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Pay-Per-Lead SEO
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have an e-commerce site. Can I sign up for your program?

No. We only provide Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) services to local businesses.

Q: Do I qualify for your SEO program?

Here is a list of businesses we do not provide SEO services for.

  • National/International
  • Sexually Explicit Content
  • E-commerce
  • Gambling
  • Loans/Financial/Banks/Credit Cards
  • Charities
  • Musicians
  • Hotels

If you’re not part of this list, you most likely do qualify for our pay-per-lead SEO/CRO program.

Q: How do you know when someone contacts my business (lead)?

We use CallRail.com to monitor all incoming phone calls. Once you are signed up, you will receive a set of dynamic phone numbers that coincide with the origin of each caller. For instance, callers who arrive on your site by clicking on your Google ads will see a different number than those who found you on Google My Business (GMB).

Even though these numbers differ from your business line, the phone calls still get redirected straight to you. Unless your business is a medical practice (HIPAA Compliance) or legal office that requires strict patient or client privacy, all of your callers will receive a short message informing them the call will be recorded, then the phone will ring on your end.

Except for medical and legal practices, each call is recorded so that it can be played back at your leisure. We recommend listening to your phone calls for training purposes and to tighten up your phone game. Each month, our team will also listen to your phone calls to determine which of your leads is legitimate and which are not. Of course, you will only pay for legitimate leads. That’s how pay-per-lead SEO/CRO works.

For medical and legal practices, we don’t record calls. So, we rely on you to tell us which calls are legitimate leads.

You will pay for GMB calls as well as those who visit your site from organic searches (i.e. via Google).

We also monitor forms. A simple script on your site allows us to track and record every form that’s filled out.

Q: How do you know if the person who contacted me found me on Google organically?

Because we track all calls and forms, we know instantly where each lead originated, whether it was from your Adwords, organic, GMB, or Facebook campaigns. We only charge you for leads that come from organic search results.

Q: I already receive some leads from Google. Would you charge me for those leads as well?

No. We monitor your site’s leads for a few weeks to understand how many leads your site generates on a monthly basis without our help. That is our baseline and you won’t be charged for those leads from that point forward. You will only pay for the leads above the baseline that we deliver to your business.

For example, if your site receives ten organic leads each month, then that becomes the baseline. Each month thereafter, you will receive up to ten leads per month free. Your fees only kick in after the 11th lead and up.

This gets a bit complicated for seasonal businesses who have not monitored their leads precisely in the past and are getting a significant number of leads each month. But we have ways to address that as well. Ask for details and we can discuss.

Q: How long until my business sees its first lead after signing up?

When you sign up with us, our team goes to work creating a new and improved website for your business. This website takes around a month to complete. You will then begin receiving new leads the following month and after the launch of your new site.

Q: How long before I see a significant number of leads from your efforts?

SEO is a long-term investment – especially the way we do it (white-hat). So, we ask you to be patient for at least six to twelve months (depending on your business and market) to see a significant boost in the number of leads you receive.

Normally, clients who are with us for over one year are VERY happy with their results. Normally, we will beat all of your competitors within 24 months.

Q: Do I pay for hosting?

No. We offer free hosting services.

Q: Do I pay for conversion monitoring?

No. We offer free conversion monitoring for all phone calls and forms.

Q: How many keywords and cities can I rank for?

Our goal is to get you to the top of Google for A) your most important keywords and B) in the areas where customers may be searching for a business like yours.


We target as many relative keywords as necessary to capture the attention of your audience. This requires extensive research to identify the queries customers are typing, texting and speaking into their virtual assistants to find your products or services.


The areas you can target include your immediate areas and those you’re willing to travel to (or where customers tend to travel from). We typically limit our clients to three cities, areas, towns or counties. There are exceptions, however.

Speak with a dedicated Millionairium representative about the specific keywords and areas you wish to target with your pay-per-lead SEO campaign.

Q: How much do I have to pay to get started with pay-per-lead SEO?

Absolutely nothing! There is no up-front cost to get started.

You only pay for the qualified leads you attract from the search engines (mainly Google). Our system is designed to be affordable for all clients. You only begin to pay as your business grows!

We even build you a site and write your content if we determine that doing so will be necessary for your success.

