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Site Speed Improvements: Janice Hurley’s Two Websites Load in 0.6 Seconds!

Janice Hurley is a long-time friend of our CEO Ali Husayni. She is an image expert who has consulted our CEO on how to present in public arenas, including conferences. She has also helped many dentists create that “perfect image” for their practices, thus helping their businesses grow using her one-of-a-kind expertise.

Recently she learned about our new speed improvement service and wanted to see if we could help her two websites load faster. We analyzed the sites and told her that we could. This case study is broken down into two sections based on each site and includes everything we did to create speedier websites users love.


This site was loading at the speed of 3.5 seconds on desktop devices and received a score of 65 by Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool.

Janice’s site was doing worse on mobile devices. Her site was taking more than 18 seconds to load, which is a fast way to deter users. Google gave her a 28 out of 100 on her mobile device, which is poor.

GTMetrix was showing a total speed of 4.6 seconds giving the site a score of D (PageSpeed) and E (YSlow):

After our team worked on Janicehurley.com, the final results were amazing.

The website now loads within 0.6 seconds on desktop devices according to PageSpeed Insights.

And within just 2.4 seconds on mobile devices (down from 18.3 seconds). What a decrease!


GTMetrix now shows the site loading in 1.1 seconds with scores of A (PageSpeed) and B (YSlow):



Janice’s second site, www.dentistryimageexpert.com, was doing just as poorly, if not worse. Its load speed on desktop devices according to PageSpeed Insights was 4.9 seconds with a score of 45 out of 100.

On mobile devices, it had a score of 28 out of 100 and was loading in over 24 seconds, which was extremely too long.

GTMetrix was showing a whopping 16 seconds general load-time.

Our team was able to fix all the issues Janice’s second site was experiencing. The desktop version now receives a score of 100 out of 100 on PageSpeed Insights and loads within 0.5 seconds, which is near instant in web-terms.


The site’s mobile version now gets a score of 99 out of 100 on PageSpeed Insights and loads within 2.3 seconds.


GTMetrix now shows the site loading in 1.1 seconds and gives the site scores of A (PageSpeed) and B (YSlow):

What Did We Do for These Sites?

Here is a list of the efforts our team engaged in with regards to both websites. The issues below are very common with most WordPress websites but may vary from site to site:

  • Deleted video iframes and created new iframes prompting JavaScript to load only after clicking the superimposed photo
  • Optimized the logo and all images
  • Fixed all CSS errors yielded by Gtmetrix
  • Fixed all Javascript errors
  • Streamlined CSS
  • Deleted unused CSS and JavaScripts
  • Streamlined JavaScript
  • Merged all JavaScript files
  • Converted all images to WebP format
  • Reduced server requests from over 100 to about 30 in each case

Why Increasing Page Speed is Important

Both of Janice’s websites now load very quickly, but why is this work necessary?

The benefits of fast-loading sites are enormous and include:

  • Better UX (user experience)
  • Higher Google rankings
  • More traffic
  • Higher conversion rate
  • Higher rate of returned visitors

If you have a site that loads slower than 1 second on desktop and 3 seconds on mobile devices, we can help you speed things up. Check your site’s speed on this page and sign up there, and we will provide you with a free quote.

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