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Why You Should Jump on the Social Media Bandwagon

BOULDER, COLORADO – One thing is certain when it comes to Internet marketing- nothing stays the same.

Internet marketing continues to evolve and these days it seems to have settled- at least temporarily- into three primary areas: social media marketing, search engine marketing and search engine optimization.

Today we will discuss social media marketing, and we will cover the other two areas in two future articles. Social media is the term used to describe a variety of Web- and mobile-based tools designed for discussing and sharing information among users. It is becoming an increasingly powerful tool businesses can use to reach new clients, as well as build rapport with
current ones.

Social media really isn’t about media at all, wrote Brian Anthony Hernandez, a Business News Daily staff writer recently. It’s about relationships “and like a relationship, it takes heart, authenticity and work.”

There are myriad social media outlets, but as of this article’s writing, two have risen above the rest: Facebook and Twitter.

In a nutshell, you need to have a Facebook account and a fan page for your business, says Millionairium CEO Ali Husayni, a Google SEO expert.

“You need to encourage your friends to “like” the page, and you must post useful information, videos and photos to it on a regular basis,” says Husayni, who offers SEO consulting services.

Social media accomplishes several goals most businesses strive to achieve. Jonathan Richman outlines seven of them nicely on Dose of Digital in his “The Seven Uses of Social Media in Business- The 7 Cs” post. They are:

1. Communicating
2. Cause support/sponsorship
3. Contest
4. Consumer research
5. Connecting others
6. Customer service
7. Community building

“These are things businesses work on every day, and social media makes it quicker and easier to do these things,” Husayni says. “Lots of social media sites also have very detailed analytics available to assist businesses in determining ROI.”

Yes, businesses still gain customers through word of mouth and traditional advertising, but compared to what Google and social media have become, those methods are becoming less valuable, and traditional advertising has been less cost-effective for some time now.

Google is becoming more important as companies learn they must improve their organic SEO search results. Now more Internet marketing experts are considering what kind of role social media will play in the SEO services they offer in the future.

“Social Media definitely is increasing in usefulness,” Husayni says. “The rise of social media has prompted us to look into it deeper and consider if- and if so, how- we can help our clients use it to improve their site’s ranking in organic search results.”

Husayni says this isn’t uncharted territory, but it’s still new territory for Internet marketing experts and as social media grows and changes, it will be interesting to see how businesses are able to best use it to their benefit.

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