Too good to be true? Don’t take our word for it. Ask our current clients.

Q: How will you be changing my website? What if your changes get me penalized in Google?

As ethical SEO professionals, we only engage in White-Hat search engine optimization. More specifically, we have copied our processes straight from Google’s guidelines. By following the rules, we are able to advance your Google rankings without risking penalties of any kind.

With that in mind, you can be sure that any changes we make will benefit your business and SEO goals. Most of the work we do is on-site SEO, and each process is designed to boost your online reputation and get you more qualified leads for the constant growth of your business.

To learn more about our SEO practices, you may read our CEO’s latest book on Google SEO.

Q: What do you consider a legitimate lead?

We don’t charge you for telemarketers or people calling your business erroneously. Instead, our pay-per-lead SEO system only charges you when you receive a contact form or phone call from an individual who is interested in your business.

This doesn’t include individuals who have found you through other means aside from Google search.

Here is a snapshot of our proprietary CRM’s backend where you can monitor and approve the leads you will pay for.

Q: What if the same lead contacts me twice? Will I be double billed?

Nope, never! Each individual who contacts you is recorded as a lead. When that person calls again or fills out a form, that lead is recorded as a second contact from the same lead, which doesn’t reflect a fee at all.

You only pay for qualified leads that contact you once, and you’ll never be billed for that same lead again.

You also have the discretion to review all the leads you’re paying for. If you determine that our team or system has made a mistake, you can uncheck a lead, so you won’t be billed for it.

We will then further investigate all contested leads and may contact you for clarification.

At the end of the day, you will not pay for unqualified leads, we guarantee it!

Q: Do you offer blogging services? How else do you keep your SEO fresh and relevant?

Our system is designed to build a solid SEO foundation for you. You start at $0 and your fees only advance as your business grows.

Once you reach a level of $1,000 in monthly fees, we will provide you with (1) long-form article every month. A well-written and consistent blog at that level will keep your online presence fresh and relevant for maximum thought leadership and lead attraction.

If you choose to have articles written for you before we reach the $1,000 level, we can accommodate you for a reasonable fee. Your dedicated writer will send you blog topics to approve before completing your content on a regular basis, as you request.

Q: Will my business rank in Google Map packs (Google My Business Page – GMB)?

Yes, that is one of our goals. We want your business to show up for all relevant Google search users. If someone searches for your keywords in the area you want to target, we want your listing showing up front and center, so you’re always top-of-mind.

Most of our clients do achieve Map packs status. Get started today and you can, too. Here is an example of a client’s ranking on GMB:

Actual Client Listing

Q: I don’t want to pay-per-lead. Do you offer a monthly SEO plan?

No. We only provide pay-per-lead SEO. Since we pay our team a percentage of what you pay us, each team member remains motivated to get your site ranked higher on Google while boosting your level of monthly leads. This system makes all of our customers happy and keeps our team working harder and smarter for your benefit.

If we switched to monthly SEO, our team wouldn’t have as much incentive to deliver a substantial amount of leads to your business, which is the opposite of what you want. Our team cares about your business success and the quality of the leads we send you. That’s why pay-per-lead SEO will benefit your business the most.

Q: I have to be honest; I don’t feel 100% comfortable signing up without some kind of written agreement in place. Is an alternative option available?

We used to have contracts, but now we work based on trust. Our clients trust us with their sites, and we trust that you will pay us. To us, that’s the only way to work!

Q: Which forms of payment do you accept?

We accept credit cards only to keep it simple for everyone.

Q: Can you help with my social media profiles?

Since our focus is on SEO and Google has stated that it doesn’t use social signals to determine its search rankings, unfortunately, we don’t do any social media work of any kind.

Q: Could you track the keywords that turn into leads through organic search or GMB?

Unfortunately, Google doesn’t release the keywords people use to access your site on Google Analytics, but they do on the Search Console. And the Search Council doesn’t track the leads through Analytics.

With our new CRM (IMAAM), we’re trying to address this issue by combining the data from these two sources. we’ll update this page once we find a solution.

Don’t see your question listed here? Call us at +1-855-598-3136 to discuss your concerns and start on the road to pay-per-lead SEO, the logical way to grow your business.

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