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What is Pay Per Lead SEO?

Pay per lead SEO or pay for lead SEO is a lead generation agreement where you only pay for the qualified and new leads that contact your business.

Compared to the traditional SEO, pay per lead SEO focuses on generating high-quality leads through SEO. These leads are generated through your website using Google Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or through your Google My Business (GMB) page.

In essence, our company invest in your SEO program and doesn’t charge  you for the initial and ongoing SEO work. Instead, we will do the hard work in the beginning and when the results come in, we charge you an agreed-upon fee for the qualified leads you’ve received.

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We Rank #1 on Google

Any good SEO company must rank at the top of search results - at least in their market. In Orange County, California including Anaheim, Orange, Villa Park, and Placentia we rank at the top for many keywords including "SEO Company (Anaheim)", "SEO Agency (Orange, CA)", and "SEO Service in Orange County".

If an SEO agency is unable to rank well on Google itself, how can they rank your site? Afterall, we are a pay per lead SEO company. We must rank our clients to be able to generate leads and get paid for our efforts.

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we rank google seo

You Only Pay for the Leads You Get

On any given month, we will send you leads through SEO and you will tell us which ones are good leads (we have an easy system that helps you identify the good ones).

You only pay us for each new and hot lead. So we make money only after YOU get new clients.

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Pay for lead

Pay Per Lead SEO is Simple

Wouldn’t it be nice if you only paid AFTER you got a new lead from SEO?

Well, now you have the chance to do just that. Click on the link below to get more information.

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We Don’t Charge You for Leads from Other Sources

We don’t charge you for leads who hear about you from referral sources.

With our IMMAM phone and form tracking systems, you’ll know exactly where each phone call and form lead originated from.

You only pay for leads that are generated through our efforts.

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We Don’t Charge You for Leads from Other Sources

Get More Leads from the Internet Now!

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Website Speed Optimization!

Most clients who work with us have a slow-loading site. Especially when your visitors use their mobile devices to get to your site. We have a team dedicated to website speed optimization to turn your site into a fast one.

Our clients’ sites load within two seconds on desktop devices and within five seconds on mobile devices. Check the link above to see how fast your site loads.

We Do White-Hat SEO

We Do White-Hat SEO

We do not “trick” Google. We follow its guidelines and do not risk getting your site penalized. This is called “white-hat” SEO.

Therefore, no matter how many times Google updates its algorithm, your rankings will not drop. You can count on us sending you many leads each month.

We Have 4.9-Star Google Reviews

In today’s competitive market, where writing a negative review costs nothing, having an almost perfect reputation is no easy feat!

We want you to be the next client who leaves us a 5-star review.

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Dr. Kaiulana Moimoto

Excellent presentation! Very informative! Thank you."

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Dr. Kaiulana Moimoto
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