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How To Ignore SEO Updates Without Ruining Your Business

ORLANDO, FLORIDA-How many times has the proverbial “the sky is falling” warning been sounded when it comes to search engine optimization? I lost count a few thousand ago.

While there are certainly big upheavals occasionally when Google pushes out an update like Panda and Penguin that targets spammy SEO techniques, the majority of the changes are inconsequential to the day-to-day business you’re pouring yourself into. In fact, if you want to remove yourself from the deluge of SEO information, there is a way to completely ignore updates without sacrificing any of the benefits it offers: outsource.

Millionairium is a huge advocate of people who want to do their own SEO  or don’t have the budget to outsource-just look at the resources, how to’s and helpful posts about SEO for beginners on our blog-but sometimes you need to delegate to be able to focus on other aspects of your business.

The true benefit of outsourced SEO service is that you don’t have to know every single who, what, when, where, why and how. No more SEO keyword lists or angst over the latest Google website ranking reports. You can leave the endless analysis of SEO trends and minutiae to the tech geeks and subject matter experts. They can read all the updates, rant and rave about the tyranny and capriciousness of Google, figure out what it actually means, and translate it for you.

With SEO professionals taking care of you and your website, you only have to be told the what, and then sign off on it. Find yourself an SEO company that you can trust, hammer out a plan that everyone can live with, set up routine assessments of progress, and go back to business as usual. You’ll get an email or phone call saying, “A situation has come up, this is what happened, xyz we should fix it, do you approve?”

I’m not part of the logistics end of SEO. My specialty is writing  and helping develop content for our clients, not coding, researching the best keywords or strategizing about how to get an edge on the competition. Whatever small amount of knowledge I have about the technical side of SEO is gleaned from the hours and hours and hours I’ve spent reading articles and columns from founders of the industry. Plus the questions I’m able to sneak in when interacting with the real SEO experts within our company. Even with all the time I have invested in research and my access to experts, sometimes I get three quarters of the way into an article on a technical topic and realize I’ve completely misunderstood it.

SEO is riddled with jargon-pageviews, analytics, on-page optimization, backlinks, inbound links, metadata, headings-and a dictionary’s worth of acronyms like SERPs, SERs, SEM, SMM, SEO, SE, PR7, HTML, CSS, RSS and XML. Terminology is often used interchangeably, and some terms, such as SEO, could be referring to a person who does SEO, the industry as a whole, or a specific technique all within one sentence.

The details and approaches-organic SEO, white hat, black hat-that are endlessly rehashed in the court of public opinion on major sites are because of the passion and enthusiasm so many in the field have for the subject. But a lot of times the speculation ends up being all for naught or completely blown out of proportion.

The best SEO is not just the key to-sort of-unlocking the hallowed search engine algorithm and ranking higher on Google; it is an evolving science and an art, perhaps even a calling. Should you feel called, welcome to the insanity, but if you feel overwhelmed and “thank you very much but no,” don’t write it off. Just get a good SEO to be part of your team.

How To Ignore SEO Updates Without Ruining Your Business was last modified: July 18th, 2019 by Millionairium
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  • what should we do. google always change algoritms? is seo real or unreal?

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