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SEO Expert Sets the Record Straight Concerning Google and SEO

ORANGE, CA-There’s a lot of information swirling around on the Internet about search engine optimization. It becomes hard to distinguish who’s right and who’s just plain missing the mark.

Owner and founder of Millionairium, Ali Husayni, is setting the record straight about at least one source of information.

On October 31, Jason Hiner—TechRepublic’s Editor-in-Chief—wrote an article about Google’s newest algorithm update, named Panda. He cited SEO as one of the main reasons for which Google revamped its page ranking system. Hiner claimed that SEO merely helps Web sites get ranked as high as possible on Google search results, regardless of relevancy to the searcher’s query.

“As a result, the sites that land at the top of Google search results have become more about which sites are best optimized rather than the ones that have the best and most relevant content,” Hiner wrote.

Husayni refuted the ungrounded assumption, saying that he’s simply confusing SEO with black hat SEO.

Black hat SEO breaks search engine rules and regulations. It is unethical. According to Husayni, the difference between black hat SEO techniques and Millionairium’s SEO efforts is clear: Millionairium has morals.

“Optimization, fresh content and encouraging other sites or people to recommend our clients’ Web sites are all valid business practices,” Husayni said. “They are even approved by Google.”

“Google needs SEO companies to better understand sites,” he added. “In essence, we are enhancing the ability of Google crawlers to index and understand sites.”

Hiner also stated that social media platforms were threatening Google’s relevance, forcing the search engine to launch Google+. “Social media has been replacing traditional web search for many different kinds of information gathering…” he said.

But Husayni said, “It cannot.”

“Social media is what it is and it will certainly help your search results, based on what your friends or circles suggest,” he said. “But it cannot and will not replace Google as a search engine.”

Husayni said that there are several reasons Google has nothing to fear, one being that a social media platform cannot index every site or page. It’s also susceptible to spam, just like other search engines, he added.

However, Google did need to add Google+ to compete with rivals, like Facebook and Twitter, Husayni asserted.

“It was essential for Google to start generating money through ads placed on social media sites, especially after the enormous amount gained by Facebook and Twitter this way,” Husayni said. “They also sought to customize their search results based on social connections. In theory, this will return much more relevant results.”

Hiner went on to say that Google’s Panda update caused “collateral damage,” weeding out sites that actually have good content and still ranking spam higher.

Husayni, on the other hand, thinks that the update has done wonders for Google searchers, achieving the exact results it was intended for.

“Panda was a powerful update and it cleared the air from content farms and base sites, those that spammed searchers with lots and lots of content or duplicated text,” Husayni explained.

Despite Hiner’s opinions, Husayni thinks that Google is stronger than ever, with SEO being a valid contributor to their success.

“There is always going to be manipulation,” Husayni said. “Some people are going to use frowned-upon techniques to boost their site’s ranking, but that is black hat SEO. I hope that Millionairium’s honest SEO services will raise the standards of the industry.”

For more information about how the experts at Millionairium can improve your Google ranking using ethical techniques, be sure to visit www.millionairium.com. For inquiries or to set up a free consultation with Ali Husayni, call Millionairium at 1-​310-299-2799.

SEO Expert Sets the Record Straight Concerning Google and SEO was last modified: July 18th, 2019 by Millionairium
  • This was quite informative.
    I wish to know more about SEO ethics.

    jackson 8 years ago