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The Benefits of Guest Blogging to Achieve Guaranteed SEO

TAMPA, FLORIDA – SEO isn’t just about spiders, scutters and robots crawling your website to determine if you’re worthy of a high search engine ranking. The human side of SEO depends on real people reading and recommending content. The growing trend in guest blogging is a step in the right direction; it’s the “I’d like to introduce you to my friend” of SEO marketing.

Any time a blog publishes an article written by someone not associated with the website that person is a guest blogger.

Guest blogging encourages writers to create unique, high-quality content that will benefit the host blog by giving their readers an additional perspective that meets their needs. When you succeed at getting a guest post in front of the right audience, you are rewarded with increased attention to your own website through an active link placed in the article.

How Guest Blogging Fits into Search Engine Optimization Marketing
Search engines rank websites largely based on frequency of references to that website and visits by real people. Guest blogging increases visits by real people, naturally raising your SEO.

People traditionally seek information through sources they trust. With so much variety in the information available online, connecting with an audience that appreciates your perspective and writing is the goal of any SEO marketing campaign.

Content-based SEO marketing takes a lot of time and skill because it requires the ongoing creation of new and relevant content. You could post 10 great articles on your blog you feel address your target audience’s needs, but if you’re still building traffic to your website the right readers may have trouble finding you. Guest blogging is an opportunity to put your best content right in front of the exact audience you wish was already flowing to your website.

“Building high-quality links is one of the trickiest elements of effective SEO,” said Sonia Simone, co-founder and CMO of Copyblogger Media. “Guest posting allows you to get a relevant, natural link, using the anchor text of your choice, on a website that has excellent search engine authority.”

According to Google Webmaster Tools, when a website links back to yours, Google sees this as a vote for your website’s importance and relevance for certain keywords. Guest blogging on a page that ranks high on search engine results gives more weight to the link sending readers to your own website and boosts your SEO.

The complicated and ever-changing rules of SEO can make using SEO software seem like the safest way to improve your ranking. Advertisements from SEO software companies pull you in with the promise that their products will easily and automatically handle the tedious tasks needed for strong SEO such as tracking search engine rankings and link building tools.

SEO is Art
Even with the best SEO software, you have to trust that the techniques used are current. The problem is that the rules of SEO are always changing. A website that stands the test of time is built around the idea that high search engine rankings result from providing quality content your target audience can easily find.

Creative strategies like guest blogging offer guaranteed SEO with benefits over the long term, organically. If you could simply use SEO software to automatically get better rankings, there would be no need to focus on creating engaging content geared to your target audience.

“We do not believe any SEO software can tremendously help your SEO efforts,” said Ali Husayni, CEO of Millionairium. “SEO is an art and any sort of art cannot be confined into software.”

When search engines like Google notice a lot of traffic coming to your website from an active link you placed in your guest post, you are seen as more of an authority on that topic which boosts your ranking. This guaranteed SEO strategy works so well because it’s audience-driven. When you find an article you love, wanting to explore more of what that writer has to offer is the natural response.

Tips on How to Attract More Readers with a Great Guest Blog Post
Leo Babauta created his blog, Zen Habits, in 2007 and in just two years he had one of the most popular blogs in the world with more than 260,000 subscribers. This got the attention of Time magazine, which included Zen Habits in their list of Top 25 Blogs of 2009 and 2010. Contributing a lot of guest blog posts to popular websites like Copyblogger and Get Rich Slowly is one of the main ways Babauta skyrocketed the number of subscribers on his blog.

Here are some techniques used by successful guest bloggers like Babauta to attract more readers:

  • Spend time reading the blog you want to write a guest post for. This will help you get familiar with the writing style, keywords and topics so your article fits the theme of the host blog while providing a fresh perspective.
  • Research your topic’s keywords on websites like Google AdWords. Focus on key phrases in your article that fit what your target audience is actually searching for.
  • Make sure your guest blog article is clear and easy for readers to scan through with features like bulleted lists. A catchy headline that includes the main keyword of your article also helps attract readers to your post.

Guest blogging gets to the heart of what a great SEO campaign is all about. As a trust-based networking tool, it’s a great way to show off helpful content to the audience you want to attract and provides a sense of personal connection with your readers.


The Benefits of Guest Blogging to Achieve Guaranteed SEO was last modified: July 18th, 2019 by Millionairium
  • lol, @Johnny 😀 Well I also request you to provide some tips to find a quality website for guest posting. This post is really very awesome! Some people say Google will soon start ignoring links from guest posts, I think it is not true as Google always welcomes quality links!

    M. Rameez Ul Haq 6 years ago
  • This article will be more perfect if you list some of your best choices for guest blogging sites. 😀

    Johnny 6 years ago
  • I started guest posting and I got good results for my site because guest posting gives quality backlinks and huge traffic to the site. Thanks for a good article.

    Khan 6 years ago
  • Awesome article, guest posting has a lot of benefits. I can say it has 3 or more benefit as you mentioned above, which is back-links, traffic and exposure which we require the most to keep our blog healthy but it is required to submit a post to related blogs if you want the maximum benefit of guest posting.
    Keep it up please 🙂

    zay howard 6 years ago
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  • I started guest posting after the Google penguin update and I got good results for my site because guest posting gives quality back link and huge traffic to the site. Only we need to maintain the relevancy of the site. Keep updating.

    Abhiram Pathak 6 years ago
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