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Contractors: Residential Roofing Depot Gets Top Rankings on Google!

All the data shared here is actual client data pulled from CallRail.com, Google PageSpeed Insights and Google Analytics. 

Michael Fied, the CEO of web development firm {web dev}, designed the website Residential Roofing Depot. Michael then referred RRD to us as an SEO client in November, 2018. At that time, RRD was receiving zero leads from the site and desperately needed help.

While Michael did an excellent job designing the site, more was needed if the site was going to rank prominently on Google.

Here is the desktop version of the website Michael built.

And here is the mobile version.

Our SEO Efforts Pay Off

By August, 2019 (about ten months later), Residential Roofing Depot was ranking #1 on Google for the main keyword “Residential Roofing” in Lakeland, FL.

Of course, all those 5-star reviews we helped the business earn certainly helped us reach our goals.

By then, RRD was receiving 132 visitors per month from organic search (including Google My Business) from ZERO a few months before.

The number of leads from organic search results including Google My Business increased to 49. Here is the data from Google Analytics for August, 2019.

And here is the number of leads over time.

The site’s conversion rate is pretty good at about 35%.

The site loads within 1 second on desktop devices and gets a score of 100/100 from Google PageSpeed Insights.


On mobile devices, it loads within six seconds and gets a score of 76/100.

With these amazing results, Residential Roofing Depot finally has an attractive site with all the traffic and leads to go along with it. Our team will continue working on this project until we dominate the Lakeland market. Stay tuned for updates.

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