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Millionairium - Making You The Next Million Dollars! Millionairium - Making You The Next Million Dollars!

Stop Paying for SEO Until You See Results!

Results Based SEO Is Here for You!

We’ve been in the SEO industry for the past 15 years and have helped many clients improve their results. Now, we’re offering to help you improve your results without any risk to you. You won’t pay anything until you see your ranks improve. Simple.

Here is a story on how we helped a plastic surgery practice dominate its market!

Keywords List

We will compile a comprehensive list of your important keywords that will drive the most traffic to your site. The number of keywords on this list varies between 30-600 and depends on your business and markets you’re targeting.

You Can Choose Your Own Keywords

If for any reasons you don’t like our list or if you want to modify it, we work with the list you provide us.

Ranking Report

Once your keywords list is ready, our team will prepare a ranking report for you to show you how your site is ranking when these keywords are searched for.

For a sample list of keywords and a ranking report, click here.

Visibility Score

The ranking report system uses a unique method to give your site a visibility score on Google.

To calculate the Visibility score, AWR Cloud assigns a number of points to each of the first 30 positions, as follows:

Position 1 = 30 points
Position 2 = 29 points
Position 30 = 1 point

Positions below 30 have 0 points.

The Visibility score is the sum of the points given to the URL by Google. So, for a ranking report that has four keywords listed at positions 1, 10, 25, and 32, the points are calculated as follows:

Position 1 = 30 points
Position 10 = 21 points
Position 25 = 4 points
Position 32 = 0 points

The Visibility score is 55 points.

Visibility percentage
The Visibility percentage is calculated by dividing the visibility score by the total possible visibility points.

vis.score / (30 x no. of keywords) = vis. percentage

In the example above, our possible visibility score is:

30 x 4 = 120

So, the visibility percent is:

55 / 120 = 46%

Improving Your Visibility Percent

Our goal in the project is to improve the visibility percent and that’s how we get paid. For each percentage point we improve your visibility, we charge you a small monthly fee. The fee we charge per percentage point is different for each project and is decided upon when we sign the agreement.

Pay Only When Your Results Are Steady

Google has fluctuations and your rankings may improve for a few days and then drop and then improve again. So, we keep tracking your site’s rankings on a weekly basis and, once we reach a steady level of improvement in a whole month, you’ll pay the fee associated with the higher rankings for that month.

For instance, let’s assume our agreement is for you to pay $50 per month per percentage point increase. Your site’s starting visibility percent is 46% (example above). After we work on your site, we get the following visibility percent in our weekly reports:

Week One: 48%
Week Two: 47%
Week Three: 49%
Week Four: 50%

Since our steady improvements for this month was above 47%, your monthly bill will be $50 (for 1% improvements). Next month, you get the following visibility percent:

Week One: 52%
Week Two: 54%
Week Three: 54%
Week Four: 56%

Now, the steady improvement has been above 52%. So you’ll pay for the six percent improvements we’ve made and your bill will be $300.

You Get Charged Only After You See Results

The above payment system allows you to pay our fees AFTER your results have improved and your traffic has increased AND you’ve made more sales directly related to our SEO work.

You Can Decide Your Maximum Monthly Fee!

Most clients want us to improve their results as much as possible since they only pay for improved Google rankings. And they realize the higher they rank on Google, the more clients they get. But if you want us to keep your rankings at a certain level so you won’t go beyond a certain dollar amount per month, just let us know and we’ll make it happen!

Your Results Are Measured by Google’s Standards

Google receives about 80% of the search results from the Web. And once we rank you well on Google, you’ll also rank better on other search engines.

White-Hat SEO Only

We do not engage in any black-hat or gray-hat SEO practices. In everything we do, we follow Google SEO guidelines. Therefore, no matter how many times Google updates its algorithm, your rankings will not drop significantly.

You See Results Fast

Most of the clients we sign up see an increase in their site’s visibility percent within the first two months. These improvements get better over time.

Constant Improvements

Every month, we try to improve your results. In most cases, improvements continue for about a year into the project – and sometimes more. The best results are achieved within 18 months into each project.

No Long-Term Contracts

Since we want you to be a happy customer all the time, we will never lock you into any long-term contracts. If you feel our program is not right for you and you want to move on, simply let us know 30-days in advance. We will cancel your agreement and return your site – no questions asked.

Referral Fees

We offer a 10% discount for your project for each client you introduce to us after seeing your successful results.

White-Label SEO

If you’re an SEO agency, we will be happy to work on your projects on your behalf. Your clients will be happy, you’ll make a profit, and you won’t have to do any of the work. It’s a Win-Win-Win situation.

We Rank on Google Organically

We walk the walk and get our own site ranked on Google as well.

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