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Why Google Keeps Changing Search Rankings, and How Your Business Can Benefit

Google keeps changing, and this doesn’t make everyone happy. We’ve all heard the horror stories of a small business that lost big when it plummeted from a top of Google page ranking because of changes to Google search algorithms.

It’s easy for these “victims” to paint Google as the bad guy, but that’s not the case. How well a business fares in the competition for front-page ranking is usually tied to the practices of their SEO services provider.

One of Google’s ongoing goals is to thwart black-hat SEO practices that artificially boost the rankings of a site based on black-hat tricks, and at the same time reward credible sites that follow best SEO practices. In a post on the Google Webmaster Central Blog, the head of Google’s webspam team, Matt Cutts, provided this explanation:

“The goal of many of our ranking changes is to help searchers find sites that provide a great user experience and fulfill their information needs. We also want the ‘good guys’ making great sites for users – not just algorithms – to see their effort rewarded.”

Staying abreast of Google’s ever-changing search algorithms and “playing by the rules” is key to Millionairium’s ability to place their clients at or near the top of Google rankings and keep them there, says company CEO Ali Husayni.

“Google relies heavily on SEO professionals to prepare sites to be properly indexed, identified and ranked by its search algorithm,” he says. “They encourage white-hat SEO because when we do our job right, it makes theirs easier – and that makes the good information on the Web easier to locate.”

By contrast, companies that engage in black-hat SEO practices are constantly fighting an ever-losing battle, Husayni says.

“Google eventually catches up with them, and in the next algorithm update, they may lose their somewhat easily-earned ranks to the sites that have engaged in white-hat SEO only,” he says. “Because we follow only white-hat practices, our company doesn’t worry about these downgrades.”

One example of how the “good guys” win happened after a recent Google update, which moved Millionairium from the number six position to number two for an extremely competitive keyword: “best SEO.”

“Google downgraded some of our competitors who were involved in shady black- or gray-hat SEO practices,” Husayni says. “We just continued with our white-hat practices and eventually, we got ahead of the wolves.”

There is, of course, much more to high quality SEO work than good intentions.

“The devil is in the details,” Husayni says. “There are more than 200 criteria Google looks at when ranking a page.”

Among the many factors that can increase a site’s Google ranking is the proper optimization of well-written content, which involves such specifics as including headine tags, URL-structure, placing the right keywords within the article and talking about the article on your social media platforms, he says.

One positive phenomenon brought on by the ongoing evolution of the Google search algorithm is the increased value placed on quality content.

“Building sites that attract and retain visitors improves the experience and makes the Web a better place,” Husayni says. “Google is paying more attention to such practices.”

As a result, professional content development has become increasingly important in recent years. This includes not only text but also images and video.

“Another important emerging factor is social media indicators,” Husayni says, “namely Google Plus. If your Google profile is tied into your site, your author image will be placed next to the search results. This helps to both increase the click-through rate and enhance site ranking.”

And, last but not least are the quality back-links that make sites more popular.

“This remains Google’s number one factor in deciding what sites should rank at the top,” Husayni says.

With each new change, Google will continue to seek and penalize questionable back-link practices. This not only weeds out the junk, but also helps push the good guys to the top.


Why Google Keeps Changing Search Rankings, and How Your Business Can Benefit was last modified: July 18th, 2019 by Millionairium
  • Very true, but, \’grey hat\’ or \’slightly black hat\’ hosted on Blogspot is safe from this update.
    I\’ve seen many websites use spammy keywords on their posts but they stay on top of Google. This is sad. Truly unfair.

    depok 6 years ago
  • Google updates are bad for black hat SEO. Thanks for this post.

    Sandeep Kumar 6 years ago
  • The change to Google\’s algorithms is aimed at helping websites with unique content and information rank higher. Good job! Thank you so much for sharing your views

    Arndt Kendall 6 years ago
  • Great info Pierce, spot on :). Our original company website was hit by any update google threw out last year – and rankings for the term – \’limo hire\’ had disappeared. It was a long process but following Google guidelines – the website is no rising slowly but surely – for all its areas – i.e. limo hire rugby.

    Luckily I created another website last March – and this website is on page 2 for the term – limo hire. This is a much fresher website – table free – built with html/css and Google loves it 🙂

    Anonymous 6 years ago
  • @Ramesh Patil
    Yes it happens sometimes, but you there is always a reason and you have to figure it out 😀

    behzad 6 years ago
  • Google always accepts only white hat SEO techniques to get back links and keep PR on top. Thanks for sharing such useful stuff and we would like to have more interesting posts from you.

    Michael Gocia 6 years ago
  • Apart from Google updates, I have seen many website ranking well on Google and unable to understand the reason behind it.

    Ramesh Patil 6 years ago
  • Sometimes black-hat SEO helps client to get ranks at the beginning but after a while they will face the consequences. One of the usual techniques in black-hat SEO is submitting to network directories which can lead to getting banned from Google forever.

    Behzad Jamarani 6 years ago
  • Using evergreen content will help to get a good response in search engines, and social media plays an important role as far as SEO is concerned.

    Ginger Crisshere 6 years ago
  • Google always loves white-hat SEO techniques. With this you can get lots of quality back-links. It’s true that it takes lots of time to rank a website.

    Anonymous 6 years ago
  • Thanks for this post, most of the time people use black-hat tricks to get ranked well in search engines and to control spam techniques.

    Rahul Mane 6 years ago
  • Very interesting post… Yes, Google loves good and high quality content. We need to pay attention to it. Proper keyword selection, URL-structure and tags are necessary for getting visibility on the top of Google. By promoting our services in social media we can get quality back-links.

    Hemanth Malli 6 years ago
  • This is the hot issue in the SEO industry and everyone is upset from this situation and trying to figure out how we can get good ranking positions in SERP. In this scenario your points are very worthy and effective to learn about the technicalities of search engine ranking positions and how we can benefits from it.

    Anonymous 6 years ago
  • Google always loves white-hat SEO techniques. With this you can get lots of quality back-links. It\’s true that it takes lots of time to rank a website but its a good technique. Googles ever-changing search algorithms affect the ranking of the website but it\’s good to keep yourself updated.

    Anonymous 6 years ago
  • Thanks for the information, I hope to get more information from Millionairium. I think I need to do more work on my business website.

    Mark Tran 6 years ago