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Medical: SEO Case Study: Dr. Brusky Gets 85 Leads from Google in Aug. 2019

All the data shared here is actual client data pulled from CallRail.com, Google PageSpeed Insights and Google Analytics. 

Referrals are among the most important drivers of new leads for any medical practice – especially dentists. However, it’ll take much longer to make a practice busy just by relying on referrals. So, dentists and other medical practices rely more on digital marketing as a new source of lead generation.

Dr. David Brusky didn’t start from the scratch. He inherited the practice from his father. But he wanted to gain more attraction from Google. After a few failed attempts at SEO, he signed up with us in 2015.

Since then, the organic traffic visiting Dr. Brusky’s website has multiplied – thanks to an on ongoing SEO campaign.

We have also seen an upward growth of traffic to the site in the past year.

The number of leads to Dr. Brusky’s site has also doubled in a year’s time.

We designed and launched a new site for Dr. Brusky that is fast; In fact, the site loads within 1.1 seconds on desktop devices:

And within 6.8 seconds on mobile devices (we’re working on improving the mobile speed at the time of writing this case study).

With a fast and attractive website, Dr. Brusky’s practice is now getting the attention from Google users that it rightly deserves. If you want similar results, contact Millionairium by using the sign-up form on our site or by calling 1-844-868-2419.

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