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What is Keyword Density?

Updated October 19, 2019. Ask about our Pay-Per-Lead SEO program by calling or clicking the link above. 

Keyword Density is an SEO term that represents the ratio of times a particular keyword or keyword phrase has been used in the writing, compared to the whole document. In other words, it tells you how frequent a keyword is stated in the writing.

What is Keyword Density

Keyword Density Definition by Amin Vanda

In the late ‘90s, keyword density was the main criteria search engines used to assess relevancy. The higher the keyword density meant the more the relevancy, up to a certain level (about 7 percent was the red line of search engine spamming).

But today, keyword density is just one of the side factors of relevancy measurement along with anchor text linking, domain’s age, popularity, visitors’ count, etc.

Although spamming is not totally defected by search engines, SEO experts often glance at keyword density to avoid over-optimization (keyword-stuffing) of their publications. Most of the article sites have a certain threshold of keyword density to announce an article as promotional, which neither search engines nor SEO companies like.


How Different Google and Yahoo Treat Keyword Density
Based on research presented on goRank.com, by comparing the results of more than 2000 keywords, the following secrets were revealed:

  • Yahoo has more of a tendency for more words in a page
  • Google and Yahoo have almost equal sensitivity to the page title’s keyword density
  • Yahoo prefers less link text words and more keyword occurrence, compared to Google
  • Other page elements, such as meta description, meta keywords and H1 tags played the same role for both search engines

How Do I Measure a Key Phrase’s Density?

Using the famous keyword density formula (keyword occurrence ÷ total words x 100 percent), you can determine the percentage of a certain keyword’s density, but today there are some cool prefab SEO tools for this, called Keyword Density Tools, that enable you to measure a certain web page’s keyword frequency or abundance. Some of these tools depict the results by a list of mostly used keywords and some others show a keyword cloud. WordPress especially presents a plug-in  for your WordPress blogs for illustration of the keywords or tags cloud. This cloud consists of a mass of tiny and giant keywords where bigger words represent higher density.

What Do I Do to Decrease a Keyword’s Density?

Headings, repeated, bolded and italic words in a text will be counted as important by search engines. So a highly styled, excessively keyword-stuffed document is more likely to be punished by the search engines by dropping in page rank. You should never use excessive styling to highlight a keyword for search engines or readers. If your document shows a high frequency of a certain keyword, you can either use other forms of the word, or use its synonyms to decrease the frequency.

Note that excessively keyword-condensed documents will sound unreasonable when read by a real human and thus losing traffic will be minimum of the consequences of this malpractice, so keeping the keyword density between 3 to 7 percent by the optimizer will make it easy to use for Web users and search engines, and consequently result in better page ranking.

What is Keyword Density? was last modified: October 19th, 2019 by Ali Husayni
  • Great post about keyword density!

    Selina 9 years ago
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    Antonella 9 years ago
  • @Dushyant
    You\’re welcome amigo! In fact, keyword density shows if a particular webpage is suitable for a certain keyword or not. That\’s the only way Google, Yahoo and Bing can assess the content of a page and relate to certain keywords. Glad you found it useful.

    Amin Vanda 10 years ago
  • keyword density is one the major criteria to search up in the google..it is one of the best way for optimization, and i am really glad to see such an informative post regarding SEO! Keep sharing..thanks

    Dushyant 10 years ago
  • Keyword density is the percentage of times a keyword or phrase appears on a web page compared to the total number of words on the page. In the context of search engine optimization keyword density can be used as a factor in determining whether a web page is relevant to a specified keyword or keyword phrase.

    Anonymous 10 years ago
  • I think keyword density have strong place in SEO. you must don\’t write your content with a high keyword density in mind or it will sound unnatural. Google is on the lookout for keyword stuffing. Keyword Density is most important part in SEO.

    Anonymous 10 years ago
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  • \”Headings, repeated, bolded and italic words in a text will be counted as important by search engines.\” interesting I didn\’t know that search engine would care about italic or bolded words. Thank you.

    Behzad Jam 10 years ago
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  • @ Maryam, I am one way with you, but what about the opinion @ Amin is a natural way, can you please tell me, .. and how long it took us to get those keywords in a natural way it is, ..

    Rahman 10 years ago
  • @Maryam Yes, styling is no less important than link building in the eyes of search engines.

    Amin 10 years ago
  • @Rahman No, Rahman! Because if there was a \”certain\” way for placing your keywords, spammers would stuff it and Google would stop it. (:

    The best way is the natural way.

    Amin 10 years ago
  • keyword is the soul of a website and articles, keep it on and your website will be the #1

    Dane Domain 10 years ago
  • \”Avoid over styling the content\”, very useful and useful tools are introduced. However i don\’t like Keyword Cloud idea, it\’s very messy and can\’t give an accurate picture. Great info, thanks for sharing.

    Maryam 10 years ago
  • Actually I still lay in the Internet world, especially on Website, Blog, and others, the more I do not always understand how to measure the viscosity of the keywords on the web or in our blog, is there a formula for concocting a keyword that we want to highlight , to be more friendly with SEO .. thank you

    Rahman 10 years ago
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