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Super Bowl XLVI is Upon Us: How to Score a ‘Top of Google’ Touchdown with Your SEO Team

SANTA MONICA, CA — Search engines are a complex weave of algorithms and updates, which can be stressful when it comes to tackling SEO. Millionairium’s CEO and SEO expert Ali Husayni shares that in an ever-changing SEO world, a great team is everything because the game is always changing. On the eve of the Super Bowl, we at Millionairium invite you to stay ahead of the game. Husayni shares a few different Super Bowl related analogies to throw around this idea: how creativity and critical analysis join forces to play a big part in any SEO strategy, and in all SEO teams.

“The Super Bowl is extremely analytical. You have to know exactly who to throw it to, and at one correct speed. It’s precision that comes with a lot of practice with the team, and requires them all to be extremely smart. To win, you have to guarantee that when you throw the ball to the quarter back, it’s going to land in your teammate’s hands,” Husayni says.

Husayni’s Super Bowl analogies are outlined below, and include the importance of a strong team and persistence.

Super Bowl Survival Illustration

Illustration Courtesy of Digboston.com

Know How To Analyze Different Ideas from Your Team

Husayni has advice for the head of any team, which includes knowing how to utilize the different ideas of his team. Husayni analyzes his own managerial style, saying:

“I can analyze, see a trend and see where it’s headed. What I’m good at is looking at what other people suggest and taking it a step further, combining different ideas to come up with a specific solution to a problem.”

Every employee has a different perspective, so be sure to listen. After all, the solution to any problem often comes from a combination of ideas.

Be a Team Player by Knowing Your Strengths

It suits the Super Bowl topic well to say that when it comes to launching a successful SEO strategy, you have to be a great team player. Each individual needs to know their area of expertise on the field, and each one needs to be the best at what they do. The combination of this expertise and hard work is what’s going to make the team a winning one, according to Husayni.

“Each team member we have is an expert in what they do. What they do is going to make the entire process succeed, and let the ball land with Google, with a higher search engine ranking result for our clients,” Husayni says.

Always Strive for Accuracy: There are No Shortcuts for Effective SEO

An accurate team is a winning team, according to Husayni. We can’t control SEO efforts entirely, because just like a football game SEO has fluctuations. You may go forward and then a little bit back. To hit a 10 yard mark, you need to be persistent and be careful not to go back a couple of yards without noticing it. Husayni explains the importance of a team effort when it comes to carrying out a touchdown of an SEO campaign.

“Before the quarter back throws the ball, the rest of the team needs to protect him. While an SEO strategy is vital, if you aren’t throwing your SEO tactics out at the right speed, you can get red flagged from Google,” Husayni says.

To avoid an interception from another business on Google’s search results, remember that a lot of what Google does is common sense. Google hates spamming techniques, like Black Hat SEO. So remember, while it might be tempting to duplicate content or buy links, if you just copy and paste or try to buy your way to the top without hard work, Google will take notice. Don’t risk getting flagged to save a tiny bit of time.

“Because some SEO companies are always looking for shortcuts, they are also looking for black hat techniques. The client is very happy and then Google changes their algorithm, and the black hat techniques are revealed. Then they hire us.”

So enjoy the game and remember—it’s all about the team.

Super Bowl XLVI is Upon Us: How to Score a ‘Top of Google’ Touchdown with Your SEO Team was last modified: September 13th, 2018 by Millionairium