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Google SEO Simplified – Part III (Popularity)

(Revised on Dec. 5, 2011)

In the previous parts of this article I narrowed down Google’s interests into three categories: 1) content, 2) relevancy and 3) popularity. We discussed content in Part I, and relevancy in Part II of these series.  Here we focus on popularity.

Popularity of a web page refers to the number and the quality of links pointing to it from other web pages on the Internet world. The more “inbound” links a site has and the more they come from reputable sites (in Google’s eyes), the better your site will rank. This is the most important factor in Google SEO.

Google’s success is mostly due to its decision to rate web pages based on the quantity and quality of the links they receive – much like the academia’s rating of a scientific article. The more an article is used as a source by other scientists, the more authoritative that article becomes.

Google uses the same rating method for all sites: the more a site gets referred to by other sites, the more authoritative it is. In other words, the more links a site has, the better rank it’ll get.

This aspect of Google’s algorithm is based on the principle that sites with good content should naturally be used as sources by other sites. But the older Google becomes, the more difficult it gets for sites to naturally generate the needed link popularity in order to rank at the top of Google search results – despite the quality of their content.

On the other hand, Google frowns upon sites that engage in “black hat” SEO to gain artificial link popularity. So, what are you to do if you want your site to compete for that #1 position in a competitive market?

The answer is not simple.

First, you cannot just sit and wait for others to link their sites to yours. That simply won’t happen. In a world where there are thousands of new sites built everyday, your prospective site visitors have no way of finding you to read your content (unless you already rank on Google). Second, you cannot just write comments on 100’s of blogs or forums to gain the popularity you need (because most of these comments and the links you gain from them have “nofollow” attribute – meaning Google gives them no value. And third, what might have worked six months ago (in successful link-building techniques), may no longer be a good practice.

But there are other ways.

At Millionairium, our research and development team works everyday to discover new methods we can use to semi-artificially (and yet naturally) improve our clients link popularity and, therefore, their Google rankings. To help our readers, we share our newest techniques so you can engage in a tried-and-true link-building campaign that will help you improve your rankings on Google. And here is a list of what works for us:

Blogging: we build blogs for our clients and constantly keep them up-to-date with new posts, while linking from them to our clients’ sites.

Directories: we submit our clients’ sites to directories that have a PR3 or more. Here is a list of directories we recommend.

Articles: writing, optimizing and submitting articles to reputable sites helps us gain link popularity for all of our clients. Here is a list of article sites with good page rank.

Press Releases: writing, optimizing and submitting press releases to news sites has huge benefits for our clients. We can improve their rankings immediately when we submit releases for them. Here is a list of SEO friendly press release sites.

Freebies: we offer freebies to those site visitors that link to our clients’ sites.

Competitors: we go after those sites that are linking to our clients’ competitors and request links to our clients’ sites.

Partners: we ask our clients to request links from their partners and/or friends’ sites.

All of the above is much easier said than done. Engaging in all of these techniques requires months of hard labor, a complete understanding of SEO and, of course, cash. Nevertheless, we’ve been able to transform local, small businesses into large-international ones in a matter of a few months by practicing what we preach.

So, if you’re someone who doesn’t have the money to hire a professional SEO company (we mean us… lol), then you need to learn the ropes of SEO. With hard work it’ll take you a couple of years to master the techniques and, after investing some money and a lot of time, you’ll be able to rank your site above everyone else’s. Reading my ebook on Google SEO Secrets revealed will also help you.

Oftentimes, smart business people who have substantial financial backing will delegate important tasks to professionals, instead of spending years mastering what someone else already knows and taking away the focus from their business. If you are one of those smart business people, fill out our form and we’ll be happy to look at your site and see if it qualifies for our Top of Google program.

Google SEO Simplified – Part III (Popularity) was last modified: July 18th, 2019 by Ali Husayni
  • Thanks for the helpful article that helped me a lot to understand the search engine optimization practice.

    Valentin 1 year ago
  • @Raul Rios
    I don\’t know Spanish that well… but here are some points I noticed right away:

    1- You have an \”entrance\” page which has no text. Your main page (home page at inicio.html is not the first page for Google). Your index.html is the main page which is now used for the intro.

    2- The title tag is over-optimized. For best optimization of the sites you need to read my eBook (https://www.millionairium.com/google-seo-ebook.php).

    Have fun learning SEO. 🙂

  • Hello Ali:

    Thanks for all the usefull information, My site was ranked 365,000 globally about 3 weeks ago, and I lost 100,000 places in less than 3 weeks.

    I implemented a video in the main page that informs about stats about the internet. I already brought it down, but I am still falling, would you please be so kind to take a look at my meta tags? I don´t know why my programmer wrote name and property tags where the info repeats itself, I think that might be the problem.

    Thanks very much and happy holidays!

    Raul Rios 8 years ago
  • Hi Mr. Ali,

    I am your subscriber. I have a problem. My page with keyword Mercedes-Benz Mobil Mewah Terbaik Indonesia first rank on google but number 15 on Indonesian google and not top 100 on id.yahoo. I need the first rank on Indonesian google and id.yahoo

    Could you make a kindness to help me or give advise? Thank you.


    Mercedes-Benz Mobil Mewah Terbaik Indonesia 8 years ago
  • links you build must come from good Page Rank (PR) sites. PR 2+ is what I recommend.

    how do you know if there good Page Rank (PR) sites. PR 2+ is what I recommend.

    David Filius 9 years ago
  • OK. We have been in touch before but I am still uncertain or not committed enough to push that button and splurge my entire annual advertising budget in one go, so a simple question.
    Is there a diminution of Google ranking because of the ratio of inbound to outbound links? Therefore, if I link to this blog from one of my website pages, will if diminish my Google PR in any way at all (be honest!).

    Edmund Sykes 9 years ago
  • I myself have created many links, I don\’t see to much progress. Thanks for the information.

    Lisa 9 years ago
    • links you build must come from good Page Rank (PR) sites. PR 2+ is what I recommend.

  • Yes, I am agree with the contents of this articles. But you have neglected some important points.

    1- Social book marking
    2- Forum Posting
    3- Social network posting
    4- Press releases

    Seo can never be completed with out these points. If you do the social book marking, social network posting, forum posting and press release in a proper way then you can get back links and also traffic.

    evouchers 9 years ago
  • Very nice, im so profound of what SEO has achieved nowadays. Its a great opportunity to live on this era.

    miguel 9 years ago
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  • Social Bookmarking has also been a good way to build links for me.

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    robert 9 years ago
  • Spot on info, generic directories are as good as dead in my opinion, I would maybe focus on a few industry related directories?

    Social Bookmarking has also been a good way to build links for me.

    What do you think?

    Jamie M 9 years ago
    • I\’m yet to see the effect of Social Bookmarking for my sites. Give me an example of a good link you\’ve got this way.