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SEO Services Contribute to “Booming Success” for Ambitious California Family Attorney

Conversion rate growth in Google Analytics

Updated October 19, 2019. Ask about our Pay-Per-Lead SEO program by calling or clicking the link above. 

  • California Family Attorney John Griffith began working with search engine optimization firm Millionairium 7 years ago.
  • After a year of impressive results, John left Millionairium for “more affordable SEO services.”
  • With his rankings struggling, Griffith returned to Millionairium after hiring and firing 3 other SEO companies.
  • In the month of August alone, we managed to increase John’s organic traffic by 103%, and he contributes his “Booming Success” largely in part to Millionairium SEO.


When California Family Attorney John Griffith opened his private practice seven years ago, he knew he would have to make a splash quickly if he wanted to make a name for himself. In an industry riddled with competition, he felt that digital marketing would bring him the rapid attention he needed to attract new clients.

Lawyer John Griffith SEO by MillionairiumA quick Google search brought him into contact with our SEO firm, Millionairium. He stated that he was new in town and needed to surpass his competition in Google if he wanted to get the attention of local clients in need of a divorce or family attorney.

Here are the results we were able to achieve for the legal practice of Griffith, Young, and Lass, serving the areas of Carlsbad and San Diego, California.

The Results of Our Small Business SEO Campaign

Since the GYL website was brand new, we knew that we had a major undertaking before us if we wanted to get the site to the first page of Google for each relevant keyword term, such as San Diego Family Attorney.

The website of Griffith, Young, and Lass has received almost 6,000 organic Google visitors in less than a year, with 76% of those unique. John uses Google Adwords, but organic accounts for nearly 50% of all Google traffic, and those results have been consistent over the past year.

In the month of August alone, we increased John’s organic traffic by 103% when compared to data from last year, with 143% of those new users.

SEO Traffic for Lawyer John Griffith by Millionairium

70% of all traffic is now coming from organic search (a major jump from 27% last year), and this has allowed John to reduce his budget on all other forms of online marketing.

SEO Traffic Graph by Millionairium
Thanks to our efforts, the GYL website now experiences an influx of mobile-using visitors.

Devices Traffic Chart Millionairium
However, one of the biggest accomplishments of the SEO campaign was the fact that John was able to reduce his Adwords ad spend directly as a result from our organic SEO efforts. With more clients calling the office through Google’s organic search, paid advertising is no longer as necessary for lead generation.

Google Organic Vs Google Adwords Graph for lawyer SEO
The results above are all because Millionairium put the website of Griffith, Young, and Lass on the front page of Google for several important keyword terms, like this search below. Here you can see John’s legal practice showing up as #2 for the term “San Elijo Hills Child Support Lawyer.”

Google Local Results for John Griffith

While these results represent the skill, experience, and attention-to-detail that we bring to every project we work with, John’s success did not come without a cost, and not just a monetary one. There was a difficult lesson learned, and it all started with a phone call to our offices back in 2011.

The SEO Campaign Begins

When John told us how quickly he wanted to get to the top of Google, we understood completely. New attorneys don’t get a lot of referrals, after all. Determined to show him that we are different than every other SEO company out there. We gave him an offer he couldn’t refuse.

We told John that we could get his keywords to the top of Google’s first page for his most relevant keywords or else we would give him a complete refund, no questions asked.

Exceeding Expectations

John very candidly stated that he doubted our SEO methods in the very beginning. He felt he had learned enough about SEO to know that search engine optimization professionals are ubiquitous. He felt that any company with enough time and know-how could do what we can, and so his expectations were very low.

John soon discovered that Millionairium SEO is indeed different than the rest. Within 4 to 5 months, the SEO campaign had already reached several of the benchmarks we established for the money-back guarantee. We managed to get several of GYL’s most important keywords on the first page of Google and – in turn – the office phone began to ring.

A year into the campaign, John’s stellar rankings were holding, and John’s web traffic looked much like it does today. Then, something strange occurred, but not uncommon in the SEO industry. Griffith decided to end his relationship with us. The reason? He wanted to save money.

A Change of Direction and a Lesson Learned

Griffith felt that, since he had already achieved the high rankings he wanted, the hard work was already done. He figured he could dominate Google and save a few dollars by selecting a less expensive search engine optimization firm.

John did find another company that began work on his website only for his rankings to begin falling. He subsequently fired the first company, then hired another, and then another. After a few years and thousands of dollars wasted, John found himself right back where he started.

Griffith Returns to SEO Firm Millionairium

John has been back with us for a year, and the website of Griffith, Young, and Lass has returned to Google’s first page for many important keyword terms. The site also gets 189% more organic hits when compared to the previous year!

What did John glean from this experience?

“Ali and Millionairium exceeded my expectations in the first few months. They are the best at SEO I have ever worked with. They are responsive, easy to work with, and they know SEO,” John said.

John points to a few other areas where Millionairium has managed to remain heads and shoulders above the rest.

Content Approval: Millionairium offers its clients high-quality content optimized for the Google search engine. This content, which consists of well-researched blogs and press releases, must be approved by our clients before it can go live. John appreciates the approval process, as the legal industry is very strict about what can and cannot be published online. “I don’t want my business to advertise incorrect information,” he said, “so I appreciate the approval process, which is something Millionairium excels in.”

Works with Other Teams: The website of Griffith, Young, and Lass has been through a few web designers during the time John has worked with us. John said, “Whether it’s a structure change or a complete overhaul, Millionairium has always been quick to work with other designers and developers for a seamless experience.”

Reduced Adwords Ad Spend: John was thrilled when he learned that Adwords paid advertising is no longer as necessary for driving interested clients to his legal practice. With the website getting so much organic attention, John is able to save money in the long run through his lowered advertising budget.

For more information about Millionairium SEO, which can help you get to the top of Google for all of your relevant keyword terms, contact us at (310) 299-2799. Ask about our new Pay-Per-Lead system, an unheard-of offer in the search engine optimization industry!

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