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Are You LinkedIn?

Updated October 19, 2019. We no longer support link building. Ask about our Pay-Per-Lead SEO program by calling or clicking the link above. 

BOULDER, COLORADO – Although it has been around for nine years, LinkedIn has picked up steam lately as yet another social media outlet that can assist businesses in promoting themselves and finding new customers.

SEO expert Ali Husayni, founder of Millionairium, said there are ways in which the social media outlet can help businesses gain customers.

LinkedIn- A Brief History

First, a bit about LinkedIn. Created in 2002 and officially launched in May 2003, it is the world’s largest professional network, according to the LinkedIn website.

LinkedIn is sometimes unofficially referred to as “Facebook for professionals.” As of March 2011, it had more than 100 million users located in 200 countries. LinkedIn users conducted nearly two billion people searches last year.

Gaining Clients Via LinkedIn

“When you have an outlet with so many users, you have an opportunity to gain clients,” Husayni said. “Add to that the fact that it appears LinkedIn is becoming increasingly savvy regarding SEO for its users and the effect on Google ranking, and as an SEO expert, suddenly you have my attention.”

Randy Schrum, president of a social media solutions company dubbed My Corporate Media, shared information in a recent webinar on tips to jumpstart an individual’s LinkedIn presence.

Schrum recommends using a professional photo as your profile picture. It also is important to complete your social profile by including an engaging headline that explains to people how you can help, he said. He suggests including keywords in this headline.

Husayni said businesses and professionals, such as dentists, orthodontists, realtors and attorneys, could use these same methods to promote the services they offer. It appears to Husayni that the developers at LinkedIn clearly understand the power of search tools and are seeking to increase that power on LinkedIn.

“I believe that is the reason why they recently added a new section in which users can enter information about their skills and assets,” Husayni says.

This new section allows users to highlight those things that separate them from the pack, so to speak. Users can enter languages they speak, patents, certifications and publications. Businesses can use this section to enter the types of services offered, because LinkedIn enables users to search companies by attributes, descriptions and more. Spotlighting these items moves personal and business profiles up in search queries, according to information posted on the LinkedIn Web site.

“Entering keywords into your profile information is like a mini, do-it-yourself search engine optimization campaign,” Husayni says. “This has the potential to help businesses and professionals attract clients when potential clients conduct searches on the site.”

When optimizing a profile on LinkedIn, the person with the most keywords wins, Schrum said in the webinar. For example, a realtor in Seattle who wants to appear first on search results for “Seattle Realtor” simply needs to look at the profile that ranks first in that search result, see how many times that phrase is used in their profile, and use it more times than their competitor.

Why Bother?

“Why not?” Husayni questioned. “Why not use all of the tools at your disposal?”

For business owners who are interested in SEO, it is important to note that profile information on LinkedIn can be fully indexed on Google, which can help a business improve its Google ranking. To take full advantage of this, make sure your profile is fully public, according to an article posted on 10slate.com.

“This is another outlet in which you can use targeted keywords to make sure your page contains words that people are actually searching,” said Husayni, a top SEO expert. “For our SEO clients, this is another avenue where our keyword research for their businesses can be applied.”

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To learn more about SEO company Millionairium and the role that social media can play in SEO, visit www.millionairium.com or call toll-free: 877-932-6559; internationally +1-303-932-6559.

About Millionairium

Millionairium is a search engine optimization firm based in Boulder, Colorado that utilizes knowledge of the Internet market and ongoing research to develop and implement SEO strategies for its clients. It is an affiliate of Millionairium, founded by Ali Husayni in 2004. Husayni serves as the firm’s chief executive officer and SEO expert.

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Are You LinkedIn? was last modified: October 19th, 2019 by Ali Husayni
  • Good post.

    Asif Ali 13 years ago
  • LinkedIn is indexed by Google which is very effective to Business owners. But sometimes it takes time to be in the SERP depending to the “keywords”.

    gescis 13 years ago
  • I am trying to save some money on the Internet. You may be right. I know whenever I update my vendors window with LinkedIn Twitter and Facebook pop up. In the past, I get an estimate from Facebook, gave up on it. You are right I do not utilize social marketing. I am far behind with keywords. One of my vendors send me the link with keywords but I was not able to open the file. Good that you remained me about it. Some other guru told me that keywords are a matter of the past with new algorithm or just didn\’t bother to help me with it. My major problem is, that web page designers don\’t want fix what I have. My page is from templates. They want a redesign, they want to mess up with catalogs. I can not change them, they are supplied by a marketing company. I need to update them frequently. Cost of having someone doing it for me would be overwhelming.

    Krystyna Romanowicz 13 years ago
  • Nice article!

    LinkedIn is indexed by Google which is very effective to Business owners. But sometimes it takes time to be in the SERP depending to the \”keywords\”.


    jamirdesign 13 years ago
  • I am LinkedIn. It didn\’t help or hart my business. Must have it like business card. I do not tweet anything personal, use only automated update of my web page and sometimes click like button, but browse a lot in search of information. Advertising on LinkedIn is very costly. I really don\’t care about just I am listed there.

    Krystyna Romanowicz 13 years ago
  • Thank you Mr.Ali Husayni, anda begitu bermurah hati untuk berbagi dengan kami.

    Binsar Tobing 13 years ago
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