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SEO: Link Building for Small Businesses

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON – In this post we’ll examine the criterion that Google uses to rank websites, and how smart link building will make websites popular and businesses more profitable.

There are approximately 200 points of criteria that Google uses to determine the ranking for any website, but these can be condensed into three basic categories: content, relevancy and popularity. All three are important, but it’s popularity that ultimately wins high ranking. And good links will win popularity.

“Link building is the cornerstone of any successful search engine optimization campaign,” says SEO expert Ali Husayni, CEO of Millionairium. “No matter how great your website looks or how great its content, without links your website will not rank on Google.”

The formula itself is relatively simple: the more high quality websites link to your website, the more popular your website will become. And it’s important to know that not all links are created equal.

It’s no difficult feat for a small business to find or buy scores of cheap links, but that’s a flawed SEO strategy to be avoided. Google employs sophisticated anti-spam filters and algorithms that can quickly identify low quality, shady or “bad neighborhood” links, and will promptly penalize a site by dropping its ranking.

One problematic strategy is “reciprocal linking,” where businesses link back to each other. That can actually negate the value of a link and drop the site’s rankings. Some more examples of links to avoid can be found here.

The key is to create quality and relevant links. This is the very core of ecommerce SEO and Millionairium’s niche. For more than nine years, Husayni has worked with Google platforms and is at the forefront in understanding the latest criterion that Google rewards.

Relationship building is critical to successful link building.

“Being engaged in or sponsoring any kind of community activity as a business owner can be a great advantage,” says Husayni, “if those organizations link back to your website or your services.” Likewise, building partnerships and relationships with other non-competitive businesses can be a good way to garner links to your site. Joining trade groups, belonging to the Better Business Bureau and the local Chamber of Commerce can also generate good links that will get high rankings.

Advertising with other websites is another good choice for quality link building, and also getting articles published about your business that link to your site. An important nuance in that regard is to ensure those links are properly optimized. It’s also advantageous for small businesses to instigate their own public relations and place releases and articles for publication. Think of it as the place where PR and SEO meet.

The company blog is an important PR vehicle in establishing your website as an authoritative source. The first step for any small business looking to employ a SEO campaign is to use its website as a publishing outlet, and that’s another essential service that top SEO company Millionairium provides. “If they don’t already have a website, we build one and embed a WordPress blog for them,” says Husayni, “and we help them to keep that blog up to date.”

Listing your company in business directories and on Google + local pages is also a great way to advertise and establish links. It gives you another outlet to get the word out about your business and provides an opportunity to build your audience. Google + also presents an opportunity to set up authorship and create a personal profile, which is a service we provide for all Millionairium clients.

SEO opportunities present themselves frequently, and we stay on top of all of them. If you’re a small business owner who handles your own Internet marketing, subscribe to the Millionairium blog to stay abreast of the latest in SEO.

SEO: Link Building for Small Businesses was last modified: July 18th, 2019 by Millionairium
  • Thanks Stephan, it is a very nice post and very helpful content for me.

    Anonymous 6 years ago
  • I agree with you, it is more helpful to promote your business using SEO.

    Robert Smith 6 years ago
  • But according to the recent update of Google, they are cleaning all the links that are potential spams (coming from the natural techniques of linkbuilding). I think the only strategies here that would be a bit effective in the coming days are posting unique and quality content and be a guest writer on other websites. This will make a very big impact in the SEO strategy of your company.

    small business phone 6 years ago
  • Great ways for small businesses to promote are quality content, social presence and forums discussion, because these are all natural techniques.

    SEO Glasgow 6 years ago
  • Generally link building work is used by the small companies. Because Web page link developing is actually one aspect associated with search engine marketing that will develop into the aspect for possibly the actual achievement as well as the actual disappointment associated with a search engine optimization strategy.

    William34 6 years ago
  • quality link building is most important to improve the ranking of a site.

    Anonymous 7 years ago
  • True words. The landscae of link building is changing. We need to disenthrall ourselves. Evolve or die. The question is google really encouraging white hat link building strategies, when they reward blackhat techniques?

    Emeka 7 years ago
  • Great post! The link building is a good solution for improve your ranking. But there is other thing which can be done on your website : on-site optimization (adding HTML tags around your keyword).
    That task could be very long if you want to do it manually and moreover if you have a lot of existing content not optimized. But there are solutions which allow to automate the tagging and the interconnection between your page. These solutions improve your ranking fastly and without the dependance of an another website. But if you combine a good link building and an on-page optimization, you are on a SEO good way 🙂

    Maxime 7 years ago
  • Businesses should always pay attention to building quality links for their website, to improve the rankings and subsequently the traffic for their website. In order to avoid getting penalized by Google, business owners should work with reliable SEO companies who strictly follow only white-hat techniques to improve the SERP of websites.

    Chung 7 years ago
  • I came across this post while trying to figure out and build links for my website. Thanks for sharing!

    Abhishek Jacob 7 years ago
  • Great post ! The main aim of SEO services is to divert plenty of and plenty of traffic to an internet web site from varied sources.Thanks for informing us of these events!

    Taswir Haider 7 years ago
  • I agree to you. In seo back links are very important your keyword will be crawled on search engine quickly which results good ranking for your site .If you have good content and catchy words in your content then they attract readers and drive good traffic to your website .

    Robert Calvin 7 years ago
  • Today\’s SEO focuses on high-quality backlinks, relevant and original content that provides value to users. Link building is an important technique for SEO because without a good link building, you can\’t get good position of your website.

    Adrina 7 years ago
  • Modern day SEO focuses on high-quality, original content that provides value to users and incorporates an involved audience.

    Sandipan 7 years ago
  • The main aim of SEO services is to divert plenty of and plenty of traffic to an internet web site from varied sources. You have a awesome information over here. I just want to say thanks for all the interesting information on it. I’ll follow your site if you keep up the good work!

    Deepti 7 years ago
    • @ Wahyu Liz Adaideaja
      Both SEO and social media are the powerful arms to keep your popularity. Gaining valuable backlinks make your site more popular it\’s the result of SEO efforts. Social shares indicate that how many people find your site valuable enough to share it with others. The signal of sharing will transfer between people and you will catch what you wish. People see you more and more. It\’s what you look for and making link for that. When someone finds your site by Google search and shares your site with others, it shows the Google and visitors that content of your site is attractive and helpful to people therefore you will catch new positive points. Any endorsement increases your social capital and search credibility, the result is Popularity. How can you get page rank without popularity?

      shima 7 years ago
  • Great post. I agree with you but I don\’t seem to know how important Google takes link building. Is it more important than content for instance

    Ronson 7 years ago
    • @Rosen

      Backlinks are so important for Google. Crawlers collect information about sites by backlinks, these 2 factors are related to each other without any doubt. Google gets good results from backlinks When It compares your content and the content of sites that offered links to you. Unrelated contents give your site negative points. Be careful although link building is important, it has it\’s rules.
      Without good content your link building is wasting time because Google is ready to welcome to new content every time.

      shima 7 years ago