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Why Link Building Is Bad for SEO

Link Building - SEO

Image is the courtesy of www.nicestream.com.

If your site has ever been ranked at the top of Google for several important keywords, you know the excitement you felt. Finally, your business is about to boom, you may have thought. Then, something hit. No, it wasn’t a bus. It was a Google penalization, which can feel very much like getting hit by a bus.

My clients felt the same way the day Google released its infamous Penguin update in April of 2012.

A few years ago, backlinking – the practice of linking back from authority sites – was the backbone of Google SEO. Our team had at that time a list of 10,000+ sites that would give us free or paid backlinks that we could use to help our clients achieve higher Google rankings. In fact, the practice was so effective that we were able to get our customers’ sites ranked at the top of Google for many high-value keyword terms. Every single one of our clients was doing great and our company was profiting.

Then, Penguin update hit and everything changed almost overnight.

The First of Many Google Algorithm Upheavals

All of a sudden, Google decided that backlinking was no longer a best-practice. Not only that, but backlinking became outlawed completely by the search engine. No one at our company saw that coming. More than half of our clients got penalized by Google. Almost immediately, our clients and our company began to lose massive amounts of revenue.

The strange part was, we weren’t losing money because the links we built over many years were “bad.” The links we compiled were good, for both our company and our clients – or at least we thought so. Throughout that time, we remained vigilant to only gather links from legitimate sites. The sites we got links from included quality article sites, social profiles, prominent blogs, and prestigious schools, to name a few. The sites and links were legitimate. That is, until Google deemed otherwise.

I remember the day I came to the horrible realization, nearly four years ago, that I had built my SEO agency on a house of cards. No matter how hard we worked and how much we built, we would always be at Google’s mercy. It was a sinking feeling because I no longer possessed as much confidence in SEO as I had before and I couldn’t in good faith promise new customers that I could help them achieve higher Google rankings.  

It was a tough decision, but I quit SEO completely.

Many SEO’s Abandoned Ship

Turns out, I wasn’t alone. Many of my colleagues left the SEO world, as well, and most never returned. Luckily for my team and current family of clients, my quitting was only temporary. Even though I began looking for other jobs and businesses to start – I could never quell my entrepreneurial spirit, subconsciously, I was looking for ways to get back into the game.

However, I told myself that I would only come back on one condition: The SEO I practiced must be 100% risk-free for my clients.

SEO Best-Practices Continue to Evolve

For six months, I pondered my new approach to SEO, but I couldn’t figure out how to get clients to rank on Google without any risk.

Then, one day it came to me: if Google was penalizing sites for having backlinks (even seemingly legitimate ones), then how did it deem which sites stay on the first page of Google?

It was then that I had an epiphany: The sites that ranked highest had fewer or no backlinks. Of course!

With my new theory spurring me on, I conducted the proper research on the highest ranking sites and, as it turns out, my intuition was correct. Google SEO didn’t depend 100% on backlinks anymore. Many sites which were ranking well on Google didn’t have a strong backlink profile at all.

In hindsight, this seems obvious. But remember, Google never tells us how it ranks sites. The knowledge we have comes from market testing and information Google determines we should have. The rest we have to discover on our own, much like I did that day when I realized that backlinking was a dead-end to successful SEO.

I returned to the SEO world with the intention of helping sites rank prominently on Google without risk and without link-building.

A Newer and Better SEO Company

Three years later, my company – Millionairium – is emerging as a strong SEO company once more. And yes, we get our clients ranked on Google without building a single backlink.

How do we do it? Our approach is simple. Make your site loved by your site visitors. That’s it. We do that through excellent writing and tried-and-true (as well as ethical) SEO techniques, and our methods are working like a charm.

New Special: Only Pay for SEO Results!

With pay-per-lead Google SEO, you don’t pay anything up front. Instead, you only pay for results. And you only pay as long as your results are improving. That means that we first increase your site’s rankings on Google, your site’s traffic, your leads, your sales, and only then you pay us. Give us a call at +1(888) 951-2773 or press the Sign Up button at the top of the page and one of our representatives will be glad to assist you.

Why Link Building Is Bad for SEO was last modified: January 27th, 2019 by Ali Husayni