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Lead-Based SEO is Here for You!

We offer a risk-free SEO service that focuses on generating leads for your business. You only pay for the QUALIFIED leads that we're able to get for you - organically.

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Jake Gulick

Ali and I had a few mutual clients and I saw firsthand the clients websites shoot up to the top of Google and increase their traffic to their website. I always refer Ali to offices when they are asking about SEO because I want them to use the best and Ali and his team are the best!"

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Jake Gulick

Comprehensive Keywords List

We will compile a list of your important keywords that will drive the most traffic to your site and the most leads to your business.

The number of keywords on this list varies between 30-600 and depends on your business and markets you’re targeting.

keywords (28)
1 Personal Injury Lawyer Los Angeles
2 Work Accident Lawyer Los Angeles
3 Negligent Security Lawyer LA
4 Repetitive Motion Injuries Los Angeles
5 Neck & Back Injuries Lawyer LA
6 Workers Compensation Attorney LA
7 Defective Product Lawyer Los Angeles
8 Product Liability Attorney LA
9 Construction Injury Lawyer LA
10 Occupational Diseases Los Angeles
11 Car Accident Los Angeles
12 Accidental Death Lawyer Los Angeles
13 Wrongful Death Attorney LA
14 Premises Liability Lawyer Los Angeles
15 Spinal Injuries Attorney LA
16 Work Accidents Attorney Los Angeles
17 Slip & Fall Accident Lawyer LA
18 Swimming Pool Accident LA
19 Product Redhibition Lawyer LA
20 Truck Accident Lawyer LA
21 Pedestrian Accident Los Angeles
22 Boating Accident Lawyer LA
23 Brain Injuries Lawyer LA
24 Medication Errors Attorney LA
25 Bicycle Accident Lawyer LA
26 FDA Regulations Lawyer Los Angeles
27 Drunk Driving Accidents Lawyer LA
28 Hit & Run Accident Lawyer LA

Ranking Report

Once your keywords list is ready, our team will prepare a ranking report for you to show you how your site is ranking when these keywords are searched for on Google.

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You Only Pay for the Leads You Confirm as Qualified

On any given month, we will monitor your phone and form leads. Then, you can uncheck the leads that are not Qualified, such as current customers and telemarketers, using our CRM.

You only pay for qualified leads. So we make money only if YOU make money.

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get charged

You Get Charged Only After You Get New Leads

No one wants to pay for SEO BEFORE results are in.

So, we flipped the script. Now, you only pay when you experience more leads visiting your website and more customers coming to your business.

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ranking on google

We Don’t Charge You for Leads from Other Sources

If you currently get leads from other sources like Adwords or Facebook, you won’t pay us for leads generated through those campaigns.

With our CallRail phone and form tracking systems, you'll know exactly where each phone call and form lead originated from.

You only pay for leads that are generated through our SEO efforts.
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Get Your Google Ranking Reports Every Week

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ranking on google
You Can Decide Your Maximum Monthly Fee!

Choose Your Maximum Monthly Budget!

Can't take on too many new customers? No problem! Simply tell us how many leads you want each month.

Our team will only improve your Google ranking results until you reach your goals. Once you can handle more leads, we'll send you more.

We Do White-Hat SEO

We do not "trick" Google. We follow its guidelines and do not risk getting your site penalized. This is called "white-hat" SEO.

Therefore, no matter how many times Google updates its algorithm, your rankings will not drop. You can count on us sending you many leads each month.

We Only Focus on Google!

We Only Focus on Google!

Google receives about 80% of the search results from the Web. And once we rank you well on Google, you’ll also rank better on other search engines.

You See Results Fast

You See Results Fast

Many of our SEO clients see their site's rankings improve on Google within the first month after they sign up with us. Most of them see results within 2-3 months.

We’re now offering free conversion monitoring to see exactly how many leads come through your site and from which campaigns. This is great if you are running an Adwords campaign or your site already receives incoming leads.
No Long-Term Contracts

No Long-Term Contracts

Since we want you to be a happy customer all the time, we will never lock you into any long-term contracts. If you feel our program is not right for you and you want to move on, simply let us know 30-days in advance. We will cancel your agreement and return your site no questions asked.

Refer Your Friends

Refer Your Friends

We offer a 10% discount for your project for each client you introduce to us. And they will be in good hands.

If you are not a client, we will give you or the client you introduce to us a 10% referral fee. Ask us for more details.

White-Label SEO

SEO Agencies

If you’re an SEO agency, we’ll be happy to provide your customers with our Google SEO services.

We will treat them as our own clients and will provide you with an agreed upon referral fee. Of course, we won’t charge them until we send them leads.


Our success as a restaurant service provider is largely due to Ali Husayni and his great team of SEO experts. My business has grown many folds and we rank well above our competition for most of our keywords. We canceled our Adwords as we don't need it anymore. Thank you Millionairium."

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Massoud Farazandeh
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