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Natural Link Building: Links from Blog Posts/Comments

Updated on July 29, 2019: we do not engage in link-building for SEO purposes any more. But we offer a pay-per-lead SEO program for local businesses. Learn more by clicking on our logo above.

One of our clients brought up an issue with me a few days ago. While trying to visit relevant blogs to his site and placing a comment there with a link back to his site, he noticed that almost 100% of these sites have a “nofollow” tag.

– Is it worth to place a comment/link where the link will have a nofollow tag?
– Are there blogs that do not have a no-follow tag for the comment sections? How can we find them?
– If leaving comments on blogs has no link-value, then why should we do it?

What is a nofollow tag?

A nofollow tag has the following format (HTML code):

<a href=”http://www.website.com” rel=”nofollow”>text link</a>

The nofollow tag indicates to Google (and other) spiders to not follow the link to its intended place. Thus, making such links value-less from an SEO point of view. The only intended audience for these links are human visitors who cannot tell the difference between a followed link and a nofollowed link (because the code is hidden in the back-end).

Now, getting back to the original questions. The short answer is that if you leave comments to get some link-juice for your site, don’t do it. You won’t get any SEO benefit from them. Because many black-hat SEO companies have abused the comment section of the blogs, almost all blogs have nofollow tags for the comment sections.

On the other hand, they don’t have nofollow tags for the main blog pages or other links on the site.

Instead of leaving a comment with your link in it, contact the blog admin and tell him that you’re interested in placing a link to your site on his blog/site.

Here are some tips to get the most benefit from your efforts:

– Check the blog’s PR (Page Rank). Sites with less than PR3 are usually not worth your efforts.
– In your first contact, indicate that you’re willing to pay a fee if necessary. Most blog owners crave for such business generating from their blog and most are honest people that will honor your agreement.
– Ask for a link on the home page. Home page links have far more value than links from the internal pages.
– Try to make an arrangement for a year at a time – the longer your link stays on a site, the more value it will have with Google.
– Pay monthly if you can.
– Give the blog admin the exact URL and anchored text-link to be used for the link.
– Also give him a description to go with/around your text link – a text-link without any text around it could be viewed negatively by Google.
– Varry your anchored-text as well as the URL for the best results.
– Monitor your link on a regular basis.

Still, visit blogs and leave comments with links to your site, not for the benefits of SEO, but for encouraging other blog visitors to visit your site. That generates traffic/customers and if you have excellent content, could lead to natural links for your site.

Natural Link Building: Links from Blog Posts/Comments was last modified: July 29th, 2019 by Ali Husayni