an easy-to-use format for their users. Google rates and ranks sites based on three important factors: content, relevancy and popularity.

We have said before that content is king when it comes to SEO. After all, Google feeds and survives on content. Google also loves sites that feed it more quality content on a regular basis. As we explained before, a WordPress blog is the best platform for SEO.

Seo WordPress Graphic

Graphic Courtesy of Dpk-GraphicDesign.com

If you are competing with strong rivals, you can have an advantage over them by simply writing and posting articles on your site’s blog on a regular basis. “Regular basis” is a loose term – for some smaller businesses, writing once a month gives you that advantage. But the reality is that for most e-commerce sites, writing once a day may still not be enough. So, depending on your market, you need to decide how often you want to write.

No matter how often you post, always remember the most important factor for more SEO success: stick to your strategy and continue at it for at least six months to see the results. In the meantime, here are some of the most common areas of a blog that I am asked to explain to my clients.

Why Can’t I Use My Off-Site Blog?

You may have a blog that is hosted on blogger: example.blogger.com. Whatever you write and post on this blog will not affect your main site: www.example.com. Remember, your goal should be to show Google that www.example.com is being updated on a regular basis. Thus, your blog needs to be hosted on your site: www.example.com/blog/.

Why Do I Need A WordPress Blog?

There are many blog templates you can integrate with your site, but through our research and experience we have concluded that WordPress is the best for this purpose. Here are some reasons:

WordPress Easily Allows for Skin Changes

You can conveniently design and tweak the look of your blog with WordPress. You do need to know web-development to do so, but they provide you with all the tools you need. So, your blog will look like a page of your site.

Because WordPress is the most popular blog CMS, it has many users and many web developers behind it. Thus, you have a huge pool of free WordPress templates to use, as well as lots of plugins. Also, any time you get stuck on something, you can use the many forums on the topic to ask your question. It is also very likely that your question has already been answered by an expert, just look for your topic and search.

WordPress Allows for Permalinks

Permalinks are a great relevancy tool we use to optimize our clients’ sites. Keyword-rich permalinks help your page rank well for your intended keywords. WordPress allows you to easily edit your page’s URL using permalinks.

Here is an example of a keywords-rich permalink: https://www.millionairium.com/google-seo-articles/facebook-and-seo-how-facebook-can-help-your-business.

WordPress Allows for Meta Tag Optimization

This is also important. You can write a separate title, description and keywords tags for each of your blog posts.

Google Loves WordPress “Tags”

You can give each post specific “tags” that are basically keywords related to the post (not to be confused with meta tags, which are part of the header code). WordPress creates a specific page for each tag and will group all the posts that have the same tags under it. The URL of this page also includes the tag: millionairium.com/tag/google-seo.

Tag pages rank very well on Google search results because all the content under the tag page are related to the tag keyword.

Using the Blog Feed on Other Pages

Your WordPress Blog Feed could be used on any page of your site. That will help to freshen up your other site pages content since you’re updating your blog content on a regular basis.

Google Indexes WordPress Posts Immediately

When you post on your WordPress blog, Google is pinged and will immediately index your new post and place it in the search results. This eliminates the need for you to have to “submit” your new page to Google or “link” to it from other sites or just simply have to wait for Google to see the new post.

In general, Google loves WordPress sites and will rank sites with such blogs that are updated on a more regular basis better than the competition. If you have any questions, please leave a comment here or contact us directly.

SEO Is Worthless (Without a WordPress Blog) was last modified: September 13th, 2018 by Ali Husayni
27 thoughts on “SEO Is Worthless (Without a WordPress Blog)
  1. Hadi Nugraha says:

    I discovered that the new free WordPress blog is more SEO friendly than before. How come?
    Because now, the WordPress blog can show the title meta description precisely excerpted from the first paragraph. Before, the WordPress blog took the meta description from the site\’s description. So it\’s a huge SEO benefit for WordPress bloggers.

  2. Chandler says:

    I’ve read so much contradictory information, especially after the Panda/Penguin clean up, I’m not sure what to believe.

  3. Dheeraj says:

    Agree that regular posting of content is very important for optimization of a website. People are thinking that link building is important and i think it was important but now what\’s more important is the quality of content on your website.

  4. Mat Gunnufson says:

    Yes! WordPress makes it so much easier. I remember having to do html and all that stuff. I am not technical so wordpress is a god send.

