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How Does Updated Content Affect Google Rankings?

One of the primary tenets of SEO is this: always have updated content. When Google reads, indexes, and ranks sites based on their content, it examines more than 200 criteria to rate Web sites for every key word. One of these criteria is how often a site’s content is refreshed.

Fresh Content: Google’s Web site rankings give priority to Web sites that stay current on the events in their field of expertise and that can show they are doing new things. Fresh blog posts, additional pages, or re-written pages show that the Web site is up-to-date and helps to encourage visitors.

“Major search engines not only rank pages upon relevant content…but by fresh content as well,” writes Loren Baker on SearchEngineJournal.com. “Even after your site has been ‘optimized to the max,’ your rankings will increase to a certain level and then not go much higher. To get to the top and stay there, your site should deliver fresh, relevant content on a regular basis.”

“Here at Millionairium, each month we create one or two new writings for every client and put them on their site,” says Ali Husayni. “You can also refresh your content by re-writing your homepage – or a different page on your site. You are providing your visitors with identical information, but you’re giving the sense that your Web site is current – and that will get it a better Google Web site ranking.”

How Much Fresh Content? The more frequently a Web site is refreshed, the higher it will move in the rankings. For example, news sites tend to receive high Google web site rankings because they’re updating their pages several times a day.

“We can create new Web site content for our clients as often as they like, but the expense could outweigh the positive effect if we refresh it more frequently than 2-3 times a month,” explains Husayni.

Other SEO experts support this idea. On SEO.com, Scott Smoot relates this story: “I noticed a huge drop in my traffic from organic search…It provided a powerful example of the need for fresh content…I hadn’t updated for almost 4 months. I have no doubt that other sites competing for my keywords were updating more regularly. I went into my site and submitted a blog post… just a ‘sorry I haven’t posted anything lately’ post…The result was a complete return of the rankings and traffic (and then some).”

How Much Contend Must be Re-written? No one really knows. Google reveals very little of its page ranking formula – and that information isn’t included. “If we revise a Web site’s content, we strive to re-write 100% of it,” remarks Husayni.

How Does Updated Content Affect Google Rankings? was last modified: September 11th, 2018 by mr_million
20 thoughts on “How Does Updated Content Affect Google Rankings?
  1. Jenna Major says:

    Not all sections of the web need fresh content. I see fresh content as a most for blogs, social media sites and nationally competitive key terms. Geo local sites can receive high rankings through other actions with minimal fresh content.

  2. Megan Kelly says:

    This is beautifully represented. The need to provide relevant useful valuable content remains, that hasn\’t changed. Love the post, really useful material 🙂

  3. Garry says:

    I\’m not sure why but this website is loading very slow for me. Is anyone else having this issue or is it a problem on my end? I\’ll check back later on and see if
    the problem still exists.

  4. Leticia says:

    Why people still use to read news papers when in
    this technological world everything is presented on

  5. meganmarx says:

    Hi there to every one, it\’s really a pleasant for me to visit this web site, it contains priceless Information.

  6. Big and Tall Jerseys says:

    I have also found that fresh content is important in your SEO efforts. I started a brand new site with a similar theme as an older website. I was putting all of my efforts into my new site and wasn\’t updating my old one. After awhile I noticed that my traffic to my old site was steadily dropping. I rewrote a few posts, and added some new pages and the rankings began to recover. I think it\’s a sign that Google takes notice of, that your website is still active and putting out new content for the viewer.

  7. roma says:

    Oh!! really its a nice blog. Keep sharing more and more.

    Thanks for this.

  8. Jocuri says:

    Even after your site has been ‘optimized to the max,’ your rankings will increase to a certain level and then not go much higher

  9. Thank you for all your comments/feedbacks.

  10. Ali Husayni says:

    @The Visible Dentist
    Thanks for the comment.

    I\’ve had extensive experience providing SEO services for dentists. Since dental practices are local businesses and their keywords are usually and relatively not competitive, you can get them ranked on Google without updating their content.

    But in more competitive markets, every little bit of SEO helps. So, updating the content if combined with correct optimization and link-building efforts will help you to beat your competition on Google.

    On the subscription note, we just added this feature, so everyone can now sign up to receive notifications when there is a comment posted.

  11. The Visible Dentist says:

    @Ali Husayni

    The article was not a response to yours; and it doesn\’t mention you. The post is specifically intended to address those invisible advocates who claim \”fresh content\” is a must for dental websites.

    Rather than quote anecdotal opinions, I provide firsthand experience and generally condemn those mockingbirds who continue to spread the myth that search engine rankings are proportionate to constantly added, \”updated new content.\”

    Again, the article (on my site) addresses private practice dentistry websites. I\’m surprised that you find the post vague, or off-topic. I thought the subject title and its accompanying text was obvious.

    BTW, it was quite by accident that I re-visited your blog and noticed your question. Allow me to suggest you implement a means by which visitors can subscribe to posts.


  12. Ali Husayni says:

    @The Visible Dentist
    Your article is vague and it doesn\’t say where you disagree with me. Please be more specific.

  13. The Visible Dentist says:

    I could not disagree more — and here\’s why…


    John Barremore
    Houston, TX

  14. Joseph says:

    I find that even approving blog comments can actually have a positive effect on my rankings. Any activity on a website is better than none. Just my two cents.

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  17. Sukhdeepak says:

    Google gives priority in its ranking to those who update their content at regular intervals. A good quality content often receives high rank and high traffic. Thanks a lot for providing such a useful information to us.

  18. Google’s Web site rankings give priority to Web sites that stay current on the events in their field of expertise and that can show they are doing new things. Fresh blog posts, additional pages, or re-written pages show that the Web site is up-to-date and helps to encourage visitors.

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  20. The SEO experts keep telling us that Google loves content and this useful article takes it one step further. Even we, in the tourist accommodation industry, whose products do not change regularly need to find ways to update and refresh the content of our website. I find that including and updating a newsletter is one of the best ways to do this.

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