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Hiring New Employees – Nov 2010

BOULDER, CO – We have just expanded our pool of skilled professionals to best accomplish quality service for rapidly increasing customer needs.

“Growth requires us to add new talent to our team, so that we can maintain high quality SEO services,” says Ali Husayni, President and CEO of Millionairium. “We have doubled our client base and revenue each year, for five years straight. It is clear that our services are in demand, and we are strategically mapping out a growth plan so that each of our clients continually receives the best Google SEO services and highest satisfaction.”

The most recent expansion enhances the Google ranking services that provide customers with SEO blog copy, press releases and links to optimize websites. SEO expert Husayni says the additional roles are an SEO writer, an administrative clerk to address the increasing amount of work involved with link building, contracts, blogs and rankings, and an IT site optimization professional. They are:

Mary Shawn Toothman, a journalist with a background in business writing, corporate business analysis, newspaper and magazine writing, who is contributing to the company in the role of SEO writer. An honors graduate of the University of South Florida with a degree in English, she creates compelling news releases and blogs designed to optimize Google rankings.

Kitchran Candace Castello, who has a bachelor’s degree from the University of the     Southern Caribbean, Trinidad. The institution is affiliated with Michigan’s Andrew University, in the U.S. Her responsibilities include clerical tasks, link building and quality control in client records, links and page rankings.

Muhammad Nakhid,  who is finalizing his education at the University of the Southern Caribbean, Trinidad and Tobago in business, and computing with an emphasis on software. He has taught science at the National Institute of Higher Education, Research Science and Technology (NIHERST).  His background in computer repair and technology will provide great benefit to the company in his role working with website optimization and technical issues.

“We currently serve over 500 clients across the globe,” Husayni says. “Our professional employees and contractors meet daily challenges in maintaining the fast pace of work necessary to satisfy clients. To keep a strong focus on SEO clients, we outsource website design and development services. As we continue to receive a high volume of inquiries from
companies interested in our services, we will continue to seek out new talent at a steady,
well-planned pace, to maintain an experienced, well-trained employee base.”

Google marketing company Millionairium is well-known for its “top of Google” guarantee, which promises a client’s website will make it to the top of Google’s search within a few months for the primary key word – or the client’s money will be refunded.

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  • Thats good..good to know about seo..Can you please let me clear abot search engine optimisation and google adwords…?

    Jacksons 9 years ago
  • Hi,
    We are really happy to thank you for sharing your knowledge on SEO.


    Sally 9 years ago
  • I am glad to read such wonderful news about your team. The competences of your team double my trust in the success that was submitted to you for SEO improvement – I even see you as the co-authors of my artworks because pictures without presentation are just the dreams that impress just the painter themselves. It is you who make them the reality of all online.
    So I am glad to express my gratitude once again. Thank you dear Ali Husayini, thank you, dear Mary Shawn Toothman, Kitchen Candace Castello, Muhammad Nakhid – Thank you all my supporters

    Tomas 9 years ago