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Google Gains on the Search Market – Again!

Once again, Google has increased its online search market share to a total of 67.5% in July 2009, according to comScore. It’s followed by Yahoo! with 7.8%. China’s Baidu now ranks 3rd with a 7% market share then is Microsoft with a 2.9% share.

The total online search market has grown 41% since last year with over 113 billion searches conducted in July.

The study also shows that each person who has access to the Internet on average conducted 103.3 searches in the one month period.

The implications are as follows:

Google is now stronger than ever with almost a complete dominance on the search market. So, to increase your site’s traffic, it’s vital your site has a presence on Google.

Microsoft’s Bing was not able to help the company’s market share – thus billions of dollars gone to waste along with the company’s reputation – whatever was left of it.

More people are going online to search for products and services making SEO that much more important. It’s obvious that any business needs to have a presence on the Internet to increase its sales.

Worldwide Search Market Overview
July 2009 vs. July 2008
Total Worldwide – Age 15+, Home/Work Locations
Source: comScore qSearch
Searches (MM)
July 2008 July 2009 Percent Change
Total Internet 80,554 113,685 41%
Google Sites 48,666 76,684 58%
Yahoo! Sites 8,689 8,898 2%
Baidu.com Inc. 7,413 7,976 8%
Microsoft Sites 2,349 3,317 41%
eBay 1,223 1,723 41%
NHN Corporation 1,243 1,526 23%
Ask Network 929 1,291 39%
Yandex 663 1,290 94%
AOL LLC 1,148 1,023 -11%
Facebook.com 743 879 18%

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