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Google SEO Company Covers The 5 Ways To Get Noticed On Google

How does a savvy company use Google to its benefit? Successful Web sites can often attribute their success to a good position on Google organic search results, but that is not the only resource available. There are five main Google resources that businesses jockey for position in. These resources include a Google’s organic search results, Google Sponsored Links, Google’s Local Listings, Google News, and Google Products.

Each one of these resources comes with its own unique pros and cons. And with 113 billion Web searches performed in July 2009, 76 billion belonging to Google, improving the ranking and exposure of a Web site is one of the best ways to improve business, increase popularity, or get your name out there where the general public can see it.

“Google’s search volume grew 58% since 2008,” said Ali Husayni, President of Google SEO company Millionairium. “With this trend taking place over the past several years, there is no reason to believe that it won’t continue in years to come.”

It can be difficult to crack Google’s first page, or even second and third page for that matter. Knowing the ins and outs of Google’s five main listings can be crucial to success on the Web.

Sponsored Links
Google Sponsored Links (Google Adwords) is a function of Google Internet marketing called Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising or search engine marketing (SEM). Basically, Google auctions real estate on the top and on the right column of Google search result pages (SRP’s). People interested in placing their sites’ links on Google’s first page choose the keywords they would like to sponsor, then set a fee for how much they would like to pay per each click on their link, and lastly they set a daily budget. Each time someone clicks on the sponsored link a deduction is made from from the daily budget. When the daily budget is depleted, the link is removed from the sponsored section. If there are multiple sponsored links for a keyword, rankings of the right column are determined by the cost-per-click expenses.

“A sponsored link is the ‘quick and dirty’ route to getting exposure on Google,” said Husayni. “It can get expensive and there’s a chance that there will be abuse of your links such as competitors clicking on your links to deplete the daily budget. But you’re practically guaranteed first page placement within 24 hours.”

Setting up a Google sponsored link requires registration on Google’s Adwords database. Sponsors are only charged for the clicks the link generates, not the link placement itself notes Husayni.

Local Listings
Google’s Local Listings feature is a map that appears on top of a Google search results page when a location is included with a search query. The map is populated with local results for the user’s search, usually including a phone number and clickable link to the business’ Web site. The Local Listings map is a free service, but it can often be difficult to have a good position in the listing. Also, this feature is only good for location-specific businesses and Web sites. Those trying to reach the public on the national or international levels will not benefit from this feature.

“Finding your way on to the Local Listings map for keyword searches can be a difficult task,” said Husayni. “After registering on Google Local Business Center, a link is not guaranteed a visible placement on the map. In this situation, link building strategies are necessary to help the popularity of the site and in turn the position of the site on Google’s Local Listings.”

Search Results/Organic Links
Organic links populate the primary section of a Google search result page. To be placed under organic results, a site needs to be well-optimized and have online popularity. This takes time and patience, but it is the most cost effective way to build a Web site’s presence on Google and other search engines. Web site optimization is easy for one who knows the do’s and don’ts, however, making your Web site popular on the Internet is another story comments Husayni.

Google values sites that have been recognized by online users through inbound links pointing to them. Google suggests having great content that automatically attracts links, but that’s nearly always insufficient, notes Mr. Husayni. The webmaster or the SEO company in charge need to be proactive to populate the Web site with fresh content and generate the needed natural links pointing to it.

The process of organic link building involves distributing a Web site’s link on as many Web sites as possible (such as related sites, link directories or resource centers).  With persistence, a Web site will see gradual improvements to position on Google, traffic, and in optimal conditions, Web site visitors will place the link on site’s of their own, which further increases Web site popularity.

Google News
Google News is one of the top five global news portals. It pulls stories and content from global media centers and delivers them to the public based on the preferences of the user, popularity, timeliness of the content, and other factors. According to an interview with Google News’ Daniel Meredith in The Online Journal Review, Google News requires content to be fresh and original with multiple authors and proper attribution. The other condition is that an official inquiry for inclusion in Google News must be made for the review process to even begin.

“Google News is a great resource,” commented Husayni, “but it can often be difficult to use it. The results are great, but often it is too hard for small companies, bloggers, and entrepreneurs to break in without professional assistance.”

Google Products
Google’s Product database presents products to the user based on term searches. Google pulls products from leading consumer Web sites and other sources, providing an array of products for the search term, and includes pricing comparisons and product summaries.

This Google resource is a great way to grant exposure to a company’s products on the Web, but has obvious limitations for a service-based company notes Husayni.

To be listed on Google Products, a company must submit data to Google Base. But, listing a company as a ‘Shop’ in the tool is often left to Google itself.

The Solution
For companies and people trying to climb the ranks of search engines, seeking the help of a professional search engine optimization (SEO) company is often the best bet. Companies such as Millionairium provide SEO techniques to the back-end code and front-end content of Web sites as well as helping these sites increase their inbound links and popularity. They will also create original content such as articles and press releases to keep fresh content on the site and for distribution.

“It’s not impossible for individuals to find success in building the popularity of a Web site without help,” said Husayni. “However, for the best results people will need expertise in Web site development and programming, Web copy writing, networking, and link-building techniques to get started. It is far simpler to hand these tasks over to an SEO company such as Millionairium so that all of the hard work is done quickly and properly. Otherwise, people risk losing a lot of time or even banning their Web site on Google by using outdated SEO techniques.”

SEO for Google
Millionairium provides three SEO programs with different levels of services and guarantees. The company’s Top of Google program guarantees placement in the top three of Google’s search engine results. The 1st Page of Google package guarantees first page of Google placement.

“Millionairium utilizes every facet of Google’s resources to help clients benefit from great search engine position,” said Husayni. “In a highly competitive economy that increasingly relies on the Internet, Web strategy and SEO are becoming integral to not only successful Web sites, but successful, forward-looking businesses.”

Millionairium is a subsidiary of Millionairium, Inc., which was established in 2004. Since then, its team has done its best to master industry-standard SEO techniques and develop new ones.

Millionairium’s code-efficiency optimization techniques, along with the highest quality link building methods are what guarantee its clients’ Web sites success on the search engines.

© 2009 Millionairium. Authorization to post is granted, with the stipulation that Millionairium is credited as sole source. Linking to other sites from this press release is strictly prohibited, with the exception of herein embedded links.

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    N.Srinivasa Murthy

    N.Srinivasa Murthy 9 years ago
    • Newsletters and free linking Web sites are not going to improve your Web site Page Rank (PR) with Google. Engaging in what I have written in the eBook will help you increase your link-popularity and therefore increase the targeted traffic that goes to your site. Of course, hiring a professional SEO expert can always help.

      Ali Husayni 9 years ago
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