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The 9 Most Popular SEO Blogs

ORLANDO, FLORIDA-The number of subscribers to our SEO blog climbed to a new high this month, hitting 10,311 subscribers and continuing to grow. Our blog is one of the ways we strive to keep our readers informed about the big updates in the SEO world and share as many how-to’s and resources as we can.

“Having reliable sources to keep you up to date on the latest techniques and best practices guidelines is the only way to stay on track to achieve your SEO goals,” says Ali Husayni, an SEO expert and our CEO.

To celebrate our blog’s milestone, we’re sharing nine of our favorite SEO-related websites that could help you learn the basics, stay up to date on the very latest and go in depth about the industry.

These sites are popular according to Google PageRank and Alexa global ranking as well. Google ranks pages from one to 10 based on how many other pages link to them and how well-ranked those other pages are, the higher being more popular. Alexa uses the number of average daily visitors and page views to calculate ranking, with more popular websites earning low numbers.

1. Search Engine Land: Alexa Ranking 1,231, PR 7
This is one of the sites that I use regularly to stay up to date on the latest in the search engine industry. Barry Schwartz and Danny Sullivan are two of the great authors producing content that is easy to read but in-depth and detailed enough for me to learn something in almost every article. They get the inside scoop via direct interviews with Google employees like Matt Cutts.

2. Search Engine Watch: Alexa Ranking 1,794, PR 7
This website focuses on Web search, analysis of the industry and helping site owners improve their visibility on search engines. There are many contributing authors, including the director of Search Engine Watch Jonathan Allen and Staff Writer Miranda Miller.

3. SEOmoz.org: Alexa Ranking  414, PR 6
This site is a favorite of Jessica Bates, one of our SEO copy writers.  She looks up information about the newest updates and changes that she finds out about from Google’s official blog and Google+ pages.

“I particularly like the Whiteboard Friday posts, very informative and easy to understand,” Bates says.

4. SEO Book: Alexa Ranking 1,602, PR 6
Aaron Wall founded this site and designed it to be a SEO training program. You have to join to access many of the extra tools, videos and forums, but the blog and some of the tutorials are available without an account. They are valuable resources for information about where the search engine industry is headed.

5. Top Rank Online Marketing Blog: Alexa Ranking 9,416, PR 6
This blog was started by Lee Odden nearly nine years ago and features insights, resources and commentary on topics related to digital marketing and public relations.

6. Search Engine Roundtable: Alexa Ranking 5,812,171, PR 6
This website strives to provide a one-stop location for the most interesting threads covered in the SEO marketing forums each day. The site was founded by Barry Schwartz, who is also an editor at Search Engine Land and the CEO of RustyBrick.

7. Matt Cutts Blog: Alexa Ranking 7,665, PR 6
Matt Cutts is the face of the Search Quality team at Google, and he specializes in search engine optimization issues. Although he has only posted eight times in 2012, his posts are always high quality, and you can check out the blog’s archive that dates back to 2005. His blog is one of our Editor-in-Chief Lorrie Walker’s favorite places for information.

8. Google Official Blog: Alexa Ranking 12,132, PR 8
Where better to get information than from the source. The official blog of Google covers everything from search engine updates to the latest projects Google is working on.

9. Google Webmaster Central Blog: Alexa Ranking 9,542, PR 7
This blog is more focused toward website owners and features all the official information from Google about crawling and indexing sites for the Google index. This information is usually detailed but technical, so looking up the topics from here on other top blogs can be helpful.

You can enable PageRank in your browser to see the importance of the webpage you’re viewing as determined by Google.

Of course, there are thousands of sites dedicated to SEO information not listed here, so tell us what resources help you stay up to date on SEO changes and what you like best about them.

The 9 Most Popular SEO Blogs was last modified: September 15th, 2018 by mr_million
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    Florencia 6 years ago
  • Was watching / following a few of these, but some had dipped off of my radar.

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  • I follow most these blogs. Does anyone know of a blog that is strictly about mobile optimization? Or what blog gives the best mobile advice?

    Riley Welsh 7 years ago
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  • I installed the live pagerank plugin a little while ago and I\’ve been keeping an eye on it… It seems to pull up the same kind of info as the live pagerank checkers and page rank predictors. Like you said basically, Expertu, doesn\’t do a whole lot of good, but I guess it\’s mildly useful… I\’m going to try the one you speak of though, thanks!


    Naukri 7 years ago
  • Really useful information. Google\’s official weblog is the most reliable place for gathering news about recent Google changes.
    You can add MasterGoogle\’s blog to the list too! (:

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