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Koi Market President Shawn Rosen Discusses His Success with Millionairium

Does Millionairium follow its promise of getting each client to the first page of Google? Shawn Rosen, president of Koi Market says they do.

I recently interviewed Rosen about Koi Market’s journey to the top of Google. The following video is the result.


“I started doing some searching online for the best SEO companies,” says Rosen. “Interestingly, you guys were the only one that were actually guaranteeing that you get on first page of Google. The biggest thing for me was the guarantee in writing that I would get on the first page or I’d get my money back.”

Koi Market ranks on the first page of Google for most of their desired keywords. Even better than that, Koi Market ranks number one for certain keywords such as “pond drains.”

top of Google

We asked CEO of Millionairium Ali Husayni what SEO techniques he’s used to raise Koi Market’s rankings on Google.

“We use the same exact SEO techniques for all of our clients, and we make the same exact suggestions to all of them,” Husayni says. “Most of them listen to our advice precisely and act by the book, and there are a few who like to learn by trial and error. The Google results are the best judge to who follows our instructions best like Shawn did with Koi Market.”

Millionairium’s Manager of Operations Saeed Khosravi went into more detail about how the Millionairium team helped Koi Market move up the Google ranks.

“SEO is much more difficult when it comes to an eCommerce site,” says Khosravi. “Koi Market was built based on eBay’s outdated shopping cart and hosting solution ProStores.”

Our team had never had a ProStores client before Koi Market, though we had other eCommerce SEO clients based on Magento and Prestashop.

“To our surprise we very soon understood that we could not install a third party blog software (such as WordPress) on a sub-directory, which was vital for our SEO campaign,” says Khosravi. “We managed to sort this out by creating a static sub-folder blog very similar to WordPress in its functionality.”

WordPress, as we’ve said before, is integral to our SEO campaigns. Embedded blogs help our customers use content creation as a means of building keyword density in an organic, logical way. But that wasn’t the only problem our team had helping Koi Market improve its rankings.
“The other problem that was a bit scary at first was the default behavior of the ProStores sites, which is the redirection of the homepage (http://prostores-site.com/) to a deep-level URL (http://prostores-site.com/servlet/StoreFront) for which there seemed to be no solutions,” says Khosravi. “Add to this the fact that there were no ways to redirect the non-www version of the site to the www-version through a server-side redirection. To overcome these optimization obstacles we used Google Webmaster tools to inform Google which version of the URLs were our preferred versions, and we notified the link building team that they would have to focus their link building efforts on one of the possible URL versions we had specified for them.”

Our team optimized the homepage, the static blog pages and some of the most important “category” pages. We also initiated our link building campaign by submitting Koi Market to approximately 240 websites and creating more than 1,000 quality backlinks. The whole SEO campaign took three months, from February to May 2012.

The proof is in the proverbial pudding: the companies that take SEO seriously are rewarded with higher rankings on Google and when people find your site on Google, your leads and sales go up. If your company is struggling to increase its revenue, we’d like to discuss ways we could get you ranked at the top of Google for many of the keywords related to your business.

Our team uses a time-tested SEO strategy to improve your site’s rankings on Google. We strive to make your website popular and relevant by creating expert content, building links and steadily moving you up the Google search results organically. We also offer coaching and consulting to bring your business the support it needs to grow.

Feel free to view our other testimonials by current and past clients.

Koi Market President Shawn Rosen Discusses His Success with Millionairium was last modified: July 18th, 2019 by Ali Husayni
  • Highly descriptive post, I loved that bit. Will there be a part 2?

    Demetrius 6 years ago
  • I think getting on Google\’s first page is not an easy task but on continuously working on it following good strategies you can achieve that . You should follow good link building techniques , I hope this will be succeeded.

    Robert Calvin 7 years ago