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It’s Time to Break Free of the Old SEO!

EVERGREEN, COLORADO – Many people have claimed that ‘SEO is dead.’ Well, this may be a good marketing tactic for some people. But, it’s actually an entirely bogus claim. SEO, in the truest sense of the word, is quite alive, up and kicking.

It’s evolving and broadening in scope.

The search industry is expanding at a rapid pace. There are new SEO tools and products being introduced. Google is constantly launching new search algorithms – the very infamous Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird.

Amid all these changes that are happening in the world of SEO, many old SEO tactics have no use. I would like it more if somebody said ‘Old SEO tactics are dead.’ As the rules of the SEO game continue to change, you can’t expect to depend on old techniques or methods as far as ranking a website or blog in search engines is concerned.

“While we must be aware, and understand, things like Google Panda/Penguin and other major changes in the algorithms, if we focus on doing ‘good marketing,’ all other things should fall in line, and major algorithm changes shouldn’t be a concern,” says Mark Jackson, CEO at Vizion Interactive.

Good marketing! As a modern-day SEO practitioner, it’s good marketing that you actually need to focus on. And when you start to do marketing in a good way, old SEO tactics simply fall flat.

Therefore, you need to break free of the old SEO!

Examples of Old SEO Tactics
Since most of the old SEO tactics have now become good reasons to suffer an algorithmic penalty, you need to avoid them as quickly as possible. If you are not aware, given below are some good examples of old SEO tactics that won’t work in the post-Panda and post-Penguin era of Google.

Mass-Submitting to Directories – Even today, there are plenty of online SEO service providers that offer mass directory submission. But you should be careful not to fall prey to such services or start a mass directory submission yourself. What’s the point of submitting to directories that nobody uses? In fact, most of the junk directories have already been de-indexed by Google.

Link Swapping – In the post-Penguin era of Google, swapping links with third party sites regardless of their niche in order to generate lots of backlinks for your website quickly is actually a violation of the Google quality guidelines. You need to avoid such bad practices at all cost. One-way links within your niche should become your prime focus now rather than trying to reciprocate links, which offers little SEO value today.

Keyword Stuffing – Excessive focus on keywords leads to keyword stuffing. Filling your web pages with tons of keywords is a clear signal that all you care about is search engine rankings. Bear in mind that you’ll never rank at the top of SERPs by repeating the same keywords in your web pages over and over again. This is an old SEO tactic that simply won’t work.

Article Submissions – Like other old SEO tactics mentioned above, submitting low-quality or spun articles to article directories for building lots of links is also out of the game. You shouldn’t forget that most of the top article directories (including the much popular EzineArticles.com) were penalized by Google because they were content farms.

Low-Quality Content – Stop using filler content. No matter what industry you belong to, you should be sure about the fact that low- or poor-quality content will not rank your website at the top.

I hope these examples give you a good idea about those SEO tactics that you should stop using right away.

So, What’s New?
Breaking free of the old SEO techniques also means you quickly need to move on to embrace the changes that modern-day SEO has introduced. There are many new developments that webmasters should become aware of. But, at the core of it all, it’s users that must be your prime concern. Strictly!

“What Google wants is what users want,” says Matt Cutts, head of Google’s Webspam team.

This single line embodies the entire concept of SEO in 2013 and beyond. Even when you want to rank at the top of Google, you shouldn’t make Google your focus. Instead, it’s user needs you should address while optimizing a website or blog. Otherwise, you won’t survive!

Here’s a quick look at some of the recent search developments –

SEO and Social are ONE – You can’t think of SEO and social media separately anymore. What kind of influence or presence you have on popular social networks like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter is going to affect the search rankings of your website in major search engines.

Content Marketing is the Next Big Thing – According to many SEO gurus, content marketing is the new SEO. Content marketing is a marketing technique that’s used to attract, acquire and engage customers by providing them with value-added and relevant content. If you focus on creating stellar content, you’ll make customers happy, keep them coming and attract links naturally.

Mobile-Friendly is No Longer an Option – To take your website’s SEO to the next level, you should look at mobile-friendliness as a necessity. Along with taking good care of your desktop users, you also need to fulfill the needs of your mobile device users really well. Or else, you’ll be a loser.

Local SEO is More Significant – Google Places results are becoming more common in Google SERPs. It’s a clear signal that the search engine giant is giving good preference to local SEO. It’s, therefore, important for you to apply local SEO to your web properties as well.

Panda and Penguin are Here to Stay – Google’s infamous search algorithms called Panda and Penguin are here to stay for a long time. Panda prevents websites with low-quality content rank higher while Penguin keeps a close watch on those websites that use manipulated links for top rankings.

Trying to rank individual web pages or articles at the top of Google search results by using SEO tactics is now a misunderstood concept of SEO, which you need to reject as quickly as possible. In order to survive in the modern-day world of SEO, you need to look at search engine optimization as a long-term strategy. And the focus of your strategy should always remain on fulfilling the requirements of your target audience or customers.

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  • Thanks for providing all of this important information regarding SEO services that have value to us. Your style is so unique compared to others, I truly appreciate your efforts and I am waiting for your next post.

    Anonymous 6 years ago
  • SEO and social media are one. I strongly agree.
    Also I hope that Google immediately shuts down or deindexes those sites that are stuffed with keywords.

    ANA 6 years ago
  • Thanks for this nice advice.

    Stephanie Hutch 6 years ago
  • Great article. The contrast between old and new SEO is clear and concise. Every online business owner must know about this to avoid all the penalties Google can implicate.

    Jayden Barbour 6 years ago
  • Great article. Thanks for the useful information.

    Muhalith 6 years ago
  • Crystal clear now that I need to focus on delivering what my customers or my target audiences need to know rather than manipulating keywords. Thank you very much for this good article. It seems that I need to focus on human needs rather than machine needs

    Shubhi 6 years ago