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Strategies to Get You to the Top of Google in 2012

Santa Monica, CA – Happy Holidays to all of our wonderful subscribers (and soon to be subscribers). We hope that you have found this blog to be a useful source of information and advice. As you know, it’s almost another year, and you might be putting another SEO strategy in place, which is why now is the time to act on the newest innovations that the New Year brings. Beware of staying stagnant with your SEO strategies, advises Ali Husayni, CEO of the SEO service company, Millionairium.

After all, as we mentioned in January of last year, SEO changes as Google’s search engine does, which makes it all the more important to stay with the trends. And not to fear, Husayni still remains optimistic that no matter how it continues to evolve, SEO works and will continue to work in the foreseeable future, even with the added features introduced by Google+. Here are some of the changes in SEO that experts expect to see in 2012.

Unique Content, in Real Time:

While Google’s search algorithms continue to emphasize the performance of a website, it is even more important to provide new content, especially content in real time. Content that encourages feedback is timely, every time, according to marketing strategist David Meerman Scott, during a recent interview with Socialnomics.net.

“Social media gives us the ability to communicate instantly, yet most marketers have not developed the communication skills to address real time,” Scott said. “Marketers have been trained with a campaign mentality, spending weeks planning, designing and executing in a sequential manner… [using a] new mentality, infrastructure and workflow to meaningfully participate in real time,” Scott says.

Spend more time not only thinking about your target audience and what kind of content they need, but when they need that content. Timely content encourages engaged feedback from viable sites, which helps your Google ranking, according to Husayni.

“If you want to be on the 1st page of Google make an effort to create content that will get the users involved in a conversation,” says Husayni. “Respond to every comment you get on your website. Be nice and offer guidance. When other users see how responsive you are, they will visit your website more frequently as well.”

Focus on User Quality, Not Quantity:

This much is still true regarding users: if your site is getting good reviews from users, it will improve your Google ranking. If it’s getting bad reviews, the reverse. But remember, more clicks don’t necessarily mean more customers or higher customer satisfaction rates. Encouraging good reviews by interacting with customers is more important than ever, according to a Fall 2011 Constant Contact Survey study. Sixty percent of responding businesses reported that they enjoy engaging with all customers and prospects who post comments on social media platforms, whether those posts are positive or negative. Consumer feedback can lead, of course, to a higher customer retention and satisfaction rate.

Social Media Continues to Increase in SEO Importance:

It’s true that social media is one of the factors influencing natural search rankings for Google. So, more than ever, you must consider social media as part of your SEO promotion strategy. Try to get inbound links from bloggers. If you release a new product, you want to have someone influential twitter about it. Be sure you have a Facebook presence.

Targeted Websites:

Be aware of how your target audience does research and try to entice viewers like more traditional marketing strategies. SEO companies like Millionairium note that Google is looking for those sites that are valuable to users. You also need to find the online communities that your target consumer frequents. This will let you reach viewers as a group rather than individually.

The Rise of SEO-Led Marketing Campaigns:

Increasingly, all marketing will be driven by SEO. Radio, TV, and print advertising will all be part of SEO campaigns to educate the users about products and services. There is an audience that traditional media reaches, but you have half the chance of reaching as many of them as you would have 10 years ago, according to Paul Gillin, a respected social media marketing guru and Author of The New Influencers. After all, in the last eight years, we have gone through a shift in consumerism. We begin with a search engine, as Gillin points out in his forum at the SuperGenius Conference.

“We used to go to a library and browse, now we expect it to be there,” Gillin says.

With a search engine’s place established by expert after expert, SEO ranking is at the heart of the campaign, rather than being an afterthought, and that is the new normal.

Geography is Even More Important Than it Was Last Year:

Google Pages is increasingly part of Google’s search engine results. Google is also working on ways to incorporate the user’s location into results. As more and more people use GPS-enabled phones for searches, geographical considerations will play an even bigger role this year.

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  • The users have always been the priority and the basis for majority, if not all, of the changes Google implemented for its search algorithm. When the company realized it had to improve its search results and produce only informative, high-quality websites that are relevant to the search query, they implemented the Panda update (which checked on website quality) and Penguin update (which validated the relevance, authority, and quality of websites by the strength of their link profile).

    Cris 6 years ago
  • The content blog is very good!
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  • \”..Geography is Even More Important Than it Was Last Year..\”. So, the language is important now for our blog content??

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    Thanks for the tip on content repeats,etc. Got to go,this BB is most irritating when you\’re a guy …
    Bobby_Cape Town,South Africa

    Bobby 8 years ago
  • PS-

    @Ali Husayni / \”Master Google\”

    Why not make comments here dofollow and just moderate/delete out the spam? I\’d probably comment more, as an SEO strategist, without knowing everything is nofollow. 🙂

    Dara Solomon 8 years ago
  • @koi,

    I don\’t think it\’s necessarily that GOOD content is more important to Google, and that isn\’t even what this post emphasizes– it\’s FRESH content. Content that isn\’t spun with blackhat programs, or taken from PLR packages, or already blogged somewhere else on the site. It can be GOOD and PLR. GOOD and from ezinearticles.com. Still wouldn\’t help you. FRESH content, new content, never-before-published–that\’s what is important.

    Dara Solomon
    Marketing Strategist

    Dara Solomon 8 years ago
  • Thanks for the article authors, Content is king

    quan ly nha hang 8 years ago
  • I wrote and post 24 articles and create a linkwheel and after a week my new website is already in the 2nd page (11th) which also prove that unique and fresh content is factor in page ranking.

    I am still working on it to place it in the first page.

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  • Ali, I don\’t want to sound contradicting but I don\’t think good content has anything to do with getting ranking well on Google. Publishing good content just means that you have provided useful information which encourages other web users to link back to you. In short, that\’s what link baiting is all about. If you have no links to your website, you can\’t rank. Take Google\’s homepage for example. What good content is available on Google\’s homepage? No fresh content but has a PR10 and approximately 205 million backlinks pointing to the homepage? Content isn\’t king, my friend, unless you are a news syndicating website such as yahoo and many others. If anybody wants to test this theory, trying posting fresh content daily on your PR0 website to see how far that will get you. The high PR of a website determines the crawl rate. PR0 means you are pretty much worthless and Google may come by your website every 6-8 months. By that time, your content is old news.

    koi 9 years ago
    • Thanks Koi… You have a valid point, but you also agree that good content can get your site new links, which will add to your popularity and better page rank. 🙂

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  • @ravi shankar

    All of these are what we already knew worked in 2010-2011, however, there seems to be more emphasis on content than before. Particularly, the often updated sites seem to get visited by Google on a regular basis.

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