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Contractors: Hoodbuilder.com Gets 97 Leads in One Month from Just 7 A Year Before!

All the data shared here is actual client data pulled from CallRail.com, AWR, GTMetrix, Google PageSpeed Insights and Google Analytics. 

“Our success as a restaurant service provider is largely due to Ali Husayni and his great team of SEO experts. My business has grown many folds and we rank well above our competition for most of our keywords. We canceled our Adwords as we don’t need it anymore. Thank you Millionairium,” says Massoud Farazandeh, the owner of www.hoodbuilder.com.

In October 2016, Massoud decided to hire his long-time friend and our CEO Ali to help him grow his business using Internet Marketing and Google SEO in particular.

At the time, Hood Builder didn’t have a professional website. So, Ali suggested building a site that truly represents who Hood Builder is. The work was vigorous because Hood Builder offers many different kinds of services – all related to restaurants.

It took our team well over six months to finally build the site that both Massoud and our team loved.

Now, it was time to build the Google SEO presence. Our team started by thoroughly analyzing the site and optimizing it according to Google standards. The results have been astonishing:

Farazandeh’s visibility percentage on Google has increased to 45.39%.


This now puts him on the first page of Google for 80 of his 256 keywords, including important keywords like “restaurant construction.”


or “hood installation.”

The site is now driving increased traffic and leads to Hood Builder’s business. In the 24 months between September 2017 and August 2019, hoodbuilder.com’s traffic has increased by 738%!


Consequently, the total number of leads has increased from 0 in the beginning of the project to 97 in August 2019.

One important reason Mr. Farazandeh’s site is doing so well is that our team succeeded at improving the site’s conversion rate from nearly 5% to over 39%.

The site’s conversion rate could be improved by changing many factors including the loading speed of the site. Currently, Mr. Farazandeh’s site loads within 2.5 seconds according to GTMetrix.

According to Google PageSpeed Insights, their site’s homepage loads within 1.1 seconds on desktop devices.

And on mobile devices within 4.3 seconds.

Our team and Mr. Farazandeh couldn’t be happier with the results of this case study. If you want more traffic and leads from Google, follow in Massoud’s footsteps and contact us. We will provide you with a free quote.

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