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The Best Free and Paid Directory Submission Sites List

Updated October 19, 2019. We no longer support link building. Ask about our Pay-Per-Lead SEO program by calling or clicking the link above. 

Are you looking for the best list of directories where you could submit your site for building links and ranking high in SERPs?

If indeed you are, this is the place to be!

Creation of a business website needs the investment of both time and money. But all this effort will go to waste if your site can’t rank well. You can increase the visibility of your site through an array of search engine optimization techniques. Adding your site’s link to online directories is the first step you should take in boosting link popularity and, therefore, search engine rankings. My research team spent hours testing hundreds of directories and prepared this list so our subscribers can easily find and submit their sites to the best directories on the web.

For your convenience, here is the Excel file for your download: Best Directory-List for Back-Links.

If the download is complete, go ahead and bookmark this page for your future references. Also, you can place a link pointing back to this page on your site so that your friends can benefit from this list as well.

     URLPR   Price options           Published time
     dmoz.org8   free           more than 6 month
     dir.yahoo.com7   free           more than 6 month
     joeant.com6   $39.99           2 days
     operationuplink.org6   free -$9.9           1 day for paid
     botw.org6  $149 1year           2 days
     dirscorpio.com6   $28           2 days
     linkspocket.com6   $28           2 days
     aussi.org6   $35           2 days
     abilogic.com5   $15           2 days
     directoryworld.net5   $29.95           2 days
     theredtree.com5   $8           2 days
     skoobe.biz5   free-$15.90           2 days for paid
     hrwebdir.org4   $9.95           2 days
     prolinkdirectory.com4   free-$19           3 days for paid
     directoryvault.com4   $3.9 lifetime           2 days for paid
     viesearch.com4   free-$5           2 days for paid
     mygreencorner.com4   $19           2 days
     digabusiness.com4   free-$19           3-4 days for paid
     askmatrix.com4   free-$5.99           3 days for paid
     cyborginfo.com4   $5.35           2days
     allthelook.com4   $10.95           1 week
     koroglutv.com4   $4.99           2 days
     xennobb.com4   $4.99           2 days
     domaining.in4   $7.99           2 days
     alistsites.com4   $3.99           2 days
     ctapda.com3   $4           2 days
     bahiacar.com3   free-$10 lifetime           2 days for paid
     piseries.com3   free-$10.90           2 days for paid
     directorydice.com3   $12.95 lifetime           3 days
     indexking.net3   $5.99           2-3 days
     474.sytes.net3   $5           2 days
     callbuster.net3   free-$4           2 days for paid
     elitesitesdirectory.com3   free-$3           3 days for paid
     alive-directory.com3   free           1 day
     italywebdirectory.net2   $4           2 days
     fourseek.com2   $9.95           3-4 days
     addgoodsites.com2   free           1 day
     interesting-dir.com2   free           1 day
     jayde.com2   free           2 month
     bing-directory.com1   free           1 day
     upsdirectory.com1   free           1 day


Now that you have this list of best directories by your side, what’s the plan? First of all, create a list of all those keywords for which you are looking to rank your site. If you already have it figured out, you are all set to move ahead.

Open the directory link in your browser, and navigate to the category that is a best match for your site. If you can’t find an exact match, pick the closest one. Then, look for the ‘Submit URL’ link. One good piece of advice is to use browsers like Firefox or Chrome. This will help you save the entered information, and therefore, speeds up the process of submission to directories for you.

And yes, don’t forget to interchange your titles and descriptions so that your submissions don’t look like spam. Little variations will lend uniqueness to your site information, thereby increasing your chances to rank better.

Last but definitely not the least, use an email address that matches your domain name so that your listing looks credible.

Happy link building!

The Best Free and Paid Directory Submission Sites List was last modified: October 19th, 2019 by Ali Husayni
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