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SMM, SEO, YouTube: Where Should We Spend Our Online Marketing Budget?

Christmas lights, shopping bags, and endless family gatherings… it is a season full of fun, and distractions. Here at Millionairium, we think that the end of the calendar year is the perfect time to plan your marketing budget for the new year. So, what’s the smartest budget choice in 2012?

Since marketing is all about getting to those wanting your product, no matter which marketing tactic(s) you choose, the web is the place for prospective buyers to find reviews and information.  A recent Pew Research Center Poll shows how consumers decide where to eat and what to buy:

51 percent use the Internet

  • search engines – 31%
  • specialty websites – 17%
  • social media – 3%

31 percent read newspapers

  • printed copies – 26%
  • newspaper websites – 5%

23 percent take the word of friends/family/reputation

8 percent watch local TV

Let’s take a look at just how effectively SMM, SEO and YouTube reaches target audiences.

The Skinny on SMM:

Its use is on the rise, and the cost is nearly nil for initial output, which has made it more popular. It’s viable, too, according to a Fall 2011 study done by email marketing provider, Constant Contact. After surveying just over 2,000 small businesses, they found that 81percent of them use some form of it. The most common SMM remarks were that it is “easy to use,” and “works with my customers.” Facebook was cited as the number one tool, followed by Twitter, LinkedIn and video sharing.

What to Know About SEO:

SEO works, when used effectively. Effectively is the key word, pun intended. When looking at the Google keyword tool in AdWords, for instance, many changes have taken place, with the addition of everything from mobile apps to Google+ features. The questionable accuracy of keywords, as researched in our current AdWords-Focused Article, puts SEO up to scrutiny. In light of these worries, SEO expert Ali Husayni gives us assurance of the continuing stability of SEO as a viable marketing tool, as highlighted in our recent interview.

“SEO, and Google SEO in particular, are still very solid marketing tools for any small-, medium- and large-sized business,” Husayni said. “We do realize that, since Google+ has been born, SEO has become even more complicated, but at Millionairium we’re staying at the top of the game.”

Now, let’s move to the often-talked about, seldom-understood potential of YouTube.

YouTube’s Place in Online Marketing and Media:

The face of the media is changing, and Paul Gillin, a respected social media marketing guru and Author of The New Influencers, stresses the importance of being bold with the new opportunities presented by being able to target an audience. Using traditional media is limited, after all, according to Gillin’s forum at the SuperGenius Conference.

“We are seeing a collapse of mainstream media because it’s based on an economic model that is highly inefficient,” Gillin said. “If you’re interested in selling wedding gowns, in the past, you had to market to 100 percent of the population, instead of the one percent looking for a wedding dress. Now we can reach those people directly.”

Why is this industry expert a proponent of YouTube? For one thing, I found Paul Gillin there. (Fun side note: have you heard of Justin Beiber, the song Friday by Rebecca Black, Antoine Dodson, or Auto-Tune the News? They all have YouTube to thank for their fame.)

As for the smartest budget choice in 2012, we at Millionairium say a healthy dose of all three. If you have any questions regarding your marketing, please contact us directly. Happy marketing, and happy holidays.

SMM, SEO, YouTube: Where Should We Spend Our Online Marketing Budget? was last modified: July 18th, 2019 by Millionairium
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