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Why Organic Link Building Is King of SEO Services

Updated on July 17, 2019 – We no longer promote or support link-building for Google SEO purposes.

BOULDER, CO — So you constantly update your Web site and do all the little things on your site that are supposed to help search engine rankings, but lo and behold your Web site isn’t jumping up the search engine ranks. Why?

Your results may be lacking because one of the most important search engine optimization (SEO) techniques, organic link building, is more about other Web sites than your own and is equally important to finishing first place in the search engine result race.

When a Web site is linked to from another site, this is called an organic inbound link. Establishing a network of Web sites that place a link to your site on their own is known as organic link building.

“If you’re not paying for marketing on Google or other search engines, your best bet to achieve good search engine visibility is to roll up your sleeves and invest time in organic link building and optimizing your Web site,” said Ali Husayni, President of SEO marketing firm Millionairium.

“Once upon a time Web sites got away with interchanging links or posting links on link farms to improve page rank, but search engines have caught on and changed their indexing parameters,” said Husayni. “Today, if Web sites don’t have in-bound links from various sources they run the risk of not being granted the ranking they desire. Link building has emerged as the dominant off-site SEO strategy. It takes a while to build a solid network, but if done properly, this strategy yields great results and lasting Google rankings.”

Choose Solid Link Building Sources

When starting an organic link building campaign, it is imperative to be selective in choosing Web site’s to place your links on. Search engines evaluate a Web site’s validity and usefulness just as much by the integrity and popularity of the second-party sites displaying the link adds Husayni.

Google Toolbar, a Web browser add-on, displays the rank of any given Web page for those who are curious about the integrity of a Web page before posting a link to it.

“If someone posts a link to a site that has a poor index rank or has been flagged, Google may deem the link to be coming from a spam site as well,” said Husayni. “This can be detrimental to search engine ranks, but it works both ways. Link placement on reputable sites will add value to that link and in effect, the site it comes from. Multiply that by an entire network of second-party sites, and you’re on the fast-track to success.”

Finding the right sources to post links on can often be difficult and time-consuming. Not only do the second-party sites need to be in good standing with search engines, they also need to be relevant. As in, people shouldn’t be throwing their links up on just any site that is popular, the second-party sites need to have a similar audience and purpose commented Husayni.

Thankfully, for those that need assistance, there are SEO companies out there to help. For instance Millionairium’s pay per lead SEO services including link distribution throughout Web directories and other link building methods that took years of research and networking to put together.

“When I try to explain the pitfalls of posting links to sites, I remind clients of all the spam and viruses floating about the Web,” said Husayni. “Now apply that concept to link building. Sometimes it’s not so easy to recognize the sheep from wolves. In these situations, it’s best to consult with SEO experts before posting links to bad Web sites.”

Use Fresh Content

So you found some solid Web sites that target an audience similar to your site’s audience. Now what do you post to these sites?

Expanding the link building network is important, but not without fresh, relevant content to spread throughout the network.

To keep the momentum going, fresh content must be posted and distributed throughout the second party Web sites. Whether it’s a blog, article, press release, or video, as long as you can display a link on it the content should prove useful notes Husayni.

SEO companies like Millionairium also provide many services in the line of content creation as well. Millionairium provides a Press Release service where clients can sign up for singular writings or regular intervals of press releases. With this service, Millionairium provides fresh content for the client’s Web site and for distribution throughout the Web. The company will also handle distribution for those who want to spend a little bit more.

“There are many, many SEO options out there for anybody from bloggers to entrepreneurs to established companies looking to expand online business,” said Husayni. “But believe me everyone needs some help when it comes to SEO. In Google especially, the search engine has become a hotbed for competition, and often professional help is needed to see real results that generate great Web traffic.”

Learn More

To learn more about organic link building or for more information about Millionairium’s other services, visit: www.millionairium.com. Alternatively, you can call the company’s toll free phone support service at 1-877-932-6559 with any questions.


Millionairium is a subsidiary of Millionairium, Inc., which was established in 2004. Since then, its team has done its best to master industry-standard SEO techniques and develop new ones.

Millionairium’s code-efficiency optimization techniques, along with the highest quality link building methods are what guarantee its clients’ Web sites success on the search engines.

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Why Organic Link Building Is King of SEO Services was last modified: July 18th, 2019 by Ali Husayni
  • I like this term \”factory SEO\”. SEO project is just like any other projects…
    Seo Consultant

    Guaranteed Seo Services 9 years ago
  • This is simple and very easy to understand about SEO. I will appreciate you for this blog.

    Sherlynchopra 9 years ago
  • Dear Zaidi,
    What I have always said to those who are new to SEO is that links (inbound links) are similar to “road direction signs.” This means that inbound links provide Web travelers with the information they need to find their destination websites.

    For this reason Google and other search engines use these signs as one of their many factors to rank related Web site in their SERs.

    Saeed Khosravi 10 years ago
  • I am new to web and what i read is that link building is one of the sources for web popularity.
    what I wonder is why the other sites would allow me to build links and how these links can be built. I will appreciate you helping in this regard.

    Ali Zaidi 10 years ago
    • Good question. There are many ways to build links for your site. I\’m covering the ones that have worked best for us in my new Google SEO book. It\’ll be published within the next month or so.