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Ali Husayni

Google SEO Simplified – Part I (Content)

Revised on Dec. 3, 2011.
  • What is Google looking for when indexing and ranking your Web site?
  • Why is site X ranking number one while your site ranks on the fifth page?
  • Site X is not even a good site, so why does Google think it’s better than yours?
  • Is it even possible to rank your site above site X?

Google SEO is not magic. Google doesn’t favor any site over the others without clear and measurable calculations. But what are these calculations?

Matt Cutts, Google’s anti-spam guru and SEO spokesman, has said numerious times that Googlebots, or Google Spiders, evaluate over 200 criterium to identify which site should be ranked above the others. In other words, there is a clear formula that these Mega software follow and score each Web page by, assigning each site a number. This secret number sometimes correlates with Page Rank- a number from 1 to 10 given to each Web page by Google- but not always.

The list of what Google looks for on your Web page is secret, but I have narrowed down the most important factors to be what’s written on the site, optimization and inbound links. In other words:

Content + Relevancy + Popularity = Top of Google Rankings

Google’s job is to show search results for any keywords you look for. It is true that Google looks at your Web page as a whole, but, in reality, it’s mostly interested in the content of your site (i.e. text, videos, images).

You might ask “what should I change so that Google likes my content?”

The simplified answer is have lots of original, relevant and fresh content without any grammatical errors. This will support your efforts to attract inbound links.

Original Content

The most important factor is to have original content. When it comes to Google, content that is copied from other sites is a big no-no. I have seen many sites get flagged and unindexed by Google for simply having duplicate content. To protect your site if you have original content, search for it on Google to find possible sites that have copied your content. Sometimes Google makes the mistake of degrading sites with original content because others have copied it.

If you cannot keep up with those that tend to copy your text, you can solve this issue by rewriting your homepage content once a month. That way, you can ensure that you have original content at all times.

Fresh Content

Blogs and news sites are good examples of sites that have fresh content on a regular basis. But if your site’s content remains the same, it is a good idea to rewrite it at least once a month. Google announced in Nov. 2011 that it is now more interested in fresh content.

Keyword-Rich Content

Having your keywords mentioned within your content is also very important. If your site is about selling shoes, make sure you mention selling shoes or synonymous keywords within your content.

What you should stay away from, however, is repeating your keywords more than once. Google will quickly degrade your site if it feels like you’re trying to manipulate it in order to place you higher on the search engine results.

Clean Copy

If your site has grammatical or spelling mistakes, it will negatively affect your site’s ranking. The best thing to do is to hire an editor to review your site’s content. You can get this done rather cheap, sometimes for just $25 per page.

In the next part of this article, I’ll be focusing on relevancy, another important factor in Google SEO.

Google SEO Simplified – Part I (Content) was last modified: September 11th, 2018 by Ali Husayni
44 thoughts on “Google SEO Simplified – Part I (Content)
  1. Vijay Baria says:

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    Great Job.

    Thanking You.

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    good job

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  4. Charles says:

    Noted this good comments ,we learn many knowleage of good SEO,but i don`t know why our company Westfox Industry website of http://www.west-fox.com is still zero PR .
    Who can help us to answer this queston.

    1. Ali Husayni says:

      Optimization alone is not enough to gain PageRank. You need links sites from good PR sites (with no \”nofollow\” tag).

  5. tamxz says:

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  6. Tech says:

    I’m glad to have visited your blog and good to know you! I find it interesting and informative. Content Management System (CMS) covers the complete life cycle of your site, right from the creation through the organization, division, to publishing the information.

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    the article is very important for newbie. because it mentioned most basic factors of SEO.

    also, it remind us not to forget the basic point for us too.

  9. westfox says:

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  11. Anan says:

    thanks for the article, that so usefull for a newbie like me… but, what about non English-language blogs like my blog ? whether the effect on google ?

  12. vaitheeswaran says:

    nice article

  13. askbazar says:

    I think this information is very helpful for all website creator, content is main issue a website.

  14. Great article, but I have to disagree on the part of duplicate contents being red-flagged by Google. If this was so, Google would have to ban its own news site, since it pulls news contents from all major new sites.

    1. Ali Husayni says:

      Google News is basically a search engine. It just lists the news sites based on the hottest news/your settings/search. It doesn\’t \”copy/paste\” news articles.

  15. MeDo.WaMA says:

    This article is very good at SEO of website ,we also hope our website can do better and better for GOOGLE to index.

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  23. Pat Williams says:

    I used to work for an seo firm and content was always a big focus for our clients. It\’s amazing how many businesses throw up a website without any thought to this.

  24. Great Post! If you follow Matt Cutts tips & Ideas you can perform miracles easily.

  25. Surya says:

    thanks for the article, that so usefull for a newbie like me… but, what about non English-language blogs like my blog ? whether the effect on google ?

    1. Ali Husayni says:

      It makes no difference. Follow the SEO techniques and you\’ll be fine.

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  29. I have a site that\’s the second result on the first page of google in a very competitive niche. I have not done anything to the site since I put it up on the net a year ago. Only one page and the keyword is mentioned several times. I would be interested of knowing why is everyone saying this is a no no.

  30. Cospro Technology says:

    Very nice and useful information. Thanx a lot.

  31. Ali Husayni says:

    @migraine prevention
    What\’s the keyword phrase you\’re coming up for on Google?

  32. sasidharan says:

    thanks for sharing the valuable post

  33. Geoff Chapman says:

    Hi, You very kindly carried out the SEO for our website, for which we are very grateful.
    However, we are keen to make alterations and freshen the site on a month to month basis but are afraid to do so in fear of destroying your coding. Can you please clarify the situation so that we can work on the site and let us know whether your SEO is an ongoing service for us. Unfortunately, our business is suffering severely from the present economic situation as it is seen to be a \”Luxury\” – whereas we can show that there are many practical reasons why our services are very cost effective. Your assistance would be much appreciated, as we are not too \”Computer Orienated\” but realise the importance of a high ranking website. Kind regards and thanks,

    Geoff Chapman.
    Flight Operations Director.

    1. Ali Husayni says:

      I\’m glad you\’ve enjoyed our SEO work. I\’ll send you a private email.

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    the article is very important for newbie. because it mentioned most basic factors of SEO.

    also, it remind us not to forget the basic point for us too.

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