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Google Instant Alters the Way Users Search, Not SEO Techniques

ORANGE, CA-One year after Google updated its search capabilities with Google Instant, the experts at Millionairium said that the tool—which some forecasted to be the death of search engine optimization—is just another change within a continuously evolving industry.

Google Instant, first launched in September 2010, is a feature that guesses what a user is searching for as it is typed into Google’s search bar, providing real-time search results that adapt to the final word or phrase entered.

“It shows you what most people are looking for, based on your initial few letters or words,” Ali Husayni, SEO expert and founder of Millionairium, said. “You can then select the most sought after keywords from a drop-down box menu.”

At last year’s Google Search Event in San Francisco, company vice president Marissa Mayer predicted the new tool to save users two to five seconds per search, equating to 350 million hours saved collectively each year.

For a searcher, Google Instant means a more productive and personalized search. For SEO experts, it means another small adjustment to take into account.

“We want our clients’ sites to come up on Google for keywords or phrases that people are actually looking for,” Husayni said.

Because Google Instant’s real-time results are based on the popularity of certain queries, Husayni said it’s possible  to see a shift in keyword usage down the line.

Similarly, right after Google Instant debuted, Google search engineer Matt Cutts said that, while the results will remain the same for a particular query, “it’s possible that people will learn to search differently over time.”

For this reason, Husayni said that the team at Millionairium will continue to keep a close eye on regional keyword statistics using the Google AdWords keyword selector tool.

“But remember, this is just a new trend in search,” Husayni said.

The new tool merely effects the way that users interact with the search engine, not the way that Google ranks pages. The algorithm hasn’t changed, Husayni assured.

Even though Husayni doesn’t anticipate any drastic changes to SEO methods in the future, he said that Google Instant, combined with the power of Google Places, has already shifted search results to reflect more specific areas.

“Traditionally, if you typed in ‘orthodontics,’ Google would show results from all over the Internet,” Husayni said. “But if you search for this query today, Google will show you a list of three to ten different orthodontic services in your area, depending on where you’re based.”

These real-time, geo-centered results have made Millionairium’s focus on both Internet-wide and local rankings stronger than ever.

“We can no longer just worry about the general search engine results. We have to be aware of the local results and get our clients to rank there, too.”

For more information about how Millionairium can help your Web site reach the top of Google search results, please visit www.millionairium.com. For inquiries or to set up a free consultation with Ali Husayni, call Millionairium toll free at 1-877-932-6559.

Google Instant Alters the Way Users Search, Not SEO Techniques was last modified: July 18th, 2019 by Millionairium
  • A superb article to read. Thanks Kristen, for sharing this informative post. But , I guess, getting Instant keywords won\’t help SEO experts in selecting the keywords as Google AdWords is a far much better tool for keyword analysis.

    Neeraj 8 years ago
  • I think instant makes keyword research that much more needed, you\’ve got to target the higher volume/broader terms because a lot of times users will pick the first \”Google instant\” result. They may redo the search and be more detailed on the next try, but often the first \”instant\” result is pretty broad.

    Admin 8 years ago
  • Did google integrate the instant alter with adwords keyword tool?

    Stass Kiddo 8 years ago
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