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Top Four Reasons People Are Reluctant To Spend Money for SEO

TAMPA, FLORIDA—Almost every person seeking search engine optimization services with Millionairium is initially skeptical and reluctant to invest—a trend that Ali Husayni says has stayed the same since he joined the industry in 2004.

“Many businesses see their competition ranking better than them, but they’ve tried SEO a couple of times and it’s failed,” he says. “So they often abandon the whole project, thinking no one can get them there.”

Husayni has built his top SEO business by convincing those skeptics to give him a chance to get them there, delivering on his promises and converting them into long-term clients.

Husayni provides professional SEO and website services, including optimization, inbound-link building, Google+ SEO and keywords analysis. He hears the same anti-SEO objections over and over again and has developed a retort for each one.

SEO Is Relevant For Every Business
A lot of small business owners do not see the value of SEO and make the mistake of assuming that it does not matter for their business.

“Americans performed 15.5 billion searches in 2010, and around 80 percent of customers research a product or service before making a purchase,” Husayni says, whose free SEO services include a site analysis. “So it doesn’t matter if you are offering dog grooming services, consulting or selling exotic cars, you want potential clients to be able to find you.”

As one illustration of SEO’s relevance, he says being found at the top of Google search results in the orthodontic field, depending on location, can increase yearly income $50,000 to $300,000.

SEO Produces Results…Over Time
Another objection Husayni hears repeatedly is that SEO does not produce results because they worked with an SEO company for six weeks and there was no change in the search engine results.

“If people expect huge results in a very short period of time, they are bound to be disappointed,” he says. “Search engine optimization is an ongoing process that takes time, especially if the website has been in trouble for bad SEO practices in the past.”

While some clients see results quicker, significant results take around three to nine months, although that is influenced by the client market and strength and the client’s background, according to Saeed Khosravi, the operational manager at Millionairium.

Husayni gets his clients to the top search engine results though, and he fully guarantees his work.

Here is what one of Millionairium clients, Paul Kariniemi, a co-owner of Retrofoam of Arizona says about his experience: “With all the used car sales types out their pushing SEO on business owners, I must say it’s been refreshing to deal with true SEO professionals who deliver real, quantifiable results.”

Return On Investment Is Significant
Some people look at search engine results page rank to gauge whether the SEO is working, while others attempt to measure the return on investment in other ways, wrongly concluding that the investment does not pay off.

“We can precisely measure the increase in site traffic within the time the client signs up for SEO,” says Husayni, who shares free website optimization tips on his blog. “The bottom line is higher ranks on Google result in more targeted traffic which translates to more sales.”

Millionairium provides clients with weekly ranking reports as one tool to track changes in keyword ranking on Google and other search engines. With the correct system in place, businesses can measure their campaign success based on the sales calls they generate from the Internet. SEO by far has the best ROI compared to other forms of advertisement.

Eagan, MN orthodontist Jennifer Eisenhuth had been with two SEO companies prior to Millionairium and neither company could get her practice past page two of Google search results. After signing up with Husayni, she saw new patient exams from the Internet go up 500 percent from year to year, with new patient revenue from Internet case startups more than 400 percent during the same time frame.

Not Every SEO Company Over Promises And Under Delivers
One of the biggest obstacles to signing up new clients is that they have usually had bad experiences with other SEO companies before coming to Millionairium. Some of them might have fallen prey to black hat SEO, techniques that exploit SEO Google guidelines and bring harsh penalties from search engines when discovered.

Two examples of these bad techniques are keyword stuffing and link farming. Keyword stuffing is creating content consisting of keywords and nothing else, no relevant content or meaningful text. Link farms are sites that sell businesses link space. These pages often have no real content and contain hundreds or thousands of links to other sites that are totally unrelated.

“I understand that a lot of business owners have been burned by SEO companies before, which is why I show them similar businesses in similar markets that we have helped,” says Husayni. “Then, I ask them to contact those people and hear for themselves what we did for them.”

Matthew Smillie, who owns Aruba Villa Vacation Homes, says other SEO companies let him down but that Millionairium did what they said they would. “I highly recommend Ali Husayni’s company,” he says on the testimonials page on the Millionairium website.

Husayni offers a free SEO consultation to people who are interested in finding out how they can SEO their site. Even though the testimonials alone practically sell his services, Husayni also offers clients a 100 percent money-back guarantee if he does not deliver on the results he promised.

Top Four Reasons People Are Reluctant To Spend Money for SEO was last modified: July 18th, 2019 by Millionairium
  • SEO is an endless process. Anyway, thanks for this posting. Keep it up.

    Morle Evan 8 years ago
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    Paul Williams Ramirez 8 years ago
  • The goal of small business SEO strategy is to build links to the site in such a way that it brings in targeted profitable traffic that will convert into a sale.

    Seo Expert 8 years ago
  • Thanks for sharing because I am also working on SEO and I had some confusion, which you cleared up. So thank you.

    Monika 8 years ago
  • Thanks for sharing the information.
    Especially small affiliate business owners like me are worried about ROI. So, they hesitate to invest in SEO.

    Vasant 8 years ago
  • GREAT! thanks for sharing because I am also working on seo and i had some confusion which are cleared by this.thank you

    Fahim 8 years ago
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    Kishore Jamwal 8 years ago
  • thanks for the information….

    this is same happening with me…. as i have tried few seo companies in Delhi itself…

    but i am not even getting 5% of what i have invested ….

    different businesses there is different seo.. as what i suppose for travel industry competition is very tough…thus required an efficient and experienced seo company especially dealing with travel seo…

    if anyone you knows in India please advise the same…

    arun jaswal 8 years ago
  • SEO transforms businesses! You are not serious unless you are investing in SEO either inhouse or outsourcing.

    Alex Nottingham 8 years ago