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Attorneys: Law Firm Doubles Its Leads – National SEO Case Study

All the data shared here is actual client data pulled from CallRail.com, Google PageSpeed Insights and Google Analytics. 

Earning Google leads for attorneys is very difficult. This is especially true for lawyers competing nationally, which was the case with keepyourclearance.com. Catie Young is a great lawyer who specializes in security clearance legal cases. Since referrals are not a viable source for security clearance cases, Catie depends heavily on the internet to drive her business.

Catie handed her project over to us in 2018. Our team was able to secure many first page listings for her keywords including important ones like “security clearance law group.”

For some of her keywords, we not only managed to get her on the first page, but we also secured the top spot (Featured Snippets).

This resulted in significant improvements to her website’s traffic. In September 2018, her site received just over 1,000 visitors from the search engines (organically). In August 2019, her site received over 1,700 visitors.

Amazingly, Catie’s leads more than doubled in the same time-frame.

The reason her site’s leads improved at a higher rate than the traffic to the site is because our team worked on improving the conversion rate from less than 2% in September 2018 to over 2.6% in August, 2019.

One reason the conversion rate has improved is that we worked on speeding up her WordPress site to load in 2 seconds (according to GTMetrix).

The site now gets a score of 96 on Google PageSpeed Insights and loads within 1.5 second on desktop devices.

Our team and Catie have been very satisfied with the site’s conversion rate and page speed increases, but we still believe improvements can be made. One way we have suggested is to completely redesign the keepyourclearance.com website. With Catie busy growing her practice, we have set the new design plans forward to 2020. We will keep you posted.

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