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Businesses We Have Successfully Served

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BusinessCost/Lead $
Auto Glass18
Auto Repair18
Auto Sale (New)48
Auto Sale (Used)28
Business Consulting (Corporate)110
Contractors (Concrete)72
Contractors (Fence)50
Credit Repair19
Electrician (Residential)24
Electrician (Commercial)75
Eye Care28
Garage Door60
Hair/Nail Salon9
Interior Design35
IT (Computer/Cellphone Repair)9
IT (Corporate)90
Lawyer (security clearance)72
Lawyers (family mediation)72
Lawyers (family, criminal)98
Lawyers (personal injury)200
Pest Control24
Plastic Surgeons75
Psychic Reading10
Scuba School60
Security Gaurd50
Storage Facility24
Taxi/Airport Transfer/Limo15
Urgent Care30
Window Tinting15

Businesses We Do Not Serve

  • National/International
  • Porn
  • E-commerce
  • Gambling
  • Loans/Financial/Banks/Credit Cards
  • Charities
  • Musicians
  • Real Estate
  • Hotels
  • Cleaning Services

How Our Pricing Structure Works for Pay-Per-Lead SEO

When you want more leads, and to grow your business, pay-per-lead SEO is the service to choose. With this affordable and convenient new program, you only pay for the legitimate leads that contact your business. Telemarketers and errant phone calls don’t count. Same with your family, friends, current clients or referrals.

We’re only interested in real new leads. When those leads contact you with our efforts, those are the only leads you’ll pay for.

You Have the Final Say

Our CRM allows our team to monitor your leads and approve the legitimate leads. You also have a chance to review the leads and disapprove any leads that our team has selected as legitimate. In that case, we will contact you to clarify the situation. But rest assured that you will have the final say for which leads you’ll pay for.

CRM Screenshot Pay-Per-Lead

Your Fees Increase as Your Business Scales

Pay-Per-Lead SEO is designed to increase your SEO fees as your business grows. With only legitimate leads calling or emailing, and with you only getting charged when interested prospects call or email, you’ll have at your disposal an easy and affordable SEO system customized for your exact needs.

What’s the Difference Between Our Program, Google Guarantee and HomeAdvisor.com?

These are the other two popular pay-per-lead programs for small businesses. Here are some of the differences:


  • The ads we send you are coming from your site. That means the caller already knows about you and has built a trust with your brand. When they call, they’re a warm lead. With HomeAdvisor.com leads, you have no rapport with the prospect.
  • With HomeAdvisor.com, you pay for leads that are shared between you and your other competitors. By the time you call the prospect, they’ve already been contacted by someone else or they will be before you have the chance to sign them up. On the other hand, the leads we send you are exclusive to you.
  • Their pricing is higher than ours per lead for leads that are shared. They offer exclusive leads for a premium price.

Google Guarantee

  • The cost per lead is much higher than the leads we send you.
  • They charge you for any calls. If the caller is not a new lead, then you can dispute it with them. Our platform allows you to unapprove the calls that are not new leads and we won’t charge you for them.
  • Their platform is new and not many people are using them. Once more people start using it, the cost per lead will go higher.

Start Increasing Your Google Visibility at No Charge

All of our pay-per-lead clients start at ZERO DOLLARS. Even though we haven’t collected any fees from you, we will still get right to work. Because your fees only increase when you get contacted by legitimate leads, our team remains motivated to produce results for you as fast as possible. If you don’t get leads, our team doesn’t get paid, period. That’s how SEO should be.

We Build You A Brand New Site (Optional)

That’s right. If you qualify as a customer, we start by building a brand new custom-designed site for your business at no cost to you. We do this to increase the likelihood that your site ranks on Google and it converts visitors into leads.

One feature of these sites is that they’re lightning fast.

Of course, we ask for your input and approval for every process of the way to build your new site.

The time-frame to build the new site depends on your cooperation and how busy we are. But usually, it takes between 30-45 days to be completed.

Ask us to send you samples of the sites we’ve built for our customers.

Don’t See Your Industry?

If you don’t see your field listed above, contact us and we’ll provide you with a prompt quote.

Pay-Per-Lead SEO – The Easy Way to Grow Your Business

It’s a great day to grow your business. Sign up today and one of our representatives will contact you to answer your questions.