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Top SEO trends for 2019

Since the early 2000s, when Search Engine Optimization (SEO) started becoming more of a science, the Google algorithm has changed several times, becoming much smarter. More than ever, it is catering to user experience. Since smartphones have become so prevalent, mobile searches have changed the trends of SEO even more. In 2019, we are going to see changes that were hypothetical only a few years before.

Voice Search

People are searching for answers with the use of Siri, Alexa, and similar electronic personal assistance apps and devices. They are conducting searches in the form of questions “where can I find the best baby stroller?” or “where’s the nearest auto shop?”

Companies and service providers are going to have to present information in the form of answering questions and solving problems. Webcopy, blog, and salescopy can become a valuable help to the user if it always aims to solve a common problem or helps a potential customer or client optimize something in their own life. The brand or company that really caters to user experience this way gains authority and validity in the eyes of the public.

Amazon Search

Amazon has become a sort of search engine that directly competes with Google or Bing on any given day. When someone desires to buy a product, Amazon offers them the ability to see reviews, to comparison shop, and suggests similar products. People go directly to the search bar of Amazon when buying dry and bulk foods, for clothes shopping, and for specialty gifts. That means keywords and item description optimization must become more user-friendly for anyone using Amazon as their main platform. Figuring out and serving to consumer intent when they search for certain products must become part of every business person’s strategy, for future effectiveness in an ever-evolving and competitive marketplace.


Blockchain is one of the more complicated trends for people to grasp, but it will be revolutionary in the next year or two. If you have heard of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies–basically secure and incorruptible units of currency–blockchain is the technology backdrop that allows these kinds of transactions to occur.

Blockchain is a feared word for some industries, where transparency will hurt the middleman or the salesman, as it will put consumers on equal footing with corporations and agencies. However, it is the decentralization and democratization of the internet that will allow transactions and information to be public, secure, and flexible to correction from all parties. It will also impact SEO. How?

Middlemen–such as Google, for instance–will not hold all the reigns of power and authority in the same way they do now. For instance, Google Adsense campaigns are in existence because webpages that host ads for companies related to their industry or niche wish to do business securely only with legitimate companies. And vice-versa, people paying to have their ads displayed, have always trusted Google to connect them with the appropriate sources. Of course Google has always taken a healthy portion of revenue from these transactions. With identity and security being guaranteed with blockchain, we will likely see people and companies on the web doing business more directly.

Very importantly, blockchain will reduce click fraud. That’s right–just under half of all internet traffic and ad clicking is done by ‘click bots’ who are basically commiting fraud that costs businesses a lot of money, while bringing nothing in terms of revenue. Blockchain verifies that people are indeed people, based on past web presence and behavior. It also sees when the same person (usually a competitor) clicks on an ad repeatedly, draining money from your ad campaign.

Also, as blockchain as a concept becomes better understood by the general public, more and more consumers will expect to see webpages with blockchain code implemented. This will become the new ultra-secure method of obtaining products, services, and information. SEO firms will have to provide blockchain integration services in the near future.

All in all, internet marketing strategies have always had to be flexible as trends pick up and die down quickly online. Your best bet is to work with a firm that is well-established with Search Engine Optimization principles; one that has a fantastic track record with client reports to prove it, as well as the brain-power to assimilate new technologies. The team at Millionairium has seen many trends over the years, and we always have a multi-faceted strategy for increasing the web visibility for each client. Scroll through our feed for various client reports, or view some here, here, and here as well. Give us a call at 1(800) 806-8914 for professional, pay-per-performance SEO today.

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