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Thousands of companies offer SEO services, but we’re the only one offering pay-per-performance Google SEO.

Why? We can get your site ranked on Google and we back it up by not charging you until your site is ranked.

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You rock, we love you and your team Ali! We’ll definitely refer (just no competitors, lol)!!"

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Catie Young

Comprehensive Keywords List

We will compile a list of your important keywords that will drive the most traffic to your site - using Google tools.

The number of keywords on this list varies between 30-600 and depends on your business and markets you’re targeting.

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keywords (28)
1 All Natural Beauty Products
2 Natural Beauty
3 Organic Makeup
4 Natural Makeup
5 Best Skin Care Products
6 Skin Care Products
7 Natural Skin Care
8 Organic Skin Care
9 Natural Face Moisturizer
10 Best Ntural Makeup
11 Natural Deodrant for Sensitive Skin
12 All Natural Body Wash
13 All Natural Deodrant
14 Buy Essential Oils Extenders
15 Carrier Oil Stick
16 Carrier Stick
17 Certified Organic Body Wash
18 Chemical Free Body Wash
19 Essential Oil Stick
20 Essential Oil Carrier Stick
21 Essential Oils Stick
22 Natural Beauty Products
23 Natural Beauty Products Online
24 Natural Beauty Products Wholesale
25 Natural Body Wash
26 Natural Deodrant
27 Natural Deodrant That Works
28 Natural Deodrant for Women

Ranking Report

Once your keywords list is ready, our team will prepare a ranking report for you to show you how your site is ranking when these keywords are searched for on Google.

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You Won’t Pay If You Don’t Get Any Leads

At any given month, we monitor your leads (phone, forms, online-sales) and if you’re not getting any leads from organic search results, we won’t charge you for that month. So, we make money, only if you make money.

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You Get Charged Only After You See Results

No one wants to pay for SEO BEFORE results are in.

So, we turned the table. Now, you only pay after your site’s rankings have improved and you’ve seen more traffic going to your site and more customers coming to your business.

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ranking on google

Get Your Google Ranking Reports Every Week

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ranking on google
You Can Decide Your Maximum Monthly Fee!

You Can Decide Your Maximum Monthly Fee!

We do not engage in any black-hat or gray-hat SEO practices. In everything we do, we follow Google SEO guidelines.

But if you want us to keep your rankings at a certain level so you won’t go beyond a certain dollar amount per month, just let us know and we’ll make it happen!

We Do White-Hat SEO

Most clients want us to improve their results as much as possible since they only pay for improved Google rankings. And they realize the higher they rank on Google, the more clients they get.

Therefore, no matter how many times Google updates its algorithm, your rankings will not drop significantly.

We Only Focus on Google!

We Only Focus on Google!

Google receives about 80% of the search results from the Web. And once we rank you well on Google, you’ll also rank better on other search engines.

You See Results Fast

You See Results Fast

Many of our SEO clients see their site's rankings improve on Google within the first month after they sign up with us. Most of them see results within 2-3 months.

We’re now offering free conversion monitoring to see exactly how many leads come through your site and from which campaigns. This is great if you are running an Adwords campaign or your site already receives incoming leads.
No Long-Term Contracts

No Long-Term Contracts

Since we want you to be a happy customer all the time, we will never lock you into any long-term contracts. If you feel our program is not right for you and you want to move on, simply let us know 30-days in advance. We will cancel your agreement and return your site no questions asked.

Refer Your Friends

Refer Your Friends

We offer a 10% discount for your project for each client you introduce to us. And they will be in good hands.

If you are not a client, we will give you or the client you introduce to us 10% referral fee. Ask us for more details.

White-Label SEO

SEO Agencies

If you’re an SEO agency, we’ll be happy to provide your customers with our Google SEO services.

We will treat them as our own clients and will provide you with an agreed upon referral fee. Of course, we won’t charge them until we improve their results.

Ali is the epitome of integrity. His dedication to his clients' results causes him to hold the highest standards for quality and results in his work and that of the people who work with him. He over delivers for the internet based work and SEO that he has focused on in the past and is a thought leader in online marketing. His intelligence and courage to stand behind his work is unparalleled in this field from my experience. I have never seen or heard of anyone that guarantees their work like Ali does his. His regular clients in Plastic Surgery, Dentistry, Law and other small businesses regularly see ROI of more than 500% and much more because the focus is on sales, not page ranking or popularity. Ali's dedication is the result of high standards and deep caring for others. It was a pleasure to work with a businessman so focused on creating abundance for his clients and so dedicated to improving the quality of their lives and the lives of their families. An avid student and rapid implementer Ali made shifts in areas of growth in minutes and hours that led to benefits for himself, his employees and co-workers and clients. I have high admiration for Ali as a person and businessman."

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Jack Austin

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