    But I think if you start your own blog from scratch be prepared to wait a while for the search engines to catch up.
    I like to join wordpress blogging communities that are already grouped together. This helps seo a lot and they are all ready optimized.

    I started another blog that is by itself and it gets almost no traffic. The difference is community. Plus there are companies that have a blog all ready to go including a solid proven monetization model. So I don\’t have to go looking for affiliate programs or make my own ebooks,etc.

  5. Ali Husayni says:

    @Rich Amor
    That should be the normal HTML code anyways.

  6. Rich Amor says:

    Hi, Ali.
    Is it good to make all the tags rel indexed and follow ?

  7. aaron says:

    yes i agreed . now its become very important to seo your business site and every successful business man knows the importance of international seo because u can got more customer from around the world , and your business can grow quickly .
    that is why every globl company is using it because internet is only a common source that is using around the world .

  8. best seo says:

    Ali Husayn
    hi how are you ?
    your article is very informative. i am a new comer of blogging site. your tips is very helpful. i have learn many things to read your article. thanks share this important article.

  9. Ali Husayni says:

    It\’s hard to tell. With those many visitors per day, i\’d be a bit careful in moving the site.

  10. Maher says:

    Hello, I have a blogger website with 2000UV/day, do you advise to move to word press ? Will I get better rank ?

    1. Megan Reilly says:

      Hi Maher,

      Yes, please see why SEO is Worthless without a WordPress Blog: https://www.millionairium.com/seo-is-worthless-without-a-word-press-blog.php. I hope that this gives you a great starting point, and yes, you will get a higher ranking.

      Thank you for reading,

  11. Alex says:

    I appreciate this awesome insight. But I have question. You write: \”Be sure to never internally link your target keyword for one page to another page on your own site\” What if the purpose of the internal link is to get the site visitor to visit the other page? For instance, if I am selling green bowls, and on my website I write an article discussing the benefit of green bowls. If I want visitors to purchase my green bowls, I might link the target phrase \”green bowls\” to an ecommerce microsite on my page,where visitors can learn more about the bowls and buy them. What do you suggest instead so the keyword phrases are not cannibalized?

  12. Ali Husayni says:

    @Yamin Ashari
    If Blogspot offers what WP does, then go with it. I just haven\’t seen as great results w/ blogspot as I have with WP.

  13. Shima says:

    Thank you for sharing such a good article. It is a great help to those seeking a way to represent their sites on Google in a restricted deadline.

  14. Emmanuel Offor says:

    There is a lot of good sense in what you have discussed in your article. I think its the trend for well ranked sites. Keep up the good work, Ali.

  15. Yamin Ashari says:

    then, what about blogspot?
    there is plug-ins on blogspot for increase blog traffic?
    thanks before.. 🙂

  16. Ron\'s Copy-e-writing Blog says:

    If you are talking about the ease of blogging, WordPress is great! But Weebly seems to be a good option too, don\’t you think?

    1. Megan Reilly says:

      Hi Ron, we are big fans of WordPress for its SEO clout but that\’s great that you found a platform that works for you. If it works for you, yes, it\’s a good option.

      Thanks for reading,

  17. Amin says:

    Thanks for the info. I learned many things from this post. I think WordPress is the best for our sites. Now that we have such a great free tool, why shouldn\’t we use it? We shouldn\’t have to re-invent the wheel!

  18. Shahzad Bashir says:

    Bravo ! it\’s make me more motivated as i am already on WordPress. Your fresh info about Tags is an addition to my knowledge. Great words. Thank You from freelancefront.com

  19. armin fanni says:

    thank you mr Ali Husayni i need it for my 4 new blogs

  20. lotto says:

    WordPress is the best CMS these day, I do love it.

  21. Ali Husayni says:

    @mandiri balon
    Yes. Your blog needs to be \”hosted\” on your site as explained above.

  22. Ali Husayni says:

    Please read the entire article. :-)… The WP blog will help the REST of the SEO efforts.

  23. mandiri balon says:

    Do I have to create a new blog using wordpress?
    while I already have the blogspot.com …

  24. ΤΟΝΥ says:


  25. Abuka says:

    Thank you for review, I\’m just going to create my own blog and you assured me to create it with WordPress. That\’s nice that Google is so friendly to wordpress.

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