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Without charging you in advance, we work on your site's SEO to generate quality leads through ranking it on top of Google. Once leads start coming in, we'll charge you per lead - thus pay-lead SEO for lead generation.

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How Much Per Client?

how much per lead

Each industry is different, based on your company the cost of each lead differs. Contact us and we'll tell you the cost for each lead.

How Long Will it Takes to See New Leads

Generating leads through SEO starts within a few days after your sign up. However, Google SEO has a gradual growth (because we don't engage in black-hat SEO).

Reaching the top of Google search results (to be #1) could take from six months to 2-3 years (depending on the competitiveness of your market and how much quality SEO has been done in the past.

A win-win situation!

In the SEO Business Since 2004


Our company was established in October 2004. Our focus has always been on Google search engine optimization (SEO). Then, there was no information on Google SEO. So, we learned the ropes by mostly trial and error; Once or twicee in early stages, we damaged our clients’ rankings by engaging in black-hat SEO and got them penalized. Not so proud of that but we learned our lessons.

Then until 2012 we were very successful and our revenue reached close to $1M. At the time, just like most other SEO agencies, we were also building links for our customers. And then, we were hit.

In April 2012, Google’s Penguin update destroyed most SEO agencies and nearly sank Millionairium. Many of our customers lost their rankings on Google. Most of our SEO optimizers were heartbroken and didn’t know whether or not we could continue in the SEO industry.

After a few months of deliberation, we decided to provide all of our customers with a risk-free Google SEO service that would be unmatched in the industry.

No-Risk Link Generation Through Google SEO

Nearly all Google SEO companies focus on three things: 1) content, 2) on-site optimization and 3) link building. Although, you can use black-hat (bad) SEO techniques in each section, link-building is the most risky part of SEO. After the Penguin update, Google can easily penalize sites that are using shady link building methods, but Millionairium’s strategy is not to use backlinks as part of an SEO program.

This means Google will never have a reason to penalize your site and your rankings on Google remain as long as you stay our client.

So, How Do We Rank You?

We use on-site optimization and content generation as well as some properiority techniques to rank our client's sites at the top of Google. And we do all of this without charging upfront.

Now, sit tight and let us show you the magic of generating links through our white-hat Google SEO.

Actual Results

Actual Results

Our Team

Our team consists of educated, smart, honest and hard-working individuals who are invested in the success of your project.

We have writers, software engineers, SEO analysts, marketing experts and conversion optimization specialists.

From A to Z of your website marketing, we can handle everything and we do it with precision and professionalism.

What are you waiting for? You’ve read so far and you’re obviously interested! Now, take one more step and sign up for free on our site. No credit cards needed and you can cancel any time with no obligation to pay anything. We just want you to trust us so we can take your business to the next level.

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In today's competitive market, where writing a negative review costs nothing, having an almost perfect reputation is no easy feat!

We want you to be the next client who leaves us a 5-star review.

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