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Using YouTube Effectively: Video SEO Explained

ORANGE, CA — Every small business knows that search engine optimization is an indispensable tool for online visibility, yet many businesses continue to neglect one of the most important aspects of increasing SEO: videos.

But it’s time to face the facts: with over two billion videos watched on YouTube each day, video SEO is a subject that can no longer be ignored. Increasingly, SEO experts agree that a focus on online videos does wonders to increase site traffic.

“A video result in position 4 or 5 may get a better CTR [click-through rate] than a non-video result in position 2 or 3,” claims Dave Holland, co-founder of Smart Video, a SEO provider specializing in video optimization. A thumbnail of the video next to your Google search result instantly draws the eye of the viewer, enticing them to make that ‘click.’

And is it any wonder that, in today’s YouTube age, people are eager for video results? Every inquiry, from how to make chocolate cake, to how to turn your furnace pilot light on, has been converted to short, easy-to-read snippets. For literally every type of business, there are relevant video companions that can be embedded into your website. Are you a local veterinarian? Try featuring an adorable pet video on your site. After all, nothing draws an online crowd quicker than cute cats.

But do not just rely on linking to someone’s work. The best way to maximize your social media marketing and video SEO is to produce original content. Create a YouTube page and start uploading! Check out YouTube’s tips on how to make a great first impression for your channel. Video searches will increase YouTube page hits, which will then lead viewers straight to your homepage.

Though building a YouTube business channel is relatively simple, not everyone has the time or know-how to operate the site themselves—let alone actually produce the videos. This is why companies that specialize in SMM and SEO are vital assets to small business success. Along with Twitter, Facebook and the usual social media suspects, a user-friendly, informative YouTube channel creates the exposure necessary to remain on the surface-level amidst a sea of Google search results, instead of drowning on page 100.

With that extra online marketing money your company has saved up, you can follow the example of Best Buy, T-Mobile and Hot Wheels, who hired video content professionals to make their YouTube videos for them. Think hip, clever viral video meets online commercial, funneling thousands of viewers to company sites—successful Internet marketing in the hands of experts for less than the price of a billboard!

Perhaps the greatest advantage to creating original videos is the opportunity to go viral and all the fame that comes along with it. You may not recognize the name Tom Dickson, but if you’ve ever wondered whether that iPad you’re holding will blend, he is the only guy in the world to ask.

Going viral is rare, but you don’t need 20 million hits to be successful; video content always helps brand recognition and business credibility. Consistently uploading videos, acquiring a loyal fan base and placing expert talent at the helm will increase the traffic, integrity and ultimately the bottom line of any business.

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Using YouTube Effectively: Video SEO Explained was last modified: July 18th, 2019 by Amin Vanda