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SEO Services Are Dead- Not.

Orange County, CA – It is a topic tossed around from time to time in the world of Internet business – is SEO going to die one day? Will there come a time when SEO services and SEO marketing are no longer needed?

While some naysayers might be painting a grim future for Web search engine optimization, top SEO expert Ali Husayni says there is most certainly a place for the high quality SEO specialist in the future of the Internet.

“While the role of SEO is constantly evolving, and there are those disreputable companies that may not survive, the use of SEO with quality Web content is solid,” Husayni said.

Richard J. Tofe’s article “Someday, the sun will set on SEO — and the business of news will be better for it” indicates there is no future for SEO. He “looks toward a future when search engine optimization has been rendered obsolete by advancing technology” and “the implications for news.”

“What this entire debate misses,” Tofe writes, “is that SEO itself is an inefficiency, a transaction cost rather than a value-creator — it is a technique designed entirely to compensate for the failure of the search engine to correctly analyze site content, searcher desire, or both. Over time, economics teaches us, inefficiencies tend to be wrung out, and transaction costs reduced.

Husayni responds, “Google is an artificial intelligent (AI) super-machine, able to analyze content which is manually created by human intelligence. This is a recipe for inefficiency. A machine is never going to be 100 percent accurate in analyzing human art and intelligence. Google will always make mistakes, and will be prone to manipulation by human intelligence (SEO).

“So, Google will always need white hat SEO, and is always going to be fighting black hat SEO.”

Google has asked site owners to use “rich snippets” so it can rank businesses on Google Places easier. It has opened yet another door for manipulating its data — sharp SEO experts now use this to help clients rank better with Google Places.

As Google tightens the reins on sites that offer useless information, some experts lump all SEO operations into one category and declare their time is almost over. Does SEO, dubbed by critics as the “dark side of online publishing,” deserve the criticism? Complaints are aimed toward writing fashioned to draw Web search hits, content tagging to point to topics, and the demise of witty headlines in favor of keyword-laden titles. “Content farms” are also under fire – designed to draw hits to sites for commercial reasons and not because the Web needs the repetitive content.

“This is purely black hat SEO — feeding content to Google that is used mainly as bait for commercial gain,” Husayni said.

Tofe further wrote, “Improved search, and diminished SEO, should tend to place a greater value on such readers, elevating content of higher value, higher quality and, therefore, higher cost.”

For SEO companies that maintain high standards of content and quality search results, this is not a scary prediction. “If SEOs that practice higher standards rise to the top and content farms and SEO companies that are low quality sink, that’s all right with us,” Husayni said.

The SEO Google analyst said “We focus on improving client site value with viewers, as well as Google. By optimizing sites and gaining valuable and trustworthy links across the Internet, we improve Google rankings, eventually landing on the first page of Google. We are not here to trick Google into accepting client sites as best. We are here to make our client sites the best.”

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SEO Services Are Dead- Not. was last modified: July 18th, 2019 by Millionairium
  • I have noticed recently that a lot more clients are moving toward SMM, but this does not give the long run return on investment that SEO will give you.

    M. Mcgwire 6 years ago
  • SEO is far from dead, but our search engine environment is more demanding than ever. Proper SEO needs to be implemented with quality link building and content distribution, no more scraped or duped junk.

    rajeevsmart 8 years ago
  • SEO is far from dead, but our search engine environment is more demanding than ever. Proper SEO needs to be implemented with quality link building and content distribution, no more scraped or duped junk.

    SEO Tips Blog 8 years ago
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  • “While the role of SEO is constantly evolving, and there are those disreputable companies that may not survive, the use of SEO with quality Web content is solid,” Husayni said.

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