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Staying Ahead of the Curve with New SEO Strategies in 2010

With Google’s ever-changing algorithms and competitors catching up, Millionairium, a leading search engine optimization (SEO) company has invested heavily in R&D to develop new, unique approaches to SEO that yield big results for the company’s clients.

As a result of their research, Millionairium will be changing approaches to its SEO strategy each month to keep up with Google and keep their clients climbing Google’s search results pages.

“Google’s internal system evolves everyday,” says Millionairium’s President Ali Husayni. “For a company that specializes in mastering Google and aiding clients in achieving a strong Web presence on Google, staying on top of the changes to Google’s algorithms is of critical importance. Thankfully, our R&D team is a strong, dedicated group of talented programmers enabling us to keep up with Google and stay ahead of the curve.”

Though Husayni could not comment on the newer techniques Millionairium has recently adopted, he did state that some prevalent SEO techniques that survive the test of time are directory submissions, press release and article submissions, and blogging.

“Our newer strategies took long hours and sleepless nights to discover,” says Husayni. “Unfortunately, these secrets could easily be copied and spoil our hard work. However, if people are willing to schedule a consultation to discuss Millionairium’s Web site promotion techniques, I’m more than happy to share Millionairium’s strategies with new clients.”

Millionairium has steadily added new programs and services to its lineup to stay fresh and add new benefits for clients. Since its launch, the company has added its Free SEO service which provides preliminary SEO strategies to clients at no cost to the client, and also a press release service, which provides original writings for clients at a minimal fee. The writings are used for circulation throughout the Web, including Millionairium’s own distribution network.

Online marketing and SEO is a rapidly changing, highly competitive market,” says Husayni. “We’d be remiss if we were not coming up with fresh ideas and developing new products. Our core SEO services surely do the trick, but all the new programs and techniques keep giving us an edge over other SEO companies.”

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Staying Ahead of the Curve with New SEO Strategies in 2010 was last modified: September 11th, 2018 by Ali Husayni
  • Thanks for sharing. What a pleasure to read!

    Wilma 8 years ago
  • I still can\’t believe it when i see the word R&D when it comes to SEO. There is no R&D needed. The idea reminds me of the geeks/followers that we see everywhere reading quick rich articles thinking they\’re going to get somewhere.

    I do NO R&D and I could beat your SEO strategies to the ground.
    Follow Google\’s Webmaster Guidelines and write well – bam! Secret is out. Oh! That reminds me, I should elaborate on writing well, rather, write like a marketer. lol

    damians 9 years ago
  • that would be great

    solidworks tutorial 9 years ago
  • Do you mean you will share your secrets with anyone who wants to get SEO consultation or they should be your clients?! How much should we pay for that if we are not?!

    KHODSAR 10 years ago
    • I\’ve thought of developing a course on that so those who know about SEO can do their own link-building cost-effectively. Currently, I\’m working on my book on Google SEO, which should be done in a few weeks. After that, it\’s time for the course. In the mean time, feel free to ask me questions.

      Ali Husayni 10 years ago