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Small But Mighty Powerful SEO Steps To Take Today

NASHVILLE, TN — For smaller businesses with limited funds, checking off some basic SEO starting points can be done for free with a little research and know-how. Here are some small things you can do that will increase the value of your website. We’ve touched on each of these points in detail in previous posts that we’ll link to below as they come up, but combined, these tips are just what you need to jump-start your SEO efforts today.

Help Search Engines Help You

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: don’t wait for Google to find your site through their crawling spiders. Instead, add your website to Google’s index and then submit your unique Sitemap. You can access these settings through Google’s Webmaster Tools, which you can read about on a recent Millionairium post, here.

Learn the Importance of Creatively Getting Links

You know you need links, now take it one step further: increase the links pointing to your website, and get creative in how you go about it. You could write a guest post on a related blog or feature a post from a guest blogger on your website. You could even sponsor a product giveaway on one of your favorite websites or blogs. We talked about blog trackbacks and pingbacks in a previous post, and recommend it for extra credit reading.

Be Critical of Your Blog

Adding keywords and updating content frequently can help you move up in search engine rankings. Content is king, after all. Offer relevant information to your potential clients. What have you learned about your field that you want to share? If you choose to start a blog, it’s important to provide good, quality content. Don’t start a blog just to be redundant. Providing fresh topics and insight in your field will make your site a welcomed destination for viewers. You can even allow comments to spark thoughtful conversation.

Review Your Content Critically

Analyze your website’s content carefully. First, make sure your page titles clearly and concisely state what your viewer will find on each page. If you’re familiar with HTML, check to see if your meta tags beneath your page titles are being used properly. In that space, write a concise but descriptive blurb about what each page offers.

Next, imagine you’re searching for your own product or company. What words would you type into a search engine, assuming you weren’t familiar with your company’s name? Google’s Webmaster Guidelines states this well: “Think about the words users would type to find your pages, and make sure that your site actually includes those words within it.”

It may seem like common sense, but giving your content a close reading will help. Ask a spouse or close friend to describe your website. Do the keywords they used match the ones in your featured content?

Saturation of other mediums, including videos and images, can help your site rank higher if done correctly. Title your image with relevant phrases, as we discussed in a recent post about image SEO, so that if a potential client is searching key terms in the images section, your content is easily available. After all, adding other media to your website can increase functionality for your users. An easy way to see your pages similarly to how the Googlebot sees them is to view your website in Lynx, a text-based browser.

If you embed a video on your website, consider adding text as a transcript or a detailed summary of the video to enhance the crawling and indexing of your website.

By implementing these small steps, you can get started, but SEO is not a part-time job. To get to a top spot with Google, you need to hire a team that can give its full effort and range of expertise to your business. After all, hiring an SEO expert like our CEO, Ali Husayni, could take your business to the next level.

“You may not have the budget for a full-scale SEO campaign if you’re just starting out, but some time with an SEO consultant to get you started may be within your budget and well worth the expense,” says Husayni. “Call the office for a free consultation to find out.” Click here to contact us about our services.

Small But Mighty Powerful SEO Steps To Take Today was last modified: July 18th, 2019 by Ali Husayni
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  • Building backlinks is vital. However, one must have a variety of backlinks that include, do-follows, no-follows, directory links, article directory links, forum links, social networking links, etc.

    One shouldn\’t just focus on high PageRank links that are do-follow. That will get you flagged by the search engines. Furthermore, traffic is traffic, even if it\’s a no-follow link!

    Spunky Jones 8 years ago
  • @Megan Reilly Hi, Thanks for replying…. actually I receive the trackbacks and pingbacks containing the links of their websites. Should I approve those with the links or should I remove the links of their websites?


    Ali 8 years ago
    • Hi Ali,

      Of course. My answer to that question is that whenever someone posts links into their comments, it is a common rule of thumb that those comments are not of real value. If you feel that the comment is a valuable one (which truly is rare for link-containing comments), remove the link by editing it out and then approve the comments. I hope that answers your question, and best of luck! Keep reading the posts :).

      Megan Reilly 8 years ago
  • Hi Mr. Husayni,
    Today, my website was lost. I Googled it, and looked for my site, which was on the 4th page. Now it is gone. Why? Please advise. Thanks, Paul.

    Paul Chew 8 years ago
  • Hey Ali,
    Are you working on my website to 1st page? Look like your assistance has stop after my site was broke in. Do you want to continue and improve it to 1st page?
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    Please advise. Tks.

    Paul Chew 8 years ago
  • Hi,

    This is the tremendous information you shared and it helped me a lot in many ways ….

    I asked in past about pingbacks and trackbacks… that whether these should be approved on WordPress installed blogs or not… suppose I have a website and I have closed the comments due to the high number of fake comments, so now I receive some pingbacks and trackbacks from different websites and blogs. Should I approve those or not… and if I approve, will it help regarding Google?


    Ali 8 years ago
    • Hi Ali,

      Thank you for asking this question. Go case-by-case on this, using your best judgment. Only approve comments that add to your site. Hope this helps!

      Regards and good luck.

      Megan Reilly 8 years ago