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We’ll Make Your Roofing Leads Go Through the Roof!

Without a strong online presence, businesses have little chance to stay ahead of the competition nowadays, and a roofing company is no exception. But a professional SEO company with experience in generating roofing leads for roofing companies is only a phone call away from you.

Our team of SEO specialists at Millionairium offers everything you’re going to need to generate local roofing leads.

You choose us because

  • You Pay Only When the Job Is Done Successfully
  • We Boost Your Company’s Revenue
  • We Value Transparency and SEO Ethics

No Money Up Front

That’s True. We realize there is always risk involved when you’re spending your precious dollars on marketing. Many campaigns don’t pay off. Especially, when you’re working with a new company.

We’ve turned the table around by taking on ALL the risk. That’s right. We believe in our work so much that we’re willing to work for you for FREE until we deliver quality leads through your SEO campaign. 

After you receive the first batch of leads, you pay for the ones you approve as real leads. 

We Generate  Leads Through  Google SEO

For quite some time now, Google has been the #1 go-to place for any serious business owner to get more customers.  As a  matter of fact, about 72% of our customers' leads are generated through Google. 

Our Google SEO services include

Pay Per Lead SEO

In our pay-per-lead SEO system, after you get the lead, you will pay us. So, basically, most part of our SEO work for your website is free.

Local SEO

Our main concern is to target relevant local traffic to your roofing company’s website because attracting potential customers in your service area increases the quality of the leads. So, converting them into actual customers will be a no-brainer.

GMB Management

As an important part of local SEO strategy, we optimize your Google My Business or GMB profile to earn more local customers for your roofing business.

Free, Valuable, Up-to-Date, SEO-Friendly Content

For Google, content is the most important factor to rank your website higher and we know it! That’s why we focus on producing valuable and informative content for every page of the site. Besides, we provide free up-to-date blog articles to get more traffic and better search results.

Finding the Right Keyword for Roofing Services

Certainly, good content requires excellent keyword research as well and our SEO experts are great at finding the most relevant and trending keywords for roofing services.

AdWords Management for Roofing Leads

Lead generation for roofing companies can be tough but we know how to accomplish the task. To leave your competitors behind, we offer Google AdWords management to get quality traffic and leads.

SEO for Roofing Company

We have delivered successful SEO campaigns for roofing companies (click to see a case study report) and related businesses, such as flooring companies. So, we already know the right customized SEO strategies to generate leads for roofing company.

Speed Optimization

If your website is not loading in just a few seconds, whether on the phone or desktop, we will identify and fix the issues to optimize the speed and generate more organic traffic.

Immediate Response to Our Clients

Our specialists are always there for you to respond to your requests or address any issues. All you need to do is call us (5555) from the comfort of your home or office. Even easier, you can fill in a form and we will get back to you.

Other SEO Services for Roofing Businesses

Except for all the above-mentioned businesses, we also offer

  • Website Performance Analysis
  • UI/UX improvement
  • Link building
  • Design improvement

FAQs about Our Google SEO for Roofing Company

Here is the answer to some of your most common questions.

How Should I Pay for Your Pay-Per-Lead Google SEO for Roofing Company?

We optimize the website to attract quality leads for your roofing services. You pay only for the leads you get. In this way, you ensure you are paying only for successful SEO work.

Should I Provide Any Content for My Roofing Company's Website?

No. Producing valuable SEO-friendly content that does well in Google search result pages requires accomplished and well-trained SEO copywriters. Besides, our copywriters are familiar with roofing business and they know what to include in any page or article to get a good rank.

Should I Pay Monthly for Each Blog Article?

No. It is one of our best services that is done for free to help boost your roofing business.

What If My Roofing Company Already Has a Website But It Is No Good?

You just leave it to us. We will improve its design and UI/UX. Plus, we will update and optimize the content and speed. In no time, your site will turn into a lead-generation machine.

How Long Does It Take for My Website to Start Generating Roofing Leads?

It only takes 1 to 2 months to start increasing revenue from your SEO campaign.

How Can I Get in Touch with You If There Is an Issue with the Website?

Well, it is usually us first to detect the issues because we are constantly monitoring the performance of your website. However, should you need to talk to your website's SEO optimizer, you can simply call 5555 or fill in the form below.

How Much Is the Cost for Each Lead?

In each market, the cost depends on the competitiveness of your market. So, give us a  call and we'll quote you a price per qualified lead.

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