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The Importance of Blog Comments: The SEO Value Debate

SANTA MONICA – To allow blog comments, or not to allow blog comments… that is the question for many bloggers, this one included. While a blog is a great place to send ideas out into the world, the subject of exactly what we expect to get back from it is one that is constantly being discussed, especially when it comes to moderating blog comments. So, the question is this: do blog comments have SEO value?

I am not the first person to investigate this issue. The picture above, “Paper Blogs”, by Bookwyrmish, was featured in a recent post on the same subject, by Alexander B. Howard, the Government 2.0 Correspondent for O’Reilly Media. Howard cited two different experts arguing two sides of the issue. One argued that it was a waste of time, while the other said that he enjoyed interacting with customers, but Howard took the time to emphasize his own valid opinion that a blog should be a chance to build a community, not just to preach, which is why comments are so important.

“From where I sit tonight, whether you choose to have comments or not speaks to whether you want to create an online community,” Howard says. “which requires a human’s touch to manage and moderate, or to simply publish your thoughts publicly online, without making the necessary commitment of time and patience.”

Ali Husayni, the CEO of the SEO service company, Millionairium, agrees with the need for a quality blog with equally as useful comments. Without an interactive base, readers have no reason to read and comment on your posts, and that will leave you link-less, without the SEO opportunities that every business needs.

“You cannot just sit and wait for others to link their sites to yours,” Husayni says. “That simply won’t happen. In a world where there are thousands of new sites built everyday, your prospective site visitors have no way of finding you to read your content [without search engine optimization].”

As for just how often to moderate your comments and how many posts you need to put up per week, consider these things to be a part of your overall marketing efforts. Stay white hat with these for optimal SEO. What exactly is white hat marketing? It includes quality content, site optimization, guest blogging, internal linking, and more. In our recent post, we defined white hat marketing and compared it to other practices. Check it out: Best SEO Practices: Black Hat vs. White Hat Techniques and the Gray Hat Area.

The Importance of Blog Comments: The SEO Value Debate was last modified: September 11th, 2018 by Millionairium
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    stlouis 8 months ago
  • Great article as I am setting up my own blog at the moment

    Ciara 0 Donnell 6 years ago
  • Thanks you so much for sharing such amazing content related to the SEO field. This post shows that comments in SEO is the most important element in SEO, but it does not mean that other elements in SEO like directory postings have no value. Can you share a post related to other SEO elements?

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  • Is blog commenting really effective then any other link building strategies? Other people said that it\’s a total waste of time, but I\’ve read once in a blog that it\’s one of the most effective ways to generate traffic to your site.

    NickMiller 7 years ago
  • Comments on the blog are appropriate channel for communication, not only with customers but also with competitors. In the end it is still up to you whether you enable or delete the comment 😉

  • I love to read blogs. I just love to read the comments. i do agree the content has to be good. I do fear the the whol social media thing / blogging is a ticking bombin some way. How far does it go , how much more can we take.

    DAVID LAVERY 7 years ago
  • Good white hat will always hold up, no matter what Google does to their algorithm. The internet is still in its wild west stages at this point. To make it less wild, it\’s up to the search engines to provide quality, RELIABLE content and information for its users, and that is where good white hat comes into play. It\’s a simple equation… quality content (written by good writers who know what they are talking about), fast loading sites (written by coders who know what they are doing) and effective link-building (again, done by SEO agents that know what they are doing) are strategies that work. The only thing is that it takes TIME, and that is something that not a lot of business owners want to accept, which is why PPC is so popular, and why so many companies are getting ripped off by non-producing PPC campaigns that have been put together by internet marketing experts but, I guess that\’s a whole other story. Ultimately, Rome (much like any good business) wasn\’t built in a day.

    Gemma 7 years ago
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    Simon Fransen 7 years ago