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Social Media Week 2012: Connecting Social Media Experts Across the World

Nashville, TN – It’s day two of Social Media Week and 21 cities around the world are celebrating with lectures, events, discussions, and parties. Owned and operated by Crowdcentric, Social Media Week offers “a series of interconnected activities and conversations around the world on emerging trends in social and mobile media across all major industries.” Starting in 2010, the event went biannual, occurring every February and September.

As you can imagine, the social media conversation grows rapidly. The SMW website explains why the event moved to twice a year: “Engaging a global audience to explore the practical applications and business benefits of the most important communications revolution once a year is simply not enough.” Topics such as “Men are from Foursquare, Women are from Facebook”, “Social Media Governance and the Law”, “Blogging BootCamp for Business” and “Social Media for Business and Finance” are just a sampling of what the 60,000 plus attendees will find at SMW events across the globe.

Here at Millionairium, we’ve talked a lot about social media and its relationship with search engine optimization. Between Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and Pinterest, it can be a full time job just keeping up with social media for your business. Millionairium CEO and SEO expert Ali Husayni explains why a social media presence is so important.

“Social media outlets such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Vimeo- just to name a few- provide additional ways in which our clients can get their information out to potential customers. The great thing about posting items such as videos, articles and press releases to these sites is that doing so provides relevant links back to our clients’ sites,” Husayni says.

Social Media Week

For clients to find you easily, your business needs a strong SEO campaign. Once your content is optimized and your design is friendly, you’re ready to venture into the ocean of social media. Be careful not to overwhelm your audience with posts. If you’re on Facebook, spread out your posts instead of firing off eight posts in an hour. If you’re on Twitter, use hash tags when necessary, but don’t overload them. A post reading “#Writer #JessicaBates has a new #scifi book coming out in #March” will only annoy people. Be genuine. Twitter also thrives on mentions, so get personal. Ask your followers direct questions and learn what they like.

You can follow live SMW tweets from attendees and enthusiasts with the hashtag #smw12 or download the SMW mobile app on your smartphone. To see if you’re close to any Social Media Week events, visit the schedule and search for your city. Major participating cities include Hong Kong, Hamburg, New York, Miami, London, San Francisco, Paris, Tokyo, Toronto, Washington, D.C., Singapore, and São Paulo. Most of the events for the week are free or significantly reduced in price.

Social Media Week 2012: Connecting Social Media Experts Across the World was last modified: July 18th, 2019 by Ali Husayni
  • Ivin, yes, there are SEO linking strategies that consist of creating profiles on social media accounts and posting links on those profiles. These strategies sound great, and may even get you some very short term results, but they will not get you sustainable results and may even be considered black hat and get you into trouble. You can use SM to promote your business, but you should make sure to stick to the best practices for the platform you choose. And if you are serious about your SEO, a blog is a must! A Twitter account is not!

    Zaina 7 years ago
  • I had never heard about SMV. Sounds fun!

    shima 8 years ago
  • Jessica Bates, thank you for sharing this information, I like social media including Google+, Twitter, linkedIn… etc.

    nguyen dungfit 8 years ago