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SEO in 2014 and Beyond

Those familiar with SEO who have enjoyed top positions on Google organic search understand the value SEO brings. In one instance (Dr. Andrew Miller), we have recorded over $1M revenue generated in one year from Google organic search (through effective SEO). In this article I will explain why an effective SEO company is not enough to secure your future online marketing success.

SEO in general and Google SEO in particular have always been a challenge. Both for us as well as our clients. Since 2003, we had to change our strategies at least twice a year to be able to keep our clients at the very top. We were successful, but the cost of SEO has multiplied over the years alongside its rewards.

Many times our clients have been confused as to why we change our tactics so many times. Often they didn’t like the changes, as it required them to invest more of their time, money or both.

These challenges have forced many of my colleagues to abandon SEO altogether. But I’m no quitter.

I believe in the power of Google as the best marketing platform the world has ever seen after the Yellow Pages. Returns on investment of 10 times or more are very common. So, why abandon SEO?

In the past decade SEO was something you hired a company to do for you. As long as the company was legit, they worked hard and knew how to maneuver the Google algorithm, you did well.

Not anymore.

Soon, you either join forces with your SEO company or you forget about positions on Google altogether.

Here is why:

Since the beginning and for more than 15 years, Google’s algorithm was about your site’s popularity, its content, and its relevancy to your keywords. All of these aspects were manageable by a good SEO company. In 2010-2011 however, Google started testing a new indicator: of social media popualrity.

They introduced Google Plus. With it came Authorship, Business Plus and +1. Yes. SEO got more complicated for SEO companies, but it’s our job to solve the new challenges and learn how to get our clients set up. Our challenge however, is that we cannot manufacture social media popularity for our clients (although some desparately try).

Google hasn’t yet rolled out all the effects social media popularity will have on your positions and traffic from Google. But soon they will.

What this means for our clients is that they need to be more involved in social media in order to build their popularity, online and off line. That combined with a powerful SEO campaign will guarantee your lead in your market.

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SEO in 2014 and Beyond was last modified: September 1st, 2018 by Ali Husayni