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Many SEO Clients Lose Their Rankings on Google, But Not Ours!

Yesterday, The Wall Street Journal featured an article by Sara Needleman and Amir Efrati on the new Google algorithm update. They interviewed a few business owners who had lost their Google ranking and, consequently, a lot of their business from Google users due to the latest Google algorithm update (this happened in late 2010).

Not only did our clients not lose their rankings, but the they have gained rankings instead.

Here is why: Google has traditionally devalued “duplicate” content. If your site’s content has been copied from any other site indexed by Google, your site would be penalized severely – even if portions of your site are duplicate. Read the blog post I wrote on duplicate content syndrome.

So, the respected writers needed to emphasize that the SEO companies that these mid-size and giant corporations are working with were not paying attention to this SEO-101 lesson.

I suggest they interview some of our clients next time, too. ­čÖé

Amongst the clients that gained in rank were www.mavenlive.com for their very competitive keywords including: physical therapy software. ┬áToday, they’re ranking #1 in Canada and #3 worldwide.

We didn’t have a single client lose their rankings with Google.

Many SEO Clients Lose Their Rankings on Google, But Not Ours! was last modified: July 18th, 2019 by Ali Husayni