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SEM is as Important as SEO- Do You Use Both in Your Internet Marketing Campaign?

ORANGE COUNTY, CA – Recently, we wrote about how Internet marketing is made up these days of three elements: social media marketing, search engine marketing and search engine optimization.

Today, we’re tackling the element of search engine marketing and what it means to businesses who have an Internet presence.

Search engine marketing promotes websites through pay-per-click advertising, paid placement and contextual advertising, says Ali Husayni, our resident SEO expert who founded Millionairium.

When it comes to PPC advertising, Google Adwords and Facebook are popular- and arguably successful- marketing platforms, Husayni says.

Google AdWords enables you to create advertisements that show up on relevant Google search results pages and the network of Google’s partner sites, according to information posted by Google.

You may wonder how Google Adwords works. Bright Hub explains it as a service that enables you to market your website via customized, premium placed advertisement links. These advertisements appear at the top and on the right side of Google’s direct search results pages, and they appear as a result of keywords the advertiser has associated with their ad. The ads also appear on blogs and other websites that utilize Google Adsense and contain your keywords used in your advertisement.

How much you spend on this type of advertising is completely up to you, but costs vary according to the competitiveness of your keywords. You only pay when a user clicks your ad- hence, the name pay-per-click.

“The more you spend, and the more wisely you spend, the more people will visit your site,” Husayni says.

Paid placement enables you as an advertiser to bid payments to a search engine so your service or product is visible in keyword search results. With Google Adwords, bidding higher than others for a specific keyword can enable your ads to rank higher on Google search engine page results than ads from your competitors who aren’t paying as much per click.

“Google AdWords is as important as SEO,” Husayni says. “That’s because there are people who only click on the advertisements, and not the organic search results, and vice versa. Participating in both enables businesses to capture everyone on their search results.”

Our research indicates that although 70 percent of Internet users ignore the “sponsored links” altogether, the majority of the rest only rely on ads to find the services and products they’re looking for.

“So, not having an SEM campaign means you’re losing potentially 30 percent of your clients to your competitors,” Husayni adds.

Facebook Ads
“Facebook ads have become a hot topic,” says Husayni, a top SEO expert. “You can specifically target a demographic that you want. It’s very sophisticated.”

With more than 500 million users, Facebook has become a force to be reckoned with. The social media site allows you as an advertiser to be extremely specific in selecting your target audience by enabling you to select people in certain age groups, in particular geographic locations and with specific interests. The advertising mechanism also provides a great deal of flexibility.

“You can try an ad for a few hours or a couple of days and if it doesn’t generate the traffic you had hoped for, you can alter your audience,” Husayni says.

You can control the advertising cost by setting daily budgets, and they can be adjusted whenever you choose. Like Adwords, you can choose a PPC option, or you can pay per time that your ad is seen.

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SEM is as Important as SEO- Do You Use Both in Your Internet Marketing Campaign? was last modified: July 18th, 2019 by Millionairium
  • Impressive blog post. So do you have any more strategies which
    could be valuable with regard to optimization?

    Debora 6 years ago
  • Yes it\’s safe to say that they should be always together, just so you stay safe when Google does its indexing.

    Logan 8 years ago
  • I agree wholeheartedly, Ashley. There doesn\’t appear to be one \”magic bullet.\” Instead, businesses need to use a variety of approaches and tactics to achieve the results they seek.@Ashley Forrester

    Lorrie 8 years ago
  • Internet marketing is a very interesting subject. I feel unless both SEM and SEO are used properly an internet marketing strategy is incomplete. You have to remember that SEO is an organic process and takes time, SEM on the other hand is more about paid ads. So, a right mix of both can help you gain more traffic and give you more customers.

    Ashley Forrester 8 years ago
  • Nice post. What has really worked for us is a) optimizing the title page, b) having a good page heading, c) using alt tags for images, d) using a correct robots.txt (to my surprise many sites don\’t have it or have it wrong!), and e) last but not the least, optimizing on page load times.

    Hope this helps everybody.


    Gautam Tandon 8 years ago
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    kvasandi88 8 years ago
  • Good informative post but most of the sem techniques have been left out.

    sandeeo 8 years ago
  • Well, don\’t you think there are other sources of PPC too?? I would love to know more about that.

    Ron 8 years